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Training in the Woods [Solo/Plot]

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1Training in the Woods [Solo/Plot] Empty Training in the Woods [Solo/Plot] on 08/03/18, 11:29 pm

Jingyi Hou

Jingyi Hou



ingyi lifted her hefty axe, fingers wrapped tightly around the black grips. The end of the weapon drooped downwards, as the woman concentrated, eyeing the trees in front of her. She wanted to cut one down for some firewood, but the utmost care was required to ensure that there were no additional casualties. Stepping back, the woman tilted her head while imagining the trajectory. If she was right, then only one tree should go down...

Lifting Zhuàng Láng, Jingyi began to swing it before activating Growth. The ax sliced through the tree before her, but she failed to shrink the weapon in time. A second tree fell backward after the first, both hitting the ground with echoing "thumps". The sound made Jingyi winced, her eyes glancing downwards at the cause of their fall. It would seem she needed more practice with Zhuàng Láng.

Well, the job was done regardless. She approached the fallen trees, inspecting the job she had done before lifting Zhuàng Láng again. Once more, Growth was activated. The Magic Circle glowed a bright, shining golden color before the blade expanded. However, its immense weight caused Jingyi to stumble before the enlarged weapon hit the earth behind her.

With her hands still wrapped around the handle, Jingyi dangled from her spot. A sigh escaped her, feet kicking as the blade slowly reduced as so she didn't hurt herself. Another attempt was made to cut the trees with the blade, and after an hour, they were effectively reduced to manageable logs.

Jingyi lodged Zhuàng Láng into a trunk before starting to gather the logs together. She kneeled down among the dirt, assembling the wood into piles by her packs. Once she was done, all but four were sorted into three groups.

Before the soldier would do anything with the remaining ones,  she went rock hunting. It would take her a couple of minutes to find the needed amount of suitable rocks. Once she was done, they were arranged into a circle with the saved over logs in their center. Now, it was time for a fire.

After digging through her bags, Jingyi pulled out the tinder and stuffed it into the wood. What came next were sparks from her flint and soon, a fire was flickering. And just in time - a glance at the sky told Jingyi that evening was fast approaching.

That meant it was time to pitch a tent. It took her some time, but in the end, it was properly erected. It was cozy inside, with the sleeping bag arranged and her weapons laid out. But before Jingyi could retire for the night, dinner came first.

Sitting in front of the fire, the woman feasted on two onigiri. They weren't that big, but they filled Jingyi up adequately. The flavor reminded her of home, and a sweet smile spread across her face at their taste. Once she was done, she put out the fire (for only you can prevent them), entered the tent, closed the flap, and tucked herself in. Within tossless moments, she as asleep.


  • Recovered 50 Magoi
  • Recoverd 30 Stamina

Training in the Woods [Solo/Plot] ZEHsZlC
Name: Onigiri x2
Tier: D-tier
Description A moderately sized meal.
Effect: Allows the user to recover 25 magoi while resting.

Training in the Woods [Solo/Plot] KdJBOKF
Name: Simple Tent
Tier: C
Description A moderately sized tent equipped with sleeping bags for up to four people. It also comes with flint and tinder for starting fires, but finding wood is up to you IC.
Effect: Recover 30 Stamina per turn while resting.


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