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Zafar Mushtaq

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Name: Zafar Mushtaq
Tier: D
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Pansexual
Age + Birthdate: 26
Nationality: Balbadd
Race: Human
Specialization: Strength

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Zafar is a self indulgent sociopath with no human connections save for brief ones with people he has decided to kill. Every day of his life is lived with one goal in mind, to entertain himself from the boredom of the world. The only thing that really interests Zafar is facing strong opponents. Zafar strongly desires to feel the pain of being beaten to a pulp by a fighter as strong or even greater than himself to a masochistic degree. However this wont stop him from attempting to reciprocate an equal amount of punishment with an equal degree of sadism. Ultimately he wants both himself and his prey to be pushed to the brink of death as only then will the kill be most pleasurable.

The ecstasy Zafar feels when he is taking the life of a strong fighter goes beyond any other physical pleasure he experiences in his life. He craves it much like a junkie needs their fix and is always looking for new prey to eagerly stalk and destroy. There are times where his gaze will fall on people who are not "strong" but otherwise have much to lose and destroy's their lives in less lethal ways. However these distractions are just games to him while he waits for another dangerous opponent to come along.

Combat - Zafar takes great pleasure in the thrill of battle and will be in a good mood after a particularly brutal fight. An opponent that can challenge Zafar is all the better as truly strong foes drive Zafar into a lustful ecstasy. The more turned on a battle gets Zafar, the more ruthless and violent he becomes until he can no longer control himself and will without a doubt attempt to kill someone.
Chance - Zafar is a gambler and he takes great pleasure in testing the odds. While he has the skill to easily perform slight of hand to rig a game of any sort, Zafar instead prefers to let the chips lie where they may so to speak. The only time he wont cheat or lie to turn things to his advantage are when he is within the walls of a casino or taking part in an upfront and honest bet.

Weaklings or Cowards - Those who cannot fight for themselves or are too afraid to do so are scum Zafar dreads dealing with. People who rely too much on others or lack the resolve to see anything through earn foul looks and scowls from him.
Serving Others - Zafar's totally self-interested personality can not stand working under another person regardless of their standing in the world. His views on the world leave him believing that the only one with sovereignty over him is himself. Not even "God" could claim that from him.

Premature Decapitation - Zafar's greatest fear is that he will lose control of himself when fighting a tough foe and kill them before he can really begin to enjoy the battle. Zafar lusts for a bloody drawn out battle that pushes himself and his prey to their limits and anything that can cut a fight short of that point terrifies him, including himself. Of course that means this fear extends to contextual and situation factors that might interrupt a fight as well. Thus he is often fearful to initiate a final confrontation with anyone deemed of strong fighter until he feels absolutely ready.

Watch the World Burn - Zafar has only one interest, only one king, and only one God, and he sees them all any time he looks in the mirror. The only thing Zafar aspires to do are to fulfill his daily whims, track down powerful opponents, and experience the rushing thrill of combat. Those whims mentioned earlier translate into causing chaos and discord in the rest of the world. Having fallen into depravity for many years, Zafar gains sick pleasure from watching others lives become utterly destroyed. He usually doesn't care for the lives of common people and will instead target those who have a lot to loose such as the powerful and wealthy. However he also couldn't care less about the consequences his actions will have on the plebians, slaves, and peasants of the world and will sleep soundly at night even if his actions have led to the deaths of millions of innocents for the sake of crushing one person.

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Face-Claim: Hisoka - Hunter x Hunter
Weight: 91 kg
Hair Color: Red
Eye Color: Yellow
Height: 187cm
Rukh Alignment: Black
Special Traits:
Battle Lust - Zafar receives erotic gratification when faced with the prospect of fighting and killing powerful opponents. This pleasure does not translate to dangerous beasts and only triggers against humanoid opponents who are equal or stronger than Zafar's own tier. Note that this trait does not increase Zafar's capabilities in any way. It simply makes him more likely to take extreme actions and make more sadistic choices in combat.
Zafar is a young man with a slim but muscular build with fair pale skin. His hair is a naturally deep red causing him to often be mistaken as a member of the Finalis Clan. The hair is kept at medium length and then gelled back into a wild style. Beneath his golden yellow eyes are two tattoos, one of a spring green tear drop and another of a maroon star. The tattoos have no meaning and merely serve to accept Zafar's eccentric clothing style.

The clown-like decor Zafar wears consists of white loose fitting pants that are easy to move around in and a dark sleeveless shirt with diamonds printed on the front and back. Acting as both accessories and weapons, Zafar also wears a set of brass rings around his ankles, wrists, biceps, neck, and abdomen.

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Zafar Mushtaq's origins are unknown to himself and shrouded in mystery however the truth behind the matter is rather tragic. The boy was born to a simple traveling merchant who could barely sell his way out of a wet paper bag and a doctor who traveled with him. His father was the trader and his mother the doctor and together they lived a peaceful and joy filled life roaming the world and meeting all sorts of people. A family of three sons and a daughter were born to them and it seemed like a happily ever after ending was in store. However all it took was one stormy night and a slippery slope to send their wagon over the side of a cliff ending the fairy tale.

Zafar's mother saved his life and the lives of his siblings by protecting them with her body leaving four babies helpless in the wreckage. A passing assassin on his way back from a mission discovered the four children and decided to take them back to his organization to be trained into valuable assets. Zafar and his siblings were then raised to be tools of death and they were never informed of their blood relation. Over the course of 10 years Zafar and his kin were forced to compete against one another in violent and brutal training sessions until at last they were each given their first missions. To kill one of the group. Zafar followed the orders swiftly and with great pleasure as he had developed an incredible joy in the work they had been preparing for.

After murdering the last family members he had, Zafar became a full fledged assassin and was sent on several missions around the world using his young age as an 11 year old to lure his targets into false senses of security, however he eventually grew tired of killing corrupt old men. There was no challenge, no rush, not like the one he felt when fighting for his life against those he'd grown up with. Zafar slowly became harder to control and began picking fights with stronger fighters rather than silently eliminating targets as ordered. It didn't take long for this rogue behavior to land Zafar a spot on the organization's hit list.

Wanted by those who'd trained him, Zafar went on the run for the next 8 years. During this time he traveled the world and slowly picked off his pursuing assassins one by one until there was no one left save for the organization leader who ad adopted him and his siblings all those years ago. Zafar killed the man in an open duel and just barely won, but in doing so earned a freedom he'd never had before.

After wandering aimlessly for half a year Zafar found himself in the Democratic Republic of Balbadd. The differences in Balbadd's way of doing things interested Zafar as residing there would allow him the benefits of citizenship without the oppressive will of some king or otherwise elite fool lording over him. For the past year Zafar has made a living in Balbadd as an entertainer and an underground hitman and enjoy's his time by prowling the docks and bars for strong fighters who find their way into town.

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For those who review this, I am Yakuroro. This shall be my "evil" alt.


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Let's play a game of chance, shall we?
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Archiving this character since I never use him. All funds have been transferred to my main account.


Thank you all, for everything.

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