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The Whispers Of Light[Training|Solo]

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[Training for Magician Class D-tier to C-tier]

The classes Zion endured in the academy during the day were barely enough to get an introduction into the workings of magic. But by night, Casvallion continued to provide Zion with instruction. The man was a trained veteran of the Kou invasion several years ago and had plenty of practical experience using magic outside the academy. Under the "Crimson Rock" Zion spent two months focusing on Zion's magoi control, output, and practical combat training. This was all to prepare Zion for the Iktiyar. Casvallion eventually decided it was time to broaden Zion's horizons now that his basics had been honed.

Hours after the sun had gone down and classes had ended, the masked man in red lead Zion into a room Zion had been excluded from entering during normal classes. As the pair entered, a flick of Casvallion's wand caused the room to light up. Inside was a large eight pointed star within a magic circle engraved into the floor depicting all eight magic types with lines running between them.

"Do you see that symbol? It helps magicians understand the nature of how magic types relate to each other. The best magicians know how to use all eight types. But we all start with one Primary type we have the highest affinity towards. The magic type listed opposite of your primary type on that circle is the magic type you have the second highest affinity towards."

Zion listened as he slowly walked through the large room taking notice of several clear jars atop pedastals at each point of the star. Each one filled with rukh the color of a corresponding magic type. After hearing Casvallion speak about affinities he re-examined the magic circle closer to see that light magic was opposite of strength magic. The youth looked down and found that he had already naturally walked towards and come to a stop beside the jar containing orange rukh. The moment Zion laid eyes on the rukh he felt a dull attraction towards it and couldn't help but slowly raise his hands to touch the glass.

Within Zion's mind's eye he could see himself resonating with the orange rukh. It was similar to how his resonance with strength magic felt, but instead of being filled with a sensation of power...Instead Zion felt a warmth across his skin that seemed to emanate out in all directions as pure light. This was probably a sign that there would be some sort of effect once tuned with light magic. The light was already bright in this vague insight into what fully tuning to light magic could be like. If it intensified further with each spell Zoin could only imagine the end result. Would he be like a star plucked out of the night sky? Unfortunately, Zion could not test this theory to find out until he learned some light magic spells.

Casvallion smiled and encouraged the curiosity Zion displayed, "Listen closely and release some magoi." The words floated into Zion's ears giving him direction as he poured his mind into the orange rukh. Silence and darkness for a moment before words suddenly rushed into Zion's mind along with a surge of light from beyond his eye lids. Zion opened his eyes to see that the orange rukh turned into a bright light that filled up the glass. Though his magoi was gradually draining, Zion was producing light from magic! Excitement and joy washed over the magician's face as he began to feel a subtle tingle that was the sign of tunings early stages.  

"I did it!"

Feeling like he was some kind of genius, Zion fist pumped the air showing his obvious pride in the accomplishment. But ever one to drag the doll back to reality, Casvallion chimed in with the truth of the matter. "Don't get so excited, it's natural for a magician to respond to the magic type they have high affinity towards. Walk over to the heat magic jar and try again." He said in a serious tone despite having a teasing smile across his face. Zion did just that and repeated the attempt but half an hour passed and Zion's "meditations" towards the encased red rukh bore no fruit at all.

Losing patience, Zion sighed before relenting. "I understand...How do I learn more about light magic?" Though he sounded dejected at first, Zion's tone perked up immediately as he asked Casvallion with a knowing stare. Casvallion suddenly felt as though a needle were piercing through him where the young magician's eyes landed. Zion was well aware that Casvallion knew light magic and desperately wanted to learn more spells.

[Training Complete: 700+/500]



Spell Being Trained:

Tier: D
Class: Magician
Type: Offensive
Range: Long(15m)
Requirements/Drawbacks: The user must flick their staff/wand to cast the spell. The spell can only be fired in a straight line and any attempt to drag it forced or otherwise will cancel the spell.  
Scaling: Damage
Sustain: -
Cool Down: 1
Cost: 10 Magoi

    The user casts the spell using their wand or staff before concentrating orange rukh to a point where magoi has gathered. This can be the tip of the wand or staff, or an existing source of the users magoi. The rukh creates a concentrated beam of light that is only 10mm in diameter. The beam of light will deal D-tier damage in the form of heat.

The false sky of the domed structure was just as clear and blue as it was when Zion first came to the academy. Casvallion had later informed him the simulated daylight was to help Zion feel focused and awake despite the unreasonable hours. The secret training ground was officially to house a potentially dangerous experiment, but in reality it was the place where Casvallion could help teach Zion magic without being seen. Normally there would be rocks and sand scattered around the area but the young magician quickly noticed that the entire layout of the interior had been adjusted. The ground was smooth as glass and had a polished sheen. Scattered around were glass pillars topped with focused glass lenses. Some of them were at different heights but they faced each in a way which all led toward at least one lens that was facing the center of the array.

Stunned at the rooms transformation, Zion turned to Casvallion and asked, "What happened to all the sand? This is amazing!" The naive purity of the young magician broke through the front of composure he'd been learning to hold. Zion's excitement was clear in his voice as he ran towards the center of the array feeling confident he knew how it was supposed to work. Casvallion smirked from the side and responded tauntingly, "You're looking at it. I used heat magic to turn the sand to glass and gravity magic to sculpt it. Let me who you how it works." The masked magician then flicked his wand sending orange rukh flying towards the highest glass lens.

A burst of bright light suddenly appeared as if its source was from within the lens itself. This particular lens was split and it sent four beams of light shining out to the other pillars. The four beams danced around and the eventually met at the center where Zion had chosen to stand. The young magician laughed in joy at his own success when the lights landed on him and he felt their warm glow. Or at least, he thought his guess at the purpose of the array was right. But he quickly began to feel unbearably hot and jumped out of the point where the beams converged feeling roasted.

An amused Casvallion laughed from the sidelines and shouted out, "I set this up so you could observe light rays. It should be easy for you to come up with a simple light magic spell when the phenomenon of the rukh are there for you to see plain as day. Be careful not to stand at the center though. Not unless you want to experience the heat of intense light first hand..." The masked magician teased Zion slightly, knowing the youth would channel his frustration into the training.

Zion pouted his lips at Casvallion for not warning him sooner before grumbling to himself and, as if foretold, he became even more eager to quickly learn the properties of the light rukh in front of him. Zion slowly began to walk around the beams looking at them from different angles. But the magician's eyes were focused not on the light, but on the orange rukh that made up its source. Entranced for a time, Zion eventually flicked his staff and then gestured towards one of the lenses, "Ray..." The spell was spoken naturally and without passion as orange rukh was then fired from Zion's staff in a beam.

Smiling to himself arrogantly, Zion turned to look at Casvallion with a raised eye brow as if to ask him "what's next" but the look was wiped off his face instantly when he saw Casvallion. The masked man had an evil sort of grin on his face that sent a chill up Zion's spine. "Gooood, you managed to take the first step as fast as I thought you might. Just in case, I prepared something a bit harder for you..."

[Training WC: 250+/250]


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