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Temple Run [Closed; Mission]

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1 Temple Run [Closed; Mission] on 11/03/14, 07:52 pm

Meditation; it was a silly thing. 

Yomi was the kind of person who believed that there was so much beauty in life, the life of everything around him and the fact that people lived their day to day lives with such hope for the future. It was a beautiful thing that very few things could even hope to replace. 

However, meditation, despite how much it claimed to be the proposer of revering nature and the human condition, was one of the most boring things that someone could do. You were just sitting still and thinking about what was going on around you, and that was so pointless.

 If you wanted to revere the world as a whole, why didn't you just do that? It was a lot more effectual than just sitting back and thinking "Oh, isn't this a place full of hope, let's call up the pope, lets go watch our teacher act like a preacher". 

Although, he had to admit that he did like the haikus that the dominant religion of the Empire was so wrapped around. He could even come up with one right now. 

The world's beautiful
Go out and explore it now. 
Fuck meditation. 


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2 Re: Temple Run [Closed; Mission] on 11/03/14, 08:06 pm

Still, despite that, he had been sent out by the court to do a simple mission. 

Bizarrely, this little mission of theirs had sent him out there to gather some sort of herb. When asked about it, he had merely asked why they were making him do this rather than one of their acolytes, and they explained that they were under threat of being savaged by tigers and wolves. That seemed... ridiculous, to be honest, that they would be so unprepared for something like this. 

How difficult would it have been to station a few guards among the monks (if necessary, make them take a vow of silence, just keep them there to protect the people that were 'protecting' the world's souls)? 

Or, heck, do what so many of the unorthodox temples did and make the monks train in martial arts. He'd seen a martial artist shatter a bear's spine in a single punch before, there was no excuse for having to deal with this kind of insipid silliness. from other people. But... well, orders are orders. 


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3 Re: Temple Run [Closed; Mission] on 11/03/14, 08:27 pm

It took around a three day horse ride. The horse, by the end of it, was clearly none too happy about being overworked like this. He couldn't blame him, there was a level of pain that he enjoyed but this was just senseless overworking. 

He couldn't enjoy the suffering of an animal, they were too dumb to be able to comprehend what was happening. Hell, he actually liked this horse, he had called it Ruifan and he was intending to ask if he could keep it for himself in future ventures. 

He was beginning to get sick of having to trade between different horses like a whore trying to pick a right way of making money. Besides, if you got used to a horse you were able to control it properly, or at least that was what the court beast masters said, and he was in a position to want to believe their stories, even though they were usually horse-shit. 

Anyway, three days later, he arrived at the entrance to the temple, the air feeling slightly thinner up here. It had to be the altitude... what made someone stupid enough to build a temple to their god on a mountain so high up you could get attacked by rogue passing clouds? 

This church wasn't even to the god of the sky or to the god of the water, it was to the god of the earth, hence the mountain. Yet, surely it would have made more sense to make a temple to the earth god underground? It'd make it much easier to get to, and you wouldn't end up struggling to breath. 

Of course, that might be the reason why people prayed to the gods here, because the lack of oxygen meant they were slightly delusional. They probably actually believed there was a god watching them say their silly little words. How funny.



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4 Re: Temple Run [Closed; Mission] on 11/03/14, 08:47 pm

It was good that his vision was so capable, because if he hadn't been able to see things like this so easily he might have honestly missed the herbs that he was riding past.

There was no desire in his heart to get off the horse to look, maybe it was laziness or maybe it was something to do with the fact that he was as annoyed about this job as he had been the moment it had been issued to him, but one way or another he was just going to have to cope with the fact that they were going to be even harder to find on horseback.

Although, that really wasn't saying something. They were around the place like some sort of glaring, flashing light. As much as he had been reticent to get off the horse in the first place, he was now having to dismount just to be able to reach the damned things. 

Thankfully, he had a pouch for this very reason, and soon enough he had a full third of the things that he needed. the flowers seemed to bloom like moss everywhere that he looked, and it wasn't long until he found a second plant that was filled with the stuff that he had been sent out here to get.

Of course, it wasn't long until he heard the sound of a giant bear, its roar able to scare a lesser man. Why couldn't it have been a bandit? He liked torturing bandits, they were fun to hurt. Why did it have to be animals?


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5 Re: Temple Run [Closed; Mission] on 11/03/14, 09:22 pm

The bear came bursting out of the trees, continuing to run and actually knocking into Yomi. Or, at least, he would have, if it wasn't for Yomi's borg, keeping him an inch away from gigantic bear chaos. However, the shield shattered, and from the moment it pulled back to get ready for a second go, he knew that he was out of time. 

Forming magoi into a small ball in the mouth of his staff, he thrust it forwards, the golden ray of light penetrating the poor bastard's face, sending it back five meters and causing it to land on its ass. 

With it down for a moment, he fired the next technique, a simple concentration of light energy into a pulse between the beast's eyes, turning it into bear steak. 

Thankfully, despite the amount of damage that he had done to the beast, it wasn't actually dead. Just scared off, and as it finally got to its feet it ran off, roaring sadly. Now he could finish off with those damned flowers and get them to the temple.


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6 Re: Temple Run [Closed; Mission] on 11/03/14, 09:39 pm

It took another twenty minutes, but he finally got all the flowers, and took them back to the temple on the back of his horse. When he arrived, a monk with a shaved head and the tattoo of some sort of religious symbol on his forehead greeted him with a smile and a warm thanks. Taking the money happily, he was about to leave before a thought occurred to him. 

"Say, considering that you're looking to get answers to a really tough question, I'd like to know what that question is."

 It wasn't an unreasonable question, and it would surely have a simple answer, right? The monk seemed to think so, and so answered.

"Oh, it's simple really; Since god loves us, why does he allow us to suffer so much?"
"My dear man, you don't need a potion for that... it's because everyone in their right mind enjoys seeing other people suffer, and god is no different. Why else would we all experience schadenfreude?"


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