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A Fated Fight For Love [B-Tier - Reserved - Amaya/Vardreth]

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Job Details:
Job Name: A Fated Fight For Love
Job Rank: B
Job Location: Kou
Job Rewards: 15,000 Huang, 200 xp
Job Prerequisites: Vardreth Only
Job Overview:
A government official, Marquis Ji Teng, has been secretly building an army of his own for some time. While on the surface he has shown neutrality, intelligence reports have uncovered that his ambitions are greater than what he lets on to be. Vardreth has been assigned the mission to eradicate the hostile forces within the Marquis' territory, neutralizing the threat of a man who would profit from the chaos and aftermath of the civil war.


Enemy Name: Foot Soldier x4
Rank: D
Needed damage to take down: D
Description: A basic soldier of an army, wielding a standardized blade, small rounded shield, and light leather armor.

  • Sword stroke - a simple sword strike that deals D-Tier damage.
  • Novice block - Raising the shield, the user deflects damage from a D-tier ability

Enemy Name: Lieutenant x2
Rank: C
Needed damage to take down:B
Description: A soldier with an insignia denoting his rank, the Lieutenant's equipment shows his favored status. The quality is a vast improvement, with a C-Tier Shield and Sword, as well as a set of C-Tier knives. These soldiers are fairly muscular, having gone through extensive training to get to where they were.

  • Senior Sword stroke - a well-seasoned sword strike that deals C-Tier damage.
  • Veteran's block - Raising the shield, the user deflects damage from a C-tier ability
  • Thrown blade - The user throws their dagger at an enemy with a flick of their wrist, piercing the opponent with C-Tier power backing it.

Enemy Name:General Ji Zheng
Rank: B
Needed damage to take down:A
Description: General Ji Zheng is an old, seasoned warrior of the Ji family. His hair has already gone white, yet his mind is just as sharp as any other's. He has never left active duty, though he has only served for the normal stint in the country's military. As such, he retains a certain degree of grit and retains his aura of strength and leadership through his active lifestyle. General Ji Zheng owns an B-Tier magic sword capable of summoning great destructive flames and decimating opposing forces, making combat for this man's soldiers much easier. Ji Zheng does not use a shield, however he is also a hidden weapons user, proficient in poisons.

  • Flame Sword Energy - Gathering his magoi, Ji Zheng stabs forward with his blade and sends a burst of fire towards his opponent in the shape of his longqian sword. This blade of fire burns through the body, dealing B-Tier damage.
  • Flame Sword Burst - Stabbing his blade into the ground, Ji Zhen sends his magoi through the blade and causes the fire to travel beneath the earth before erupting beneath the feet of his enemies. These eruptions are 5 meters in diameter, dealing B-Tier damage to those caught within.
  • Magoi Rotation - A sword strike covered with magoi that forcibly enters the body of those it gets near, using metal or wood as a conduit, shredding the pathway through their bodies and dealing A-Tier damage to their internal organs.
  • Poisonous Fugue - An airborne poison, once released from the user it gathers in a 10 meter diameter and causes the user to react slower. Those affected by this drug move at half their speed and must use an ability a tier higher than that used by their opponent in order to defend or clash against an ability. This lasts for 3 posts.

"Brother..." A young man, perhaps 16 years of age, stood squared off against another who looked just like him. It was a dark and cold place. The musk in the air was a testament to the lack of circulation the rooms had. A candle wick burned, illuminating the room. There were six others here as well, all of them with looks of despair upon their faces. A gloomy aura with an undercurrent of killing intent permeated the atmosphere, thick enough to cause all those within to sink into a quagmire.

A grimacing expression was upon the other brother's face. His right hand clasped the speaker's shoulder, and he received the same clasp in return. "Listen well..." He turned away from the others within the cell and focusing only on the one who called him 'brother'. "We are family. Regardless of what happens..." Tears began to form, however the new speaker desperately fought them back. There were a few within the dank, dark room whose faces flashed with a look of hatred. The feeling of depression grew even stronger. "However... Master Ji Zheng has already given the orders..." His face, usually that of a rosy red in recent days, had an ashen quality to it. He closed his eyes, remembering the time when his twin brother and himself had first met 'Master Ji Zheng' in that forsaken place. Little did they know their life was much better at that time...

6 years prior:

Two children, covered in dirt, peaked out from an alleyway. "Bro, do you see anyone who looks good?" The children were in little more than rags, showing a degree of poverty that would make one wonder how they managed to survive. Even so, there existed a healthy vibrancy of life that flushed through their veins.

The other brother held the speaker back with his hand. "Yeah... I think so. An old man. Looks rich - has robes on. He wouldn't suffer at all if we took a bit from him..." Both of them felt a pang in their chest. When alive, their parents often told them to not be burdens upon others. To not cause trouble. To live honest lives. Yet now that they were homeless and orphans, they had resorted to thieving in order to live. They were too young - nobody would let them work. Even so, with the money they stole it was difficult to buy food. They had to be careful when they choose where to go, as word got out on their description many places wouldn't let them purchase anything.

This was the fourth city they had traveled to.

"Good... Brother Chang Yun, when do you think we can stop this? Owch! What was that for?!" As he spoke, he was punched by his Chang Yun. The strike was neither heavy nor light.

"Little bro Chang Jun, don't talk while we're in the middle of work." Chang Yun spoke in a stern voice, reprimanding his brother before focusing on the streets once more. His eyes lit up and he turned back to Chang Jun. "Okay! You get ahead three alleys! We'll do the usual thing!"

After Chang Jun got into position and the old man in fancy robes passed by the alleyway Chang Yun was in, the two left the alleyways at nearly the same time. Chang Jun approached the man steadily while Chang Yun kept close behind.

Chang Jun bumped into the old man, causing the old man to pause and turn to look at the child. Chang Jun immediately fell to the floor, kowtowing to the old man. "Please! Forgive me, senior! I was lost in thoughts and accidentally bumped into you!" Chang Jun slammed his head onto the dirt road, showing his 'sincerity' as Chang Yun nicked the purse from the distracted man and left.

The old man rolled his eyes, snorted, and then left without a word. Chang Jun was surprised. Many people in that kind of cloth would oftentimes ridicule him or beat him for bumping into them like that. A blossoming smile came across his face as he thought how it was the easiest job he had done in some time. An undercurrent of guilt cut across that happiness, as Chang Jun recalled they had just stolen money from another.

The two reconvened in an alleyway nearby, and Chang Yun pulled out the purse. "It's heavy. Let's see what we've got this time!"

The sound of a snort came out from behind them, making them jump in fright. They turned and were filled with terror when the say the silhouette of the man they had just robbed. Chang Yun was decisive, throwing the opened bag to the ground and turning with his brother to escape.

The old man, however, was just as decisive and much more capable. His hands struck out with a practiced ease with a speed and calculation of strength that would make a young warrior's face contort in fear. Everything went black. The two children were knocked unconscious.

When they awoke, they discovered the true meaning of hell.

Chang Yun recalled those days that had started out like a living hell. The beatings they received. The hellish training they were forced to do. The constant sparring with dulled weapons, the bruises, the aching. Chang Yun's soul shuddered. "The tournament starts tonight.... And we will be forced to kill each other until there is only one remaining." He glanced at the surroundings, furtively checking to make sure nobody would attempt to 'take care of them' outside of the tournament in order to up their chances. While none of them wanted this battle to the death, they had all been raised for this. The constant desensitizing of their morale, the degradation and attempts to make them feel their lives were worthless. They had no other choice, however. Why... Why even them?! Their talents... Are much more difficult to find! Regret. A boundless regret filled Chang Yun's heart. He looked up to Chang Jun once more. He was the elder brother - it was his duty to make sure his little brother survived, even if he was only older by a few moments.

Similar thoughts were coincidentally conjured by Chang Jun. He stared blankly at Chang Yun, his eyes having long lost the focus they once had. Chang Jun, and all those participating in the tournament, were told they could ask for any one boon within reason, aside from freedom for themselves or freedom for another, if they won the tournament. Chang Jun's gaze slowly focused back in on Chang Yun.

A nervous smile of encouragement was on Chang Yun's face when he noticed Chang Jun's eyes regain their focus. He nodded, took a breath, and spoke. "No matter what happens tonight, let there be no regrets. If we meet in the battle, I will step aside and not resist... We've done our best to live... But from here out, it is up to you to live your life for father, mother and I..." While he wished for this nightmare to be over it definitely wouldn't be that simple. He had shown a soft spot, yet this soft spot was not shared with the others in the room. Chang Yun had no intention of sparing those who would come to him if they were anyone other than his little brother;  while this place had not completely molded his mentality, a certain degree of callousness had gripped the child's heart.

There would be many deaths tonight.

Chang Yun and Chang Jun sat on one of the beds, spending as much time together before their final moments. Chang Jun's expression was flickering with pain, love for his brother and respect. I... I must tell him. It's only right... Big bro... "Brother... To tell the truth, I asked to clarify a boon. You can save one person who has not yet fought." The words slipped quietly out of his mouth, but how could Chang Yun not have heard them?

His eyes lit up but instantly turned back down as he looked towards Chang Jun with mixed feelings.  The groups were split into different specialties - fighters, assassins and magicians. The fighters would go first, followed by the assassins, and lastly the magicians' tournament would end. Again the two were pained. Neither actually understood the reasoning behind killing so many talents.

There were, in truth, many reasons for the Marquis to set this up. Nobody had self confidence to face the world alone, yet they had undoubtedly made strong senses of camaraderie with some of each other while facing harsh conditions. The trainers did their best to cause conflicts, but as evidenced by the Chang brothers this was not always successful. By forcing them to kill each other, he would be successful in destroying a portion of their emotions through such poisonous means, making them easier to manipulate. At the same time, each generation of trained soldiers would only have a few graduates, decreasing the number that knew each other well enough to be able to trust each other. This would decrease the likelihood of a rebellion. Finally, this would be a baptism in flesh and blood which would increase their killing ability.

The two fell back to their respective thoughts.


Job WC = 1555/1500


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Chang Jun recalled a memory of that fateful meeting.

Chang Jun:

Chang Jun frowned as he was called out of the cell. What is it this time... Will I be beaten? Will it be training..? Or a death battle... There was no point in stalling, other than to receive extra lashings. Chang Jun left the cell immediately, only to be greeted by the general, Ji Zheng. There was no talking between the two - it was forbidden without permission. Just like livestock, they were to be silent and obey orders. They were not human.

Chang Jun's heart quivered under the fearsome gaze of the warrior, who had a sense of disappointment and disdain for all those of his group who were being trained. A death battle... That was the only thing General Ji Zheng's presence signified. It was always with two of the other divisions that these were handled, one member of each group. Furthermore, the style changed from time to time; coliseum fights, searching for bandits that were encroaching on one of the Master's territories, or even hunting and killing runaways. People they had lived and grown alongside in this hellhole.

The two walked down a hallway before approaching a split in the hallway. Upon turning down the right hall, Chang Jun felt a slight mental burden lift from his shoulders. A right at this hall... Means it is a coliseum battle. He was happy the one he would be killing was not somebody he knew. The relief was just another means of manipulation for the Ji family to control the children they were slowly raising.

Chang Jun obediently entered the door that stood at the end of the hall. Immediately he was assailed by a bright light that came from the sun. An open space room, modeled like a small scale Coliseum from Reim. Chang Jun put his arm up to his eyes, blocking out the rays that were making it difficult for him to see. There was a weapon rack to the side, surrounding it were two others just like him. A woman and a man. Chang Jun approached - none of them spoke. Any one of them could die in this fight.

Looking at the weapons, Chang Jun picked up a Longqian blade and felt its weight in his hand. He looked back up to the man who wore a number of daggers, a short blade and a long blade. He looked fairly lithe and dexterous, as one would expect from somebody who trained in the stealthy arts of an assassin. Looking over to the woman Chang Jun couldn't help but detect a fragrant scent. Though she was cloaked and he could not see her face he had no doubt about her looks. She held a small wand in his hands, but also took some of the longswords from the table and attached them to a belt around her robes. Hesitating, Chang Jun still chose not to speak.

Once they were situated, a gate was opened up. A grown adult stepped out from behind the gate. He held a broadsword in one hand with a thick tower shield in the other. This man had the back of a tiger and the waist of a bear, every movement of his causing the well defined muscles on his body to ripple beneath his clothing. With a fierce look upon his chiseled face, the man approached the group. The fight had already started.

Chang Jun knew that if they were killed the criminal would gain respite for the next five years. If the criminal managed to do the same to the second group, they would either get a ten year reprieve from fighting or the opportunity to join the Ji family's military with the authority of a ranking officer so long as they swore allegiance.

"Kids, you're going to be my second group. Don't think you'll be able to defeat me, being wet behind the ears as you are!" The man dashed forward with an incredible speed, one that those at the receiving end thought was quite unfair.

He... He's so fast while being so big! Chang Jun grit his teeth, bringing his sword to the front and getting in front of the other two. They had drills on how to support each other, though he had never worked with either of these two before. The faces being unfamiliar, he could only fall back upon standard tactics.

The broadsword... No! The tower shield! Chang Jun had miscalculated. His battle experience was vastly stronger than what his age should allow, but even so he was only 16. There was some things you could only experience by being on countless battlefields. This prisoner used his tower shield almost like a weapon. The shield in the man's left hand came sweeping out, and although the Longqian blade moved to intercept the and Chang Jun braced, the blow took him off his feet. Chang Jun was pushed to the right three meters.

His eyes dilated. The blow was not just the shield strike. Utilizing a shift in the hips to add centripetal force to the blow, the man's broadsword followed right behind! Immediately the other man died, a look of un-resigned anger upon his face. That face screamed out to the world! The heavens were unjust! It was now only the woman and himself that remained. The criminal they were fighting let out a sigh and smiled. "Great! Three can pressure me, but I should be fine with just these two remaining! Hahaha!" A deep laughter rumbled out from this man's lungs, shaking the mentality of the remaining kids.

The young woman was frozen in place even as the man moved his broadsword to also strike her. Yet, before he could do so a hint of deadly crisis gripped his heart. It was only slight, yet it was enough to cause him to pause and look over.

Chang Jun knew he couldn't leave his brother to fend for himself. He had to make it. Just as the criminal made his decision to attack the woman, Chang Jun grit his teeth and shouted, breaking the chains of fear that jailed his mental state. Chang Jun couldn't let his opponent dominate the rhythm of the fight, charging forward and wildly swinging his blade.

This shout woke the woman from her daze as well. A cold sweat appeared on her forehead as she kicked back to increase the distance between herself and the opponent whose focus was already on Chang Jun. Her heart fluttered as she saw Chang Jun selflessly fling himself into battle. She didn't think for a moment that he did so because of her, yet the reliable sight of him fighting before her calmed her down. Gripping the wand in her hand, she began casting a spell. It was a tough spell, which would require a few moments for her to gather the necessary strength, but she was certain it would clinch the victory.

Chang Jun continued to wildly swing, breaking up the man's technique with a craze. This would not hold on forever, though, as the experienced fighter soon grasped the essence of his opponent and began to regain his rhythm. Soon every blow from the older man sent the young child back. Chang Jun coughed up a mouthful of blood. Is... Is this the end?

Just as he thought that, however, a flash of light appeared from their side. The man looked over and frowned. Again, a sense of deadly crisis grew within his heart. A sword was flying towards him, which he defended against with a back-swing of his blade. Simultaneously he blocked a swing from Chang Jun.

As the flying sword embedded itself into the ground the man snorted in contempt, yet as he was about to turn his attention back to Chang Jun his pupils contracted. Another blade was fired his way right afterwards. At the same time Chang Jun struck towards the adult man. Chang Jun's tempo and spirit rose with this second blow, even though both the second flying blade was deflected by an overhead block of the tower shield and his own blow was deflected with a forward swing of the man's broadsword. Even though Chang Jun felt the vibration of strength from his opponent's blow that made it difficult for him to stand.

This was for the same reason the man's face had turned an ashen white. The blade that had been embedded in the ground moments before had flown out, aiming to hamstring the man. It was only the man's great level of experience and strength that allowed him to avoid the blow that would lead to his quick death. The blade still struck the man's leg, yet narrowly missed his hamstring.

Unfortunately this meant that his footwork would slow down.

Grasping the advantage, Chang Jun showed he had at least a bit of battle experience. Moving from left to right, trying to encircle the man, and using the advantage of his speed, Chang Jun slowly wore down the man with the help of the magician. The two worked in tandem, eventually cutting the man down. The fight was not clean at all, yet the victors were kings and the losers were the thieves. Chang Jun and the magician girl survived another deadly bout, yet the criminal and the other child had lost their lives in the process.

Chang Jun, injured, fell to the ground exhausted. He felt a darkness surrounding him. The girl quickly moved to his side, her hood falling in the process. Delirious he could only hear one thing. "I am Lian Ling! What is your name?! She shook him, a look of concern on her face.

Chang Jun, delirious, felt gratification. The face above him was so beautiful. He had forgotten what he was doing here, and only knew how weak he felt. Is this... Is this death..? I... I am being asked who I am... Is it for reincarnation? Chang Jun felt a sudden need to say his name. "I... am Chang Jun... Are you an angel to take me to reincarnation..?" Before he passed out there was only one regret in his heart; his little brother. "Please... Look out for my bro..ther."

He had lost blood, yet it was not enough for him to die so long as he received treatment. As a victor of the arena, this was of course a benefit for the survivors.

From that point on, aside from the familial love he had with his younger brother, Chang Jun began to develop a romantic love for Lian Ling. When Ji Zheng found out about this, he used it as leverage to catapult Chang Jun's training forward. Every bit of blackmail, any way to humiliate another, Ji Zheng did not hesitate to use. Lian Ling's trainer wasn't any different, using all sorts of threats. Even so, the two of them began to carve out a space in their hearts for each other, supporting their emotions through this rocky existence.

Chang Jun was happy for a moment - there was an opportunity that would allow him to keep Lian Ling from having to fight and risk her life! He knew she was strong, didn't always like showing her affection and even sometimes got in fights with him, yet to be able to have such a relationship with somebody was already more than he could wish for. His heart yearned for her safety, and a conflict appeared within his heart. His brother, or the woman he had come to love? Chang Jun sighed. "I'm... Afraid I can't do tha-" Before he could continue he was stopped.

"Brother... Stop. You have looked after me all this time, and without you I would have been lost and dead many times..." Tears slowly conglomerated in Chang Yun's eyes. "Brother. We will both do our best, with no regrets, and we will finish this and hold our heads high! The winner must promise to live to their best on behalf of the loser... Deal?"

A strength Chang Jun had never seen before from his brother seemed to stir in the depths of his younger brother's eyes. How much had he changed, since coming back from that one mission..?

Chang Yun:

Chang Yun panted, holding up the other three in his group. It was night, and the hot breath of air could be seen as it was exhaled from Chang Yun's mouth. There were two others his age, both women. One was an assassin, the other a magician. He had worked with the magician before, but not the assassin. The magician snorted. "You trash, you haven't improved much since the last time, have you? You held me back last time... Fuck, we better not die because your leeching." Disdain was evident on her face. Having worked with him before she knew that he would not be able to keep up.

What kind of swordsman had endurance worse than a magician? It was an embarrassment, for sure! She glanced at the archer who had a frown on her face. Snorting again, she spoke to the assassin. "You'll stay away from him and not count on him, if you know what's good for you. Last mission I did with him we lost a teammate because of him."

Chang Yun was dejected, grimacing at the memory. He said nothing to refute the magician - her judgement was the truth.

The last person sighed. "Lets rest for now. We'll continue in a bit." The man was their minder. He would not interfere with the job unless all three of his charges died, or his three charges tried to let the target get away. At that time he would step in and slay the target; somebody who had ran away from the Marquis' land. This mission was for the young ones to temper their mindset and understand the consequences of running away. If they decided to try to let the target get away he would first kill them, and then he would kill the target himself.

The assassin glanced at Chang Yun once more before looking away. The young warrior thought the look was a bit strange, but was too depressed to think anything of it. After a short rest they were prodded to move on. The assassin was tracking their target, and was doing a fairly good job at it. Along the way the assassin picked up a few plants, crushing them and placing them into a pouch at her side that was filled with some sort of liquid.

The girl lifted her hand as they traveled through a wooded section. Ahead was a light that could be seen flickering in the distance. It was a campfire, though it was incredibly small and barely worth the warmth it would give off. A firm kick was placed upon Chang Yun's behind, pushing him forward. "You go first, trash. At least you can soak up a few hits for those who can actually do something." The magician continued to bully him, but the assassin stopped him from moving forward and steadied him, scowling at the magician as she did so.

"The target is another assassin. Let me go first - I should be able to tell if there are any traps laid down." The woman had a gentle voice, somehow maintaining a purity that was rarely seen in the Marquis Ji's household. Most of those under training were long since conditioned to have given up the kind of hope and love for humanity that would allow one to be so kind to another. It was likely that this girl had not been under the 'care' of the Marquis for long.

The interruption surprised the magician, who simply humphed in response, before sulking at the back of the group while the assassin dipped her finger into the pouch at her side and tasted that which was mixed within. The magician silently fumed in her heart, angry that the other person in their group would go against her like that. Yet she figured this girl was just some young thing that had yet to understand the true terrors of the Marquis' training regimen.

Chang Yun wondered what it was that was being made in the pouch of herbs.

As if to make things even more strange, the assassin applied the pouch of liquid and mixed herbs upon her weapons, keeping only the sword unsheathed. If she had tasted it, what kind of use would it have on an enemy? Unless, of course, she had already reached the legendary realm of being immune to certain poisons based solely on regular consumption of the poison. Her sword was much like a longqian blade, yet it was also different in that the blade itself was incredibly thin. It looked as if a skilled thrust would allow one to sever the spine at a selected location.

Once done she began to stalk forward, looking around carefully. She slowly disassembled several traps before a sudden 'snap' was heard. Her heart jumped and she looked backwards towards Chang Yun who had a look of utter terror and regret on his face. He had stepped on a trigger that she had somehow managed to miss. The sound of creaking surrounded them from the branches above and the assassin figured out the trick fairly quickly. Yet the trap was too difficult to dodge to the sides due to her footing, and it was coming straight for her so a backward charge would not save her either; she immediately jumped as a large log came swinging down the pathway.

Chang Yun and the magician were to the sides of it, so were not in danger in the first place from that particular trap. The minder was trailing behind from some distance, watching the situation and grading their capabilities.

Just as the assassin jumped into the air, another assassin appeared from the side and struck two blows towards the magician. "Fuck! Chang Yun!" indignant of the situation, the magician immediately blamed Chang Yun for the matter. Her protective Borg shattered under the first blow, and the second blow was a thrown dagger. The dagger suddenly stopped midair and changed direction back towards the assassin even as the magician began to fly backwards.

Surprised, the male assassin threw another dagger and intercepted the attack that was returned to him. A grim look was on his face as he moved to step forward... Yet those there had a strange look in their eyes. The magician, the male assassin and even Chang Yun. The assassin's upper body was moving, yet his lower body refused to listen to his commands. His standing did not last for long, however, and the reasoning behind this strange circumstance was immediately clear.

The girl who had a close call with the trap had gotten behind the male assassin and stabbed him in the spine, paralyzing the man from the waist down. "How... Come I don't feel any pain?" It was true that the man was frustrated. He did everything he could to escape, yet in the end he still died. He knew there was a chance for this to be his fate when he left. Yet... He had to know what happened. Why he didn't feel any pain at all from the attack.

"I have applied a potent poison to my blade which instantly stops your nerves from allowing you to feel pain. I'm sorry, but we must kill you to survive. I have only hoped that your end would be painless." There it was again, a gentleness that did not belong. Those witnessing the situation would recall the times she stopped throughout the forest, picking up individual herbs here and there. She was incredibly focused while grinding them up and adding the various herbs to her pouch of liquid reagent. She had even tasted it at one point, no doubt testing its potency.

Regardless, they had completed their jobs. The minder gave the highest marks to the assassin, with the follow-up belonging to the magician. Chang Yun on the other hand had poor marks. By the time they returned to the residence it was once more day time. The magician surprisingly didn't say much on the trek back; the assassin seemed to stick close to Chang Yun after that battle.

As they were about to split, the assassin looked to Chang Yun. "I can tell you aren't like the others. You still carry hope within you... I am Bai Xue'er. Chang Yun, I heard your name from before... It is fine to carry that hope, but you must also be strong enough to live for that hope. Remember, it wasn't your fault that trap was tripped. I should have caught it... Please do not blame yourself... I trust in the future you will become much stronger! I will choose to believe in you!"

The two parted, and Chang Yun felt a sense of gratitude. He certainly hadn't expected such kindness. The trust he felt from her set something off within him, something even he could not have understood or felt. It was a tenacity, and a slow building fire to become stronger and stronger. As if the hand of fate was in play, the two began to meet more and more often. Chang Yun drew strength from his talks with Bai Xue'er, improving his own combat capabilities, and soon became a capable member of his teams. Even so, he rarely landed a killing blow upon an enemy.  In most instances he had focused on protecting others of his team.

The two, Chang Yun and Bai Xue'er, fell for each other. Chang Yun found out early that Bai Xue'er had a brother once, however he was killed horribly when he tried to escape himself. Since then, Bai Xue'er did her best to make sure those she killed had died as peacefully as possible. When she saw Chang Yun, and slowly learned about him, she found many commonalities... And a protecting feeling of love suffused her as she gazed his way. As for Chang Yun, he felt a great deal of respect for Bai Xue'er. How could he not, when she time again showed mercy and compassion even as she toiled to survive in the conditions set by Marquis Ji Teng, the overlord of the lands they lived on...

"Brother, there is someone we both care for greatly. All I can say... Is I wish for the best for both of us." The two were resolute. With Chang Yun having gone this far, there was nothing Chang Jun could say in response.


WC = 3759/3000 for Desceld's 3rd registered ability.


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Dusk had taken center stage. Somewhere an hour or so away there existed a caravan of merchants. The caravan was decent in size, with 7 covered wagons and a small mercenary company of 12 men maintaining its safety on horseback. Their pace was a leisurely one, as if they were directly on their scheduled time for where they wanted to be. A young man sat leisurely on one of the covered wagons up front, talking to another man who seemed slightly out of place in the group.

The man wore a clean set of robes, a blade at his side and carried with him an aura of confidence that could be seen as bordering arrogance. At first glance a passerby may mistake him as a rich son of some merchant. In truth it was Vardreth who sat there talking to Benai. "Check to make sure everything is going as expected." The mercenary leader gave the order and Benai began moving out. Shortly after he disappeared before everyone's sight.

Chang Jun and Chang Yun were standing across from each other, staring at one another with mixed emotions. The two brothers had grown up with each other, with Chang Jun having guided and guarded Chang Yun throughout that time. "You have grown quite strong... I am glad to see that. If you win, there will be no regrets from me. But I have to apologize, this time I won't be going easy!" Chang Jun drew his blade, knowing full well that the victor of this match would be capable of saving the woman they loved. Chang Jun thought about Liang Lin, grasping his blade even tighter.

Chang Yun nodded to his older brother. "Thank you for all you've done for me... I truly appreciate how you've helped me along the way... But for Bai Xue'er, I will show you how much stronger I've become!" Chang Yun also grasped his blade before Ji Zheng called the start of the match.

Vardreth stood atop the roof of a building. Everything so far had gone as they had planned. Looking over to the temporary addition to the team, Vardreth nodded. He awaited until she got into position and surveyed the grounds. It looked like things were already underway and a fight was about to begin. The two looked exactly alike. Twins... How cruel. A soft sigh escaped his lips as one of his targets, the man known as Ji Zheng, declared the beginning of the combat. Amaya seemed to be all set on her end. I suppose now is as good a time as any.

Chang Jun and Chang Yun ran towards one another, their blades held high. Both utilized a breathing technique, maximizing their potential strength in their swings - both swung from their own right towards the left end of their opposition, though if necessary they were prepared to use footwork in order to survive against the blow.

Before that became necessary a shadow fell from above. Both Chang Jun and Chang Yun's eyes contracted to a pinpoint as dust from the ground floated to the air. Their strike, made with their full strength, was not about to stop.

Yet a pair of hands covered in magoi appeared out of the dust, grasping the flat ends of the blades and subsequently pulling them out of the two warriors hands.

"Intruder! Kill him!" Ji Zheng immediately gave out orders, angered by the individual who interrupted. Furthermore, Ji Zheng could not allow somebody who knew their secrets to survive. Two crossbowmen from the side of the arena, outside of the bleachers but with a clear shot to the center, raised their weapons and took aim.

Yet they both fell to the ground. In their necks were a pair of blades that were in the intruder's hands just moments before.

Chang Jun and Chang Yun had watched as a burst of magoi flowed through the intruder's hands and covered the blades they had just moments beforehand, and then flying out and killing the two crossbowmen.

Words came from the intruder's mouth. "Step aside. Your lives are safe..." The first sentence was spoken to the two brothers who were standing there in shock. Turning to Ji Zheng, the intruder spoke louder. "Your clan's actions are coming to an end today."

Ji Zheng scoffed, drawing his blade and making magoi flow through it. "You will be the one who will be ending today." Thrusting the blade into the ground, the energy spiraled through the earth and burst up from where Chang Yun and Chang Jun were standing moments before. They were, by now, clear of the intruder and so the pillar only consumed the one man.

Chang Jun and Yun's faces looked downcast - they had hoped, for just one moment, that they would be free of this place. Yet now the one who would save them was dead... Yet moments later their faces picked back up as the man walked out from the flame.

Vardreth had a few encounters across his time as a Mercenary ever since he graduated from the Shu-Fang Military Academy. One such encounter he had won some magical equipment from a man in a gambling match. As the Flame Sword Burst erupted from the ground, Vardreth activated his Exuro Ring's Inferno Shroud and walked forward leisurely. "I am Fang Vardreth of the Fang Mercenaries! I am here to execute your family for the crimes that have been committed! Wash your neck and await my arrival!" Vardreth continued to walk forward, immune to the fire as another Flame Sword Burst came out from the ground and covered him once more.

Ji Zheng knew it was useless to continue in that route and jumped down to the arena in order to take back the initiative. He threw a ball to the ground which began to emit a mist which created a Poisonous Fugue.

Vardreth did not hesitate to enter as he circulated more magoi through another ring, the Garuda's Grudge, and activated its function. Unstoppable Grudge cleared his body of the poisons from the mist. Vardreth was closing in on his opponent without hesitation, the leisure of it sending chills down Ji Zheng's spine...


WC: 4700/3000 for 3rd ability training on Desceld.
Magoi: 370/390
Stamina: 440/440

Items used:

Name: Exuro Ring
Tier: A
Type: Ring
Magic Type: Heat
Appearance: A forged silver ring with a ruby fitted within it.

  • Inferno Shroud - Feeding magoi into the ring causes the air around the user to shimmer slightly as heat magic envelopes them. While the shroud is active, the user is immune to heat damage up to A-tier. 10 Magoi to activate | 5 Magoi to sustain.

Name: Garuda's Grudge
Tier: A
Type: Magic Item - Ring
Magic Type: Storm (Wind + Lightning)
Appearance: A ring that changes size depending on the finger of the owner. The design is that of a bird-like being enveloped in stormy lightning. The eyes of the bird look as though they hold a never ending grudge.

  • Unstoppable Grudge - The user feeds magoi into the ring causing a surge of lightning magic to wash through their own body. The lightning magic burns away foreign contaminants such as poisons and reactivates the nervous system. Lightning also courses over the user's skin burning away any bindings that may be holding the user down. The function effectively clears away most tangible bindings, poisons, and bacteria that limit the user's movements of otherwise debilitates them. Activating this ability while paralyzed will nullify the paralysis. 10 Magoi to activate | 5 Magoi to sustain.


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4 foot soldiers and 2 lieutenants.

Pulling out the blade of Descled, Vardreth created a Gold Dragon Garden. His weapon sunk ever so slightly into the ground, and a row of 4 vines sprouted up, coiling into the image of a dragon and bearing fruit. As if taking a walk in his own personal garden, Vardreth paused and grasped one of the fruits in his hand, tearing it away from the vine and taking a bite out of it. As the meat of the fruit was swallowed, Vardreth's eyes gleamed with a flash of insight.

Enraged by the short teenager's complete disregard, Ji Zheng let out a fierce roar and charged towards Vardreth - the man's weapon may have had some magic to it, but it wasn't registering in the man's mind. Lifting his blade in the air, the man had readied himself for a bisecting strike to fall down upon Vardreth.

Instead of closing the gap a large number of roots burst through the ground and charged straight towards the man. It was another magical ability of the weapon, the Gold Dragon Garden's Coiling. It fired out from half a meter in front of Vardreth, shooting towards Ji Zheng at an incredible speed before grasping around the body and keeping all of the man's limbs immobile. Vardreth laughed, happy to have finally mastered the blade. "What an unexpected harvest! To think I'd achieve insight in a place like this..." As he expressed his general happiness there were six others who had jumped down as Ji Zheng called for help.

Two stopped between Ji Zheng and Vardreth. "You four, get the General out of that entanglement! We'll keep the intruder at bay!" The roots had already grasped all they could within their area, and would not grasp upon intruders if they entered after.

Vardreth chuckled again. "With just your strength?" A mocking look dominated the warrior's face as more magoi was sent into the ground. Behind Ji Zheng, approximately ten and a half meters away from Vardreth, another root sprouted from the ground. This root looked much like a dragon's tail, with a razor-sharp dragon fin attacked to it. The tail moved quickly before the four foot soldiers could say anything to the two lieutenants. The root sliced all seven of them in two, the Gold Dragon Garden's Tail and Fin showing its strength to mow down multiple enemies at once.

Looking around, there was chaos everywhere. Vardreth knew the rest of his soldiers were cleaning up other areas of the compound, with orders to release those who were kidnapped. The two he had saved earlier looked towards each other.

"Chang Yun... We should join him." There was a fierce determination in his gaze, as if he had already made his decision. Most of the others would likely disperse, living their own lives in the future, however there would most certainly be a few who were grateful. Chang Jun definitely had a feeling of gratefulness, however beyond that there was a desire to become stronger. If he were as strong as this 'Fang Vardreth' who had appeared, then this situation would never have happened to them.

Nodding, Chang Yun showed his own agreement. "Yes... He not only saved us, but them as well..." Chang Yun, on the other hand, was motivated mostly by his gratitude. He had a sense of respect for the strength of Fang Vardreth, and certainly felt a debt of life that was owed to the man. The two nodded to each other before approaching the Mercenary leader...

Vardreth turned around as he stretched his arms a bit and put away his blade. The assassin from earlier was doing her work, as were several other soldiers. Looking at the twins approaching him, a sardonic grin flashed on his face as he crossed his arms. "Congratulations on surviving! Now excu-" Yet before he could finish his sentence the two Chang brothers knelt on the ground, kowtowing.

"Please take us as your soldiers!"
"Please take us as your soldiers!"

They spoke simultaneously. Vardreth's brows furrowed. "Don't think I'm some hero who came here just to save you. This is my job; I'm a mercenary. I could have just as easily been hired to kill you all." Vardreth didn't have time to babysit anyone with some sort of idealism. His unit did not care much for morals, only keeping to some in order to maintain order and discipline. They were not completely out of hand - slaying non-combatants such as villages, raping and breaking the law outside of war-time were things their band would not do. Fighting as Company of soldiers for a rebellion? That was war. Paying the coin would get them to join easily enough.

To an extent, there was a level of destruction and death that they were fine with handling even for non-combatants, though that was more along the lines of collateral damage.

The two nodded at each other once more before one of them spoke up for the both of them. "Sir, my name is Chang Jun. All we've learned is war. If we don't join you, we would either have to make our own group or join somebody else. With all other things being equal, at least with you we have some history... If you've got room, please let us join you!"

Looking at the two, Vardreth had a feeling they would do just fine. He nodded, to their delight, and ordered the two to follow him. As they were moving towards the exit, they explained that there would be at least two others who were going to join with them as well. When Vardreth asked why they were so sure, he laughed at their answers and shook his head. The rest of the men were certain to be jealous, and Vardreth knew these newbies were in for a hazing.


Had to complete the thread, because I don't like sitting in one for too long with nothing happening. Feel free to kill a few enemies, like a lieutenant and 2 foot soldiers, and then exit. If you want an aftermath RP session with Vardreth, let me know and I'd be happy to do a new topic once you are not overwhelmed with work.

WC: 5600+/3000 for 3rd ability training on Desceld.
Magoi: 320/390
Stamina: 440/440

Ability Trained:

Gold Dragon Garden's Coiling
Tier: A
Type: Supplementary
Range: Long
Requirements/Drawbacks: At least one instance of the function for Desceld, Gold Dragon Garden, must be in use.
Scaling: For every additional 10 magoi, the area of effect increases by 5 meters.
Sustain: -
Cool Down: 4
Cost: 20

  • The root of the Gold Dragon Garden rapidly expands and splits, grasping upon any and all within 10 meters of the epicenter of the Gold Dragon Garden and immobilizing them by keeping their entire body tightly coiled around until the energy feeding its power is cut or until it is forcibly broken by A-tier damage.
  • These roots expand either in a direction of the user's choosing or in a diameter with the Gold Dragon Garden as the center.

Abilities used:

Name: Desceld
Tier: A
Type: Sword
Magic Type: Life
Appearance: This katana appears to be a straightforward weapon, though it has magic imbued within the hilt. The  blade itself is fairly standard. The handle is 13 cm in length, with the blade being 57 cm in length, making the total size of weapon 70 cm.

  • Gold Dragon Garden - Feeding magoi into the hilt while the sword's blade is touching the earth causes four vines to sprout from the ground. Each vine coils in the style of a Chinese dragon with claw-shaped leaves and a blooming bud that resembles the jaws of a dragon. Inside each bud is a golden peach. Eating the peach causes C-tier healing throughout the body. The plants may grow anywhere within 3m of the user and grow to be 1.5m tall. 10 Magoi to activate | 5 Magoi to sustain.


  • Gold Dragon's Blessing:

    Gold Dragon's Blessing
    Tier: B
    Type: Supplementary
    Range: Short
    Requirements/Drawbacks: The user must have the hilt in their hand in order to feed magoi into the weapon and activate the ability.
    Scaling: Damage
    Sustain: -
    Cool Down: 3 posts
    Cost: 15 Magoi

    • The spell creates a 1 meter long, .2 meter diameter dragon from golden mist made of life magic.
    • This 'dragon' moves and flies about at the will of and within 3 meters of the caster.
    • Upon coming into contact with a living being, the caster may choose to activate its effect. T
    • The mist enters and dwells within the body of a being it came into contact with after activation, creating an imprint of that living creature's body's peak condition. It advances the healing process of the body, healing up to B-Ter damage that was dealt to the body.

  • Dragon Flower's Bite:

    Dragon Flower's Bite
    Tier: A
    Type: Offensive
    Range: Medium
    Requirements/Drawbacks: At least one instance of Desceld's function must already be in use.
    Scaling: The number of plants that may bite double with every 10 magoi that is invested. A portion of the blade must be touching the earth, and the user must channel their magoi through the hilt of Desceld.
    Sustain: -
    Cool Down: 4
    Cost: 20

    • One of the Gold Dragon Garden's bloomed buds, shaped as the head of a Dragon, bites down with its flower, dealing A-Tier damage to whatever was caught within its mouth.

  • Gold Dragon Garden's Tail and Fin:

    Gold Dragon Garden's Tail and Fin
    Tier: A
    Type: Offensive
    Range: Long
    Requirements/Drawbacks: At least one instance of the function for Desceld, Gold Dragon Garden, must be in use.
    Scaling: For every additional 10 magoi, the length of the tail and fin increases by 5 meters.
    Sustain: -
    Cool Down: 4
    Cost: 20

    • The root of the Gold Dragon Garden grow, expanding after being fed magoi. This creates a root that shoots up from the ground to 10 meters in height.
    • The root grows a razor-sharp leaf in the shape of a dragon's fin that is 10 meters long, 10 cm thick (tapering off to be razor-thin at its edge). upon this root and leaf are 'scales' made from thorns, equally sharp.
    • The tail proceeds to spin around like a blender, dealing A-Tier damage to those that come in contact with it, whether it is contact with the blade or with the root/blade's body from the sharpness of the thorns.

  • Desceld, Gold Dragon Aspect:

    Desceld, Gold Dragon Aspect
    Tier: A
    Type: Offensive/Supplementary
    Range: Close
    Requirements/Drawbacks: Must be capable of using Magoi Manipulation. Must be wielding Desceld while this ability is being channeled. It takes 5 seconds for Desceld, Gold Dragon Aspect to form.
    Scaling: For every 10 magoi spent, the size of the Gold Dragon Aspect increases by a tier (6 meters in length, 3 meter in diameter for the exterior Dragon Aspect and 9 meters in length with 1.5 meters in diameter for its 'tongue', or interior Dragon Aspect).
    Sustain: -
    Cool Down: 4
    Cost: 20

    • As the user feeds Magoi into the weapon a number of vines rapidly expel from the pommel of the sword. These vines are all interconnected, and form a 'miniature' plant dragon which coils in the style of a Chinese dragon with claw-shaped leaves and a bloomed golden bud that imitates the jaws of a dragon. The plant dragon is 6 meters in length and 3 meters in diameter. Inside the dragon's maw is a hollowed out area; the interior 'walls' of the dragon are filled with razor sharp edges to the vines. Within this area is a 'tongue'; a single root that splits into many ends which is 9 meters in length and 1.5 meter in diameter.
    • The tongue of the dragon, with B-Tier durability, lays coiled within the mouth until it fires out and entangles all those it comes into contact with, 'holding' them while it returns into the mouth.
    • The tongue is then 'combed' by the interior of the Gold Dragon's Maw, dragging those who were captured through the sharp interior and dealing B-Tier damage.
    • The Dragon Aspect's exterior is always in contact with the body of the user, and is directed with magoi manipulation in order to function.


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