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Bali's Delivery Boy

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Job Overview: With the coronation, there's been a huge boost to the economy with people buying frivolous items. However, with so many orders going in, many shops are in need of a delivery person. It's not a difficult job, just make sure the goods get to their owners safe and sound. You must make 5 deliveries before getting paid.

Kioshi chuckled as he spoke with Lady Bali, playing another card from his hand. The woman was dangerous at this game and he was suddenly happy the terms of the game included a favor rather than gold. Bale played a card that won her the game and he groaned. The older woman was pleasant company and he found himself visiting her at the tea house often to play games or listen to her talk about days gone by. It was always wonderful to hear the familiar lilt that was native to Kou, especially when it came from someone with age, like Bali. It seemed to hold an almost musical note. Conceding the match, he set the rest of the cards down.

“Very well, Lady Bali, you have bested me once again at this blasted game. What would you have me do?”

The elderly woman chuckled, gathering the cards up and organizing them as she told him what she wanted him to do. It seemed she had several orders to be delivered, the seamstress had been very busy with custom orders but it was difficult for her to deliver them about town, her aching bones keeping her confined to a chair most days. Kioshi stood and gave the woman a bow of respect, promising he would see her shortly to deliver the different clothing items for her.

By noon, he was standing in Lady Bali’s shop, watching her secure each package with care, making sure every thread was perfectly in place before tying each of the boxes off with a ribbon of silk. Her customers paid top dollar for her skills and presentation and it showed even in her packaging. Kioshi was sure to be careful with the handful of items, not letting the boxes so much as tilt as he made his way through Remano.

His first stop was to a less-fortunate family who had finally scraped up enough money to buy a dress for their little girl. The mother insisted he stay there as her daughter tried on the dress, wanting to make sure the fit was correct before he left. Kioshi stood patiently as the young girl was shuffled off to try on the dress, reappearing a few minutes later to display the item. It was a simple white dress, but Lady Bali’s care was shown in the stitching and the small flowers embroidered along the bottom edge. The little girl was excited and the mother had tears in her eyes at seeing how excited her daughter was. Kioshi refused the small bag of coin the woman held out to pay for the dress, shaking his head with a smile before returning to his deliveries.

His next stop was for a man about to travel the world and his outfit was styled in the fashion from Balbadd. The man seemed uncaring of the care Lady Bali had put into the outfit, making discriminatory remarks about non-existent flaws before making a noise of disgust and shoving a bag of coin at Kioshi. Kioshi nodded before making his way to the third location, two of the boxes to be delivered here. He was greeted by a gruff looking man with a friendly smile. It seemed the boxes contained a wedding dress for his daughter and a new dress for his wife as well. Both of the women went off to check the fit before returning with bright smiles and a request to pass their thanks on to Lady Bali. Kioshi smiled and accepted the payment before making his way to his final delivery.

There was no answer to his first knock and he knocked again, a woman finally appearing, looking slightly flustered. At seeing Kioshi, her eyes sparked and she paid more attention to him than the box he was handing her. She absently took the box, asking him to wait while she checked the fit. When she reappeared moments later, he found she had purchased a robe made of a sheer material and she wore nothing underneath it. She gave him a flutter of large lashes before turning in front of him, asking about the fit.

“It seems to fit fine, miss. Now about the payment?”

She seemed put off by his aloof response, disappointment crossing her face when he did not react to her flirtatious ways. He accepted the bag of coin before leaving quickly, not giving her the opportunity to further embarrass herself. He made his way back to the shop and Lady Bali’s cat, Rex, greeted him with a purr as he sat the payments on the counter, adding in his own coin to cover the expense of the first dress. Bali chuckled and smiled at him, knowing why he was adding his own money to that of the other customers’. After agreeing to meet her in a couple of days for another game, Kio went to the small house he had rented to check on the three kittens there, feeding and watering the thin animals before settling onto the ground to play with them.



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