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Scuffle [Mission, Closed]

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1 Scuffle [Mission, Closed] on 16/03/14, 12:28 am


Adam was in a nightclub located deep within the belly of the sprawling Zou empire. He slouched in a stool drinking a rather watered-down cheap ale before noticing an interesting notice regarding a “fight club” underground. Not knowing what to expect, he walked importantly over to the sign (which was located behind the bar) and asked the bartender about it. He was given an odd response (a weird nod followed by a signal to follow him). Adam then tailed the bartender down a flight of stairs, and through a hallway. A scent of sweat filled the air. The tender turned and entered a door into a rather large room; thus Adam followed and was amazed by the sight. An enormous arena was secretly tucked underneath the streets of Zou; the fighting ring had to be at least 50m large, and the stands were filled with people. He was taken aback. But entering this arena would only prove his might and valiance to the masses of people watching and thus he was tempted to do so. He asked the bartender a question.

"So, my dearest bartender, is there any way for me to join this fight?"

"As it turns out," the bartender replied, "there's a single spot left for another competitor; you came at a perfect time."

He directed Adam to an area where fighters were warming up. He gave his name and origin to the referee and entered. One of them threw kicks and punches at the air; another sharpened a wicked short blade. The most formidable one had a pair of brass knuckles- upon close inspection he could see some sort of static rising from them... Perhaps that was just his imagination. Anyhow; the fight would soon begin. He took off his shirt so as not to dirty it, flexed his muscles, and performed a few breathing exercises. The man without a weapon stopped throwing punches to guffaw at Adam.

"Oy, pretty boy! We don't got no room for no sissy blondies here. You think you're so tough? I'll crush your head!"

Adam took notice of this. Inside he was no less than infuriated but he showed no emotion and simply said "We'll see."

Soon, it was time for the contestants to be ushered into the arena. Adam was one of the first two; the other was the man who had heckled him. The announcer welcomed them both to the stadium and introduced the fighters to the audience.

"In corner one we have Adam Yuan-Zu, the one and only Prince of the Zou Empire! It is an honor to be speaking about such a noble character- let's just hope he's a good fighter! In corner two, we've got a returning combatant, Orion! He's extremely skilled at martial arts, and I'm sure he'll rock the stage- and the audience!"

The referee blew his whistle and the fight was on. Orion was rather quick to start- he flung a kick at Adam, who was struck in the face, then another (again it hit him.) Adam backed up and was soon cornered by the cement wall of the arena. Orion tailed, raising his leg and flicking his foot back and forth, as if looking for an opening to strike. He got Adam's head again, then his chest.

"What's the matter, pretty boy? Too scared to fight back?"

He lunged and kicked Adam again. Now his face was quite bruised- he decided it was time to stop looking weak. He intercepted the next kick by grabbing Orion's leg, and pushed him back. Then, taking advantage of his downed opponent, he kicked in an axe formation (outside swing up, inside swing down) and his heel landed on Orion's stomach. A grunt came from the opponent, but he stood up. All at once, Orion raced in with a flying punch- Adam caught him, kneed his stomach, threw him down, leapt upwards, and stomped on his gut with both feet. Orion got up much more slowly this time- he staggered towards Adam, who laughed a bit at his foe's bravado.

"Come on, Orion. Surely after that much boasting and bragging, you can't be giving up now," said Adam, voice dripping with sarcasm and condescending notions. He kicked Orion's face, then punched him twice in the stomach, sent him a few meters upwards with a swiftly placed uppercut, and finished it with a thrusting kick which made contact and sent the target flying to the other side of the arena. The crowd cheered intensely- Orion was down and out. Adam faced the audience, and waited for the next competitor to come.

Soon he did.

The announcer introduced him as “Jazz.” Jazz wielded the sword- he was rather agile and fast on his feet when Adam saw him training, but the blonde prince was sure he could outmaneuver him. Jazz smiled wickedly and brandished his blade before swinging it in a circular formation about his head.

“You’ve got a lot of nerve, blondie.”

Adam paid him no attention- he would soon set this man straight. As soon as the fight began, he was ready, unwilling to be caught off-guard as he was when he battled Orion. Jazz slashed while leaping forward, then slashed again; Adam was able to dodge both slices narrowly. He kicked low and swept the swordsman off his feet before leaping backwards, drawing upon his staff, Kingsbane, and shooting a ball of black energy towards the arm which Jazz wielded his sword in. Immediately as it hit, the arm turned black and spasmed uncontrollably, causing Jazz to drop the weapon. Adam quickly kicked it away before stepping on Jazz’s other arm hard, aiming to crush it beneath his boots. He did not expect a counterattack- but he got one when the pinned man swung his legs upwards and struck Adam’s chest, causing him to fall backwards and release him. Adam was caught unaware, and so, after being kicked, fell backwards and scrambled to get to his feet. During this time Jazz went to go fetch his sword; once afoot Adam chased after him relentlessly and kicked him in the back, flinging his target forwards into the wall. Adam then kicked him again and again, until Jazz was unconscious. Match two went to the prince.

Finally, the last opponent was introduced. It was the man with the brass knuckles. His name was “Cain.” He seemed to be the most respectable of the three, but his weapons were forces to be reckoned with. The electric shocks which were occasionally seen from them were indeed intimidating. Thus, Adam knew he had to end this quickly. Without hesitation, he dodged a fierce blow from Cain, sprinted about 10m away, and slammed his staff into the ground, from which a small shockwave radiated.

“Tower Burst!”

From beneath Cain’s feet an enormous explosion occurred. He was shot into the air, no doubt with broken bones and body trauma, before falling back to earth. When he hit the ground he did not move, and that was that.

The announcer gave Adam his reward money and Adam left quickly and swiftly. It had been a nice day.

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