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Menat's Memories

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Menat's Memories FGvzio3
Name: Menat Firdaus
Country Affiliation: Reim
Race: Fanalis
Tier: D
Class: Warrior
Age + Birthdate: Physically 15 yeears old: actually 5 years old/Birthday 01-03
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Currently undeveloped

The most unique feature of Menat's personality is that, despite having been raised without her father in her life, she is a complete and utter "Daddy's girl". Doing whatever she can to, as she believes, make her father proud. Wherever he is. Of course this doesn't mean that she doesn't love her mother. On the contrary she seems to hold her mother as one of the most important things in her life. The difference, however, is that while she at least knew where her mother was the absence of her father and the longing for what she lacked has developed her feelings for him to be something stronger. In addition to her views on her mother and father, Menat has come to see Bast as an older sister of sorts, having been raised by her father's former companion in her mother's absence. She was always aware that the woman was not related to her in any way beyond this connection but still this is the bond they've developed.

Beyond these aspects of her personality Menat is, in every essence, a complete and total tomboy. Never bothering to keep her hair combed or tidy, instead choosing to let it remain spiky and unkempt with the belief that it will only get to such a state once more with how active she is. Additionally she lacks any hesitation when it comes to getting injured or dirty, often obtaining scrapes, cuts and bruises in addition to dirt during her training and sparring.

As far as her mental aspects are concerned Menat is, for all concerns, a young girl of the age of five. Because of this she tends to be more excitable than most 15 year olds. She's seen as energenic and lively most of the time. She has her moods when she can be grumpy or throw fits. Her control over her Fanalis temper is lacking as well, often resulting in her making rash actions despite her or anyone else's better judgements.


  • Her Mother: With her mother being her only remaining blood relative Menat has developed a strong protective bond towards her mother and wants to make sure she doesn't lose her as well.
  • Food: Specifically snacks. Menat is almost always seen with some form of snack in her mouth, from fruit like apples and fruit slices to sweets.


  • Arrogance: Arrogent people leave a bad taste in Menat mouth, a trait she unknowingly shares with her father.
  • Bitter foods: Yet another trait she shares unknowingly with her father. Despite the fact that she's almost always snacking Menat tends to despise bitter foods and drinks, often opting for sweet or savory as her first choice.


  • Learning about her father: Having been raised mainly by Bast and later her mother, Menat knows virtually nothing about her father. She often finds herself wondering what he was like, what he had done. What happened to him. Eventually she plans to find out all she can about him.
  • Gaining her own Djinn: With the knowledge of her mother's capturing of a dungeon and gaining a Djinn of her own Menat wants nothing more than to earn a Djinn of her her own as well.


  • The death of her mother or Bast: With her mother being her only living parent and Bast having raised her for the first several years of her live Menat is impossibly terrified of losing either one or even both of them. Even the prospect of either of them being injured or hurt is enough to cause her to panic.
  • Disappointing her parents: Now that Menat is able to travel with and assist her mother she finds that she holds herself to a far stricter ideal than her mother actually seems to. Failing to meet her own standards makes her feel like she's of no help to her loved ones and by result feels as if she's disappointed them.

Face-Claim: Kyoko Sakura - Madoka Magica
Hair Color: Red
Eye Color: Red
Height: 34kg (75lbs)
Weight: 127cm (4'5")

Menat's physique is a rather special situation. Initially she was only a girl of about five years old and even then she was somewhat small in stature for her race. Taking after her father in this regard she hasn't exactly become an amazon by any means since going through her rapid development into a teenager. Able to pass for a typical human in height and size, despite her spiky and unkempt crimson hair and crimson eyes. In addition Menat seems to further take after her father in physical appearance in the way of her skin tone which comes across as lighter than her mother's.

Menat's style of clothing, as influenced by Bast's raising and training her, optimizes mobility and freedom of movement. As a result she tends to wear clothes that lack in sleeves, opting for a set of bicep length white gloves with black cuffs on her wrists, and favors skirts as to keep the movements of her arms and legs less restricted. In addition to wearing mostly skirts Menat has taken to wearing a pair of black leather leggings under them as to keep her modesty (and warmth). Her primary attire seems to consist mostly of crimson and gold colored clothing with white frills. Lastly are her boots, which come up to her knees and share the same color scheme as the rest of her outfit. In addition to all of this are her accessories. A simple black ribbon is used to keep her long hair tied back into a ponytail and a brown cloak like object is kept wrapped around her neck and shoulders until needed.

Rukh Alignment: White
Special Features:
Due to an accident involving the breaking of her father's Shard of Solomon Menat has been physically aged to 15 years old.

A young girl born of the Fanalis pairing of Endolf and Merrze. Left behind in Reim and raised by Bast, Endolf's former subordinate and most trusted ally, before her parents went their separate ways and left Reim with their own goals. While raised by Bast Menat was taught her basic skills of things such as speaking, writing and so forth. In addition to all of this, once she was old enough, Bast began to groom her in the ways of combat as well. At first she began teaching Menat in a style similar to that of her father's ways of fighting but found it to be too complicated and advanced for a girl as young as Menat. This realization lead her to shifting her teaching style so that Menat would learn in a manner similar to how her mother fought. At least as far as Bast was aware of how Merrze fought anyway.

Often Menat would spend her nights staring at what Bast had told her to be a memento of her father, a small crystal-like shard he had left her in addition to a large area of cloth that she seemed to not understand the meaning of. She would often fantasize about her father whenever she did. About what he looked like, how he acted, if he would praise her for her hard work or how she was growing up like Bast often did. She would often have the same thoughts of the mother she barely knew as well. Unlike her father however Bast at least knew Merrze had traveled to another country and was able to share at least that much information with Menat during her youth.

Things would take a rather unexpected turn one night as Menat slept, clutching her father's crystal. It was a restless sleep, one that caused her to toss and turn and squeeze her father's memento tighter as she dreamed. A small panic had overtaken her that night, nightmares of not knowing about her parents, if they were harmed or even worse. The voices in her head telling her that it was because she was so small. So young and inexperienced that she was forced to stay away from her parents. She could only remember in her dreams how she would think that if she was older she could change all of that.

When Bast came to wake her the next morning they both found her to be hanging off the various edges of her bed, now far larger in size than it was originally intended to contain. During the investigation of Menat and her bed the two found her father's crystal, shattered into small fragments along the floor by the head of her bed. Whatever had caused it Menat had aged into her early teenage years during the middle of the night. Despite having seemingly lost close to ten years of her life over the course of a single night Menat was actually thrilled about the outcome. She had been given what she wanted. She was older, she would be able to leave Reim behind and search out her parents. She could now stay by their sides, helping them and protecting them. In almost no time she would have Bast training her, getting her accustomed to her new form and properly able to fight with it.

Role-Play Sample:

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  • Primary - Warrior - B-Tier
  • Secondary - Body Manipulation - C-Tier
  • Tertiary -


Spriggan King:

Self-Contained Ecosystem:

Born to be Guardian:

Enhanced Magoi:

Enhanced Stamina:

Unlocked Potential


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D-tier Abilities




C-tier Abilities
Fanalis Roar:


Reclaimed Wood:

B-tier Abilities

Briar Barrier:

Devil's Snare:

Gaia's Cage:

Frozen Flora:

A-tier Abilities
Aadav's Embrace:

Omega-tier Abilities

Beast Abilities

Djinn Related Abilities

Sound Cannon:

Song of Protection:

Social Abilities

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Halloween Candy:

Journey Book:

Toh Clan Vigor Drug:






Jahanvi's Legacy:

Great Temptor's Robe:

Magic Items

Flying Carpet:

Alchemist's Blade:

Nature's Scorn:

Hand of the Stream:

Molten Strike:

Black Vajra:

Herald's Glaive:

Decaying Blade:



Molten Menace:

The Mother Thorn:

Dryad's Blessing:

Fenrir's Claw:

Shard of Solomon:

Halloween Mask:

Double XP:
Amount: 1
Double Huang:
Amount: 1
Item Upgrade Discount:
Amount: 1
Black Friday Discount:
Amount: 1
D-Tier Voucher:
Amount: 1
C-Tier Voucher:
Amount: 5
B-Tier Voucher:
Amount: 1
A-Tier Voucher:
Amount: 4
1/2 Off Word Count:
Amount: 1
Free Wheel Spin:
Amount: 0
April Fool's Voucher:
Amount: 1


Blessing of the Rukh:

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Akane Shinjo:

Hangyaku Gozen:


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Dungeon Beasts

Spriggan King:

Living Statue:

Lightning Fox:

Nature's Herald:

Harpy :

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