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A Fated Fight For Love [B-Tier - Reserved]

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Job Name: A Fated Fight For Love
Job Rank: B
Job Location: Kou
Job Rewards: 15,000 Huang, 200 xp
Job Prerequisites: Vardreth Only
Job Overview:
A government official, Marquis Ji Teng, has been secretly building an army of his own for some time. While on the surface he has shown neutrality, intelligence reports have uncovered that his ambitions are greater than what he lets on to be. Vardreth has been assigned the mission to eradicate the hostile forces within the Marquis' territory, neutralizing the threat of a man who would profit from the chaos and aftermath of the civil war.


Enemy Name: Foot Soldier x4
Rank: D
Needed damage to take down: D
Description: A basic soldier of an army, weilding a standardized blade, small rounded shield, and light leather armor.

  • Sword stroke - a simple sword strike that deals D-Tier damage.
  • Novice block - Raising the shield, the user deflects damage from a D-tier ability

Enemy Name: Liuetenant x2
Rank: C
Needed damage to take down:B
Description: A soldier with an insignia denoting his rank, the Lieutenant's equipment shows his favored status. The quality is a vast improvement, with a C-Tier Shield and Sword, as well as a set of C-Tier knives. These soldiers are fairly muscular, having gone through extensive training to get to where they were.

  • Senior Sword stroke - a well-seasoned sword strike that deals C-Tier damage.
  • Veteran's block - Raising the shield, the user deflects damage from a C-tier ability
  • Thrown blade - The user throws their dagger at an enemy with a flick of their wrist, piercing the opponent with C-Tier power backing it.

Enemy Name:General Ji Zheng
Rank: B
Needed damage to take down:A
Description: General Ji Zheng is an old, seasoned warrior of the Ji family. His hair has already gone white, yet his mind is just as sharp as any other's. He has never left active duty, though he has only served for the normal stint in the country's military. As such, he retains a certain degree of grit and retains his aura of strength and leadership through his active lifestyle. General Ji Zheng owns an B-Tier magic sword capable of summoning great destructive flames and decimating opposing forces, making combat for this man's soldiers much easier. Ji Zheng does not use a shield, however he is also a hidden weapons user, proficient in poisons.

  • Flame Sword Energy - Gathering his magoi, Ji Zheng stabs forward with his blade and sends a burst of fire towards his opponent in the shape of his longqian sword. This blade of fire burns through the body, dealing B-Tier damage.
  • Flame Sword Burst - Stabbing his blade into the ground, Ji Zhen sends his magoi through the blade and causes the fire to travel beneath the earth before erupting beneath the feet of his enemies. These eruptions are 5 meters in diameter, dealing B-Tier damage to those caught within.
  • Magoi Rotation - A sword strike covered with magoi that forcibly enters the body of those it gets near, using metal or wood as a conduit, shredding the pathway through their bodies and dealing A-Tier damage to their internal organs.
  • Poisonous Fugue - An airborne poison, once released from the user it gathers in a 10 meter diameter and causes the user to react slower. Those affected by this drug move at half their speed and must use an ability a tier higher than that used by their opponent in order to defend or clash against an ability. This lasts for 3 posts.

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Amaya is also welcome to complete the thread when she has an opportunity to.


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