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Incoming Ports [Lagi/Solo]

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Emperor Lagi, must you really find it necessary to help an old sailor like me?” Lagi was using his dragon to help unload the supplies that were given to Reim in order to receive extra support while he supervised. Lagi really wanted to make this country even better than ever, and he needed to build a foundation of solidarity among the people and himself. An old sailor was rather curious about Lagi’s hands on philosophy towards things. A few sailors were basically taking a small break with tea munt of supplies that they had to unload, to the Emperor and his Dragon was helping them quite a bit. Though, curiosity still seemed to creep into their thoughts from time to time.

“There are some things that we have to do alone, and there are some things that we can do together. I prefer the latter when it can be helped, the great empire of Remano wasn’t built in a day, and it wasn’t built by one man alone. ‘ Lagi would then pat his hand on the back of the old sailor. “Besides, I feel as if that it’s our responsibility to look out for each other. By the way, did you ever hear any rumors about your travels?” Lagi was pretty curious about rumors, these stories always made for a fair trade. “Rumors? There have been some grave robbers going about; something has been digging up the whole cemetery. However, the bodies that are supposed to be in the coffins seemed to be missing as well. With the remnants of blood and clothing, can’t say its magic per say.” Lagi would think to himself as he processed that rumor. Was it anything like the Zombie incident inside the cave? Could it be that the necromancer responsible for the incident is at it again, back with a vengeance?

“Creature…. A beast maybe? That’s something to check out.” El drago finished and hovered over Lagi.”Done! We should drop off the scrap metal to the local smiths. “ Lagi nodded and shook the hand of the old sailor. “We just saved you a half a day of work, the kind of efficiency that can only be brought along when one takes the time to help out another. Try to spread this gesture of kindness when you can while you are among our people. We stand as many, but we also stand as one.” With that being said, Lagi gave a small salute as he headed off to the smiths with El drago.



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