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Tea first! Work second! [Mission closed; Fu/Daisuke only]

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A bruised Daisuke would sit himself up in the alley he was in, a smile on his face. Earlier he asked a few guys if they could do him a favor, that favor being what caused Daisuke to be covered in bruises. Well lets not get into what happened to him but what he was going to do for the rest of the day. Standing to his feet and stretching he would walk out of the alley he was in. Tai ,his bird companion, shaking his head in disapprove as he walked beside Daisuke, but Dai paid no mind to the bird. For a second he would stop to dust himself off, making sure his white kimono wasn't really dirty. With the aid of Tai the kimono wouldn't have any dirt on it anymore. He would then resume walking with his hands behind his head.

As they walked the great streets of Zou Daisuke couldn't whip his smile from his face, today was truly a great day.  The sun was shining britgh in the sky no clouds and nothing was going wrong for him today, but something was missing. But sadly Daisuke couldn't put his finger on what it was just yet. "I GOT IT!" Daisuke would say finally as he continued to walk. "We are going to find something to drink, hopefully some tea. And then do a job for some cash. But the question is where do we get something to drink and someone who needs our help?" Daisuke says rubbing his chin with his hand and looking down at Tai and then forward scanning every shop he saw to see what they sold. When he spoke he really was just thinking out loud to himself.

Snapping his fingers suddenly Daisuke would stop and point in the direction Tai should be looking, the two of them standing in front of a tea shop, finally Daisuke found someplace that sold tea. Daisuke would put his hand on Tai's shoulder and smile at his companion.  Daisuke's eyes sparkled as he would then quickly make his way into the shop and waited to be shown to a spot to sit and served some tea. Hopefully this shop served some great tea because anything less from great wouldn't get paid for, but no tea would be paid for by Daisuke today.

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