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Travelling Companion [Mission/Closed]

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Yomi, for all his flaws as a person, was not a completely unreasonable man. It was that reason alone that he took the job that was being offered when he was asked. After all, this job was to deliver a market across a small area of the country, and to protect him from the potential invasion of bandits. 

Now, there are certain things that annoy people, and whilst he wouldn't admit it, bandits tended to annoy Yomi. Not because he didn't like what they did, but because he didn't like how they did it. Cruelty, murder, torture, pain were all beautiful, beautiful things; they were things to be worshiped like a god, because they were the one remaining truth when the rest of the world goes to shit. 

However, bandits didn't appreciate that; they used it like means to an end, and they didn't even have any dignity and manners about it. Sure, soldiers didn't revel in the pain and misery they caused nearly as much as they should, but at least they had the common decency to be polite about it. 

These people inflicted misery and suffering on the world, not through any sense of truly understanding the beauty of it, but simply because of the fact that they wanted money, and they would swear and curse and yell as much as it took to get that. Disgusting peons, they were worse than the dirt underneath his boots. 

The merchant himself wasn't much better. There was something about him that reminded Yomi of the people that he was brought up to be judged by. 

Since he brought about the loss of his mother through the mere fact of his birth, people had been judging him and looking at him as not "Yomi", but as "Tsuki Yomi, the son of the Tsuki lineage, the heir to one of the most powerful mages in history. The fact that he was her "follow-up act" as peopled seemed to imply meant that he was never going to be good enough in comparison. 

The way that this guy looked at him, despite being in a position of power way above that of a paltry merchant, reminded him amazingly large amounts of those foolish morons who couldn't appreciate him for who he was rather than who he was being forced to replace. If he wasn't being paid for this job, he would have started torturing this guy a long time ago. 



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The journey was a pretty nice one, considering the time of the year. Due to it being early spring, the first blossoms of the year were coming out on the trees above his head as he walked through the almost deserted path. 

It wasn't deserted like this always, in fact it was a pretty common path to and fro the local villages that he was having to escort the seller to, but there was something off today that was just convincing people not to travel. 

That was something that he didn't understand; the wind was nice and gentle, and the sun was just warm enough for him to enjoy its sensation on his face and not to have to worry about getting a sun tan. 

Something about his family's relation to the moon meant that his skin tanned a lot easier than everyone else's. Also, with the white hair, it shined slightly under the heavy barrage of the sun and it just gathered more unwanted attention.

The man who he was escorting constantly seemed to be looking over his shoulder, although Yomi didn't know why he was so worried. 

Sure, the job had warned that this guy was being stalked by bandits, but the fact of the matter remained that bandits would have to be stupid to assault someone who was commonly known as one of the five strongest mages in the country. 

Of course, who knew if that proclamation was actually true, considering the rarity of mages in this country, but it was the thought that count. People became scared of the reputation rather than the actual deeds, so all he had to do was keep people believing that he deserved the title and nobody would dare think to cross him. 

Or... nobody but stupid, strung out druggies like the people that were following them right at this very moment. Most people would have let out an irritated little sigh or perhaps openly sworn at this, but instead, he just smiled. More people to keep him entertained; it was like they were paid to make him happy. 



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Turning around, keeping that cruel smile plastered all over his face like some sort of psychotic welcome wagon, he moved back towards the bandits. 
"Mister Zhou? You can keep going for now. I'll take care of these guys; After I take care of them you can keep going until your goal. Nobody else should have the nerve to follow." 

Despite the fact that the merchant had hired him to do this job, there was something about him that made him worried about his protectorate. 
"Are you sure..."

"Mister Zhou, I'm not asking you to leave because I don't want you to get hurt. Quite frankly, if you weren't paying me, I would be beating you senseless with a rock. I'm asking you to leave because I can't have fun torturing these idiots if you're nagging me to hurry up. So, please, before I just take your money after I purify the world from your existence, just leave. "

The way that he spoke so calmly about what could quite honestly be defined as a 'death threat' made it out to be all the more disgusting, since Tsuki clearly had no issue following through with this promise about his actions. 

So, knowing that he would just end up regretting it if he didn't do it later, he yanked out the bag of gold that he had promised the man, tossed it to him, before continuing on, the little whirring of the metal wheels crossing the earth. He wasn't going to be back here again, and if he was lucky, they'd never meet face to face after this. 


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The fight wasn't really worth commenting about. just like the way that he had dealt with the tigers the other day, Yomi's magoi formed into the shape of a pseudo-sun, shining its bright and probably toxic rays over the area and turning the fools who thought fighting him was a good idea into a temple to burns, wounds and were openly bleeding out of burn sores. 

They couldn't even run away, since the energy had burned through their shoes and their feet were now so heavily covered in burns that they weren't able to run away properly. Moving back to the shade of one of the nearby trees, he flattened out his haori so it didn't get trapped underneath him and sat down, just enjoying the show. 

It was a fight to see how long it would take them to be either brave enough to try and attack him or strong enough to run away. Either way, they weren't threats in their condition any more, so this was just one fun show. He could spend a good hour or so enjoying the view, and their cries were making a pleasant little melody to listen to.


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