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The Delivery Man [Job/Solo]

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Mikazuki Tenma

Mikazuki Tenma
Job details:

Job Name: Delivering the goods
Job Rank: D
Job Location: Reim Empire
Job Rewards: 3,000 Huang, 50 XP
Job Overview: With the coronation, there's been a huge boost to the economy with people buying frivolous items. However, with so many orders going in, many shops are in need of a delivery person. It's not a difficult job, just make sure the goods get to their owners safe and sound. You must make 5 deliveries before getting paid.

It was another busy day for Tenma, he planned to went to the dock to ask a clue about pirate or slave ship. The swordsman quickly got up from the bed and trying to search for his clothes on the floor since he woke up naked and he didn't remember how, fortunately he found all of it inside the bathroom, all were hanged neatly. His memories came to his mind quickly as he remembered that he was drenched by rain last night and he hanged up his entire outfit at the bathroom so it would be dry on the next day. Tenma touched his clothes and thanked heaven after finding it was already dry. He would hate it a lot if he should wear a wet outfit in the rather nice weather like this. "Gotta grab a quick shower..."

As soon as he arrived at the dock, the black haired man was approached by a man who looked like a rich one, he explained that he was the owner of winery and he needed some help to deliver some barrels of Ale that were lining up near the ship. The man explained that he had to deliver the barrels to a Tavern, which located a little far from the dock by his own. Just when he was ready to help, four other people approached him and surrounded him. One of them said, “Please help me to deliver some fabrics too! Oh please!”

Tenma confused by the sudden commotion and wondering what had happened since all the people who surrounded him was in an urgent need to deliver something to the buyers. The black haired man thought that he should refuse since he had to dig for some information, but when they said that they would gave Tenma a pay… the swordsman gave in, he needed some money though.

So the first thing he had to deliver was a cart full of flour bags, the owner of the flour shop instructed him to deliver the flours to the bakery in 20 minutes. He asked the location of the bakery and let out a mental groan when he heard that it located very far away, he had to spend at least 30 minutes by walking to deliver the things. Tenma started to ran while pulling the cart behind him, hoping that he could maintain his speed and successfully deliver the thing. He stopped for a while to rest his leg for a bit since he had been running for 15 minutes, it was his fastest running speed at his entire life during that 15 minutes and he should continue running again while mentally counting the minutes he spent on the road. Finally, when he arrived at the place, the baker was already waiting outside and quickly helped him to load the bags of flour inside the place.

After bid the baker goodbye, he rushed to the dock again to find another requester. The woman who surrounded him before showed up, Tenma could saw the woman being impatient. “Finally! You have to deliver this fish to the restaurant! Quick, quick!” The woman pointed at a certain place that made Tenma surprised, it was a lot of fish that he should deliver as he saw five carts full of fish near the ship. He tried to calm himself but he couldn’t, his adrenaline was high right now and he had to deliver the fishes right away. He tried to lift the cart and planning to deliver all carts at once, he gasped as he could feel the heavy weight on his shoulder by lifting two carts but tried to maintain his balance and intended to make this as a physical training. Tenma readied himself as he asked a man to lift the third cart on his left arm; he exhaled slowly and maintained his power on his left arm. The last two carts were placed on his right arms and he was ready to go, but he couldn’t run as fast as before due to the heavy weight from the carts so he had to walk instead of running. Tenma gritted his teeth along the way and thanked heaven as he finally reached his destination; it was not really far if compared by the previous place but the tiredness…

The third delivery he should make seemed normal, he just have to help the owner of a restaurant to deliver foods to three places that were not really far. Tenma gratefully did the delivery and was pleased when the owner also gave him something to eat, a man need food to strengthen himself right?

The fourth delivery was an easy task too, he could use a cart to bring all the ale barrels to the Taven and got a free bottle of ale as his reward from the Tavern. When he thought that the last would be an easy one too but quickly regretted his own though as soon as he arrived to the place, the owner of the place was…a bit fancy. The owner accepted the fabrics but he... or she pulled Tenma inside with a fierce strength, he couldn’t attack back as he knew the he shouldn’t mess with all the persons inside the place. “Ufufufufun~ what’s your name darling? You have a handsome face, don’t you?” One of the people said to Tenma and made his face blue, he was not afraid to face a person like this but he WAS afraid at what they would do to him.

Tenma gasped for air while resting at the dock as soon as he arrived, he saw his ripped shirt and sighed as people stared at him like a harassed victim. Just when he didn’t care anymore, all the people who asked him for help gathered and gave him money, he got 3,000 Huang as the total. Tenma then headed back to the inn, what has been gone from his would be never come back again… but at least he got some money.

Word Count : 999


The Delivery Man [Job/Solo] UJnuuB6

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