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Why So Serious? [Mission/Closed]

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1 Why So Serious? [Mission/Closed] on 30/03/14, 04:06 am

Tai Black

The sun shinned down onto the ground, while this boat rocked left and right. This person inside of the boat found a stop come to play. As they opened their eyes to notice that they had reached land. This person Tai as found himself to be picking himself up from the boat. As he found himself to be setting down his boat to further on land. He was happy that he reached the Zou Empire. It was time for him to under go his adventure. He was gonna travel the entire world becoming smarter of this known place. He was going to figure out all the knowledge needed..

,but first to getting use to this place called Zou.

He continued on his way towards the Zou Empire with a little back onto his back and his spear in his hand. He was going down a path of rocks and little pecks of grass. As he continued on his way, he found himself looking at the citizen outside of the Empire. Their was one man picking out flowers and not far away but a place of mountains. It was impressive...the place got even warmer than Imuchakk. As he continued on his way farther in....

Then he found himself entering the Empire and looking all over for where he could start. He had been waiting for the longest to leave the place, but this was just start of his goal's. Tai found himself to continue on his way. He noticed that on some of the walls there was a request or something like that. He examined it as he found himself noticing that it stated something of a haunted grave yard and that one of the necromancers that once lived in the Zou Empire is the one haunting it. He wanted to get known to Zou so it was best he did something around here..

He found himself to have rented an apartment of like so much huang. It nearly took out all his money, but it was alight for him. Then as he settled himself and prepared himself to continue on towards this mission. Once he took care of the necromancer he would be rewarded of some good amount of huang. He was prepared for anything anyway. Being able to see death and comeback was enough to turn off his fear of death or really anything to begin with.

Tai found himself to be near the graveyard. The place became very dark as if it was night. Fog near the ankles of Tai. He gripped onto his spear tightly awaiting to spot the necromancer. Suddenly, he lurked all around to then notice that a man was standing in the fog. The man stood looking at Tai. This man seemed dead, but as he noticed two bodies lift up from the ground he knew this man was the necromancer. It was impressive how he could bring people to life to aid him in combat. Then as they caught attention to Tai.

The two Ghouls charged towards Tai with speed. This was gonna be very easy. He didn't even bother to move not a single step. As he awaited for the men to come towards him. He ran his fingers through as his body stood side ways towards the left, and his head directed to his opponent. They came rushing towards him, although did they know he was very experienced. He timed them as they came towards him.

Suddenly, his spear went dashing at the speed of ten m/s at least five times. The ghouls dropped to their feet, and Tai successfully took care of them. He watched as the necromancer had a very angry expression, but as the happened Tai began walking. The necromancer summoned two more ghouls. Tai found himself to be having a very serious expression as his hair laid over his eyes.

They came closer to him as he found one of them coming to his left. He leaned to his right leaving the ghoul to move forward avoiding him, but by then he leaned up his knee causing it to go up the jaw of the ghoul, and then he sliced down the head of the monster. This would cause for the next ghoul to have an opening, but this then made Tai slice with speed. It would then come in contact towards its neck. Slicing off the head as the necromancer.

This was so easy he could do this all day. For some reason they could of made this a little bit of a challenge as he continued walking just a few meters or feet away from his opponent. The necromancer raised one more ghoul which it seemed to be capable of. This would leave him to be able to at least finish this mission fast enough.

He found himself to be still walking his spear being gripped tightly. He wasn't joking with this adventure. He was sorry that Warden vanished and he hoped that he was still living, but it was gonna be no problem. He was gonna live on as a great warrior in Tai's eyes. This as he found himself to be coming closer to the ghoul. The ghoul moved his hands attempting to slice down on to Tai's face. He found himself to be bringing down himself farther down to the ground. Then rising up to poke his spear through the head of the ghoul..

He nearly finished out all the beast and now it was the perfect time to get rid of the man. " You have been disturbing the peace of the Zou Empire..I have no business with these people, but you shall not have these people terrified during my stay..I hope you had a good time while living.." he said. As he leaned over pointing towards the necromancer.

Tai dashed with speed with his spear into his hand as if he slashed someone. He appeared beside the necromancer. The necromancer then felt a slash come to him as he dropped to ground. This was the end of this mission and he had a job well done.

He found himself on his way back towards the Zou Empire expecting some type of pay for taking away their problems....

Word Counter : 1,000/1,040



Name: Spear Flash
Tier: D
Cost: 10 Magoi/Stamina
Weapon Type: Spear
Class: Offensive
Range: 10
Duration: 1 Post
Cool-Down: 2 Post
Description: The user steps towards his opponent, and then begins to send the spear towards every body part five times randomly at the speed of 10 m/s. The spear slashes the opponent, and causes cuts go barely go past the skin and just start to touch tissue and muscle.

Name: White Spear Dash
Tier: C
Cost: 20 Magoi/Stamina
Weapon Type: Spear
Class: Offensive
Range: 20
Duration: 1 Post
Cool-Down: 3 Post
Description: The User takes his spear putting it towards his waist. It is directed to his opponent while he/she leans over as if they are moving. The user leans over completely as if he was in the position of sprinting. Once this happens the user dashes at the speed rate of fifteen m/s. The user passes the opponent as if nothing happened, but a slash goes to arm of his opponent. This technique can cut halfway through the muscles.


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