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Hunting Critters [Job w/ Matti]

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Jingyi Hou

Jingyi Hou



ingyi lingered by the border of the woods, a wooden mask hanging by her fingertips. Her thumb brushed across its surface, feeling the deep grooves and the rough surface of the accessory. She lifted the mask and glanced down, the face staring quietly back at her. Despite being just a flimsy piece of wood, the mask carried a sense of security with it. Ever since the second battle, Jingyi could feel nothing but self-disgust and regret over what had happened to her body. Humans shouldn’t have tails. They shouldn’t have claws. They shouldn’t have wolf-ish ears. Their skin shouldn’t feel like scales.

While these irritations always remained as a pestering insect who lingered at the back of her mind, the mask help quiet them. As long as she wore the mask, she wasn’t the Yaoguai - she was just Jingyi. It allowed her to live as if she was a regular human -who wore an odd mask- instead of whatever creature she had become as a result of the shard.

But, it wasn’t the time to dwindle on such things. The current military base that she called home was far off and the woman felt hungry. Her stomach couldn’t sustain itself on her rambling thoughts; it sustained itself with the meat of forest creatures - such as the ones who live in the forest before her. So, motivated by the churning gut that demanded substance, Jingyi put on the mask.

With a start, the woman jumped head-first into the forest. Like a wolf hunting deer, she wove through the trees with a loping march. Despite her fast-pace, the hunter kept herself quiet. Her feet didn’t crunch upon fallen foliage nor were Jingyi as careless as to startle the wildlife about her. Despite her efforts to keep quiet, not much could be said about her efforts to stay invisible - the woman was wearing a white wolf’s cloak. In the summer forest with green shrubbery and brown trees, the bright contrast would draw an eye towards her.

However, it would prove to not be much of a concern to the red-haired huntress. Even if something spotted her, it was unlikely that her prey would be faster than she. The biggest issue on her mind was finding something to hunt, period. Which lead to her crouching among the underbrush, her fingers brushing against the edge of a footprint.


Hunting Critters [Job w/ Matti] 4oD5QtJ
Name: Skeleton Key
Tier: B
Type: Magic Tool
Magic Type: Illusion (Light + Sound)
Appearance: A small, brass key that is useless as an actual key except for the most basic of locks. A length of 15CM, and a small flourish at the head and a single square tooth of 2CM. The magic circle is located on the tooth.

  • Fit Any Hand - By infusing magoi into the tool, it can create an illusory weapon or mundane object up to 2M long, with the key as its handle. This created weapon can interact with material objects, the weapon deal up to B-tier damage.  10 Magoi to activate | 5 Magoi to sustain.

Hunting Critters [Job w/ Matti] ZAIhj9P
Name: Yu Chang
Tier: A-Tier
Type: One-handed Tsurugi (sword)
Material: Tempered steel (blade); iron (rings, butt cap, and tsuba); red cloth (ito binding on the handle); scarlet tassel; golden menuki (handle ornament).
The brother blade to Yu Chang, the two are light enough to allow its wielder to dual-wield them at once. Chun Yu looks considerably different compared to Yu Chang, with a blade that's 120cm long and a handle that's 10cm long. Chun Yu is a Tsurugi, making it a double-edged sword with indentions along one side of it. It too has a scarlet tassel attached to the butt cap, along with a golden menuki of the Hou Clan's emblem beneath the ito of the handle. Similarly to Yu Chang, it has a green guard that has been stylized to look like bamboo. Chun Yu's sheath appears bamboo like in appearance and covers everything but the handle of the weapon.

Job Details:

Job Name: Bear Hunting
Job Rank: B-Tier
Job Location: Kou
Job Rewards: [ 15k Huang | 200 XP ]
Job Prerequisites: -
Job Overview: A local tailor requests a bear be killed and brought to him. While the mention of payment is absent, one is welcome to assume he means to pay for the service. While wandering in the forest, abnormally large animals appear and attack - reaks of magic.

Feral Cat [ 3x ]:
Enemy Name: Feral Cat
Rank: D-Tier
Needed damage to take down: D-Tier
Description: A large cat about the size of a Maine Coon - although without the thick fur. It may deal base C-Tier damage thanks to its sharp claws. It runs at average, cat speeds.

  • Nip. The user nips at the ankles of their enemy to deal C-Tier damage.

Fox [ 2x ]:
Enemy Name: Fox
Rank: C-Tier
Needed damage to take down: C-Tier
Description: A large fox about the size of a wolf. It may deal base B-Tier damage thanks to its sharp claws. It may also run at speeds which can compete with a D-Tier fanalis.

  • Bite. Using large, canine teeth, the user bites down hard on the enemy to deal B-Tier damage.

  • Claw. The user may inflict B-Tier damage by scratching the enemy with sharp claws.

Bear [ 1x ]:
Enemy Name: Bear
Rank: B-Tier
Needed damage to take down: B-Tier
Description: A large and magnificent bear. It may deal base A-Tier damage thanks to its sharp claws. It may also run at speeds which can compete with a C-Tier fanalis.

  • Roar. With a loud roar, the user may temporarily stun any enemy within a 7m vicinity for three posts. This ability may not work on B-Tier magicians with sound magic.

  • Pounce. The user crouches on all four paws before leaping to pounce on the enemy. By pinning the enemy to the ground, the user may debilitate the target. Anyone of B-Tier strength or more may escape from the user's hold. Otherwise, the hold will last for three posts.

  • Guard. The user rolls up into a ball, protecting the weakest parts of the body. Any damage up to B-Tier may be nullified for three posts or until the user is attacked with an accumulation of B-Tier damage.

  • Shred. The user stands on two paws and scratches downward twice, each slash dealing B-Tier damage.


{ Alt Account: Amatus Laertes & Merari }



m a t t h e w
He stared at his supplies on hand with a troubled grimace. Recently a woman approached him with the request of a bear fur coat. He had planned to work on the coat today, but unfortunately, he lacked a sufficient amount of bear furs. In fact, it seemed he had completely run out of the key material. Having explored the town recently and visited most stores which sold materials, he immediately recalled the next restocking of bear furs would not arrive until a fortnight later. He could not wait in one town for such a lengthy period of time. He rarely spent more than three days in one location for his wanderlust allowed him only a swift period of time to explore a place until it demanded he moves on. He wished to move on from this town by the eve of tomorrow so the job required urgent action on his part. That being said, only a supernatural miracle would allow him to finish the coat in one day. Surely he would find himself sitting restlessly in this town for at least a week. But he certainly preferred to catch his own bear and stay a week rather than wait for the shipment of bear furs and stay three weeks.

He glanced at his supplies sitting in the corner of an inn room before turning toward the door and exiting the temporary bedroom. He walked down the stairs and out the inn to greet the warm sunlight of the afternoon day. He turned toward the west edge of the town. A great forest separated the town from any other civilized gathering of people by many kilometers from the west. Critters swarmed the forest, including a sufficient amount of wild bears according to the townsfolk. Perfect for gathering the needed furs to sew the requested bear coat.

"Are ya' goin' somewhere, mis'ser?"

He glanced to the side of the path. A boy of about twelve stared past him curiously. Matthew turned his head slightly before something soft and furry lightly brushed against his hand. He flinched and his hand jerked away. He glanced down. A pair of remorseful, leaf green eyes stared back at him. He immediately relaxed at the sight of the familiar face. "Sheleg," he murmured. The snow leopard perked up at the mention of his name. He rubbed his head against Matthew's leg, purring contently. Slowly, the half-fanalis lowered his hand and began stroking Sheleg's head.

"Ahem. Mis'ser!" the boy interrupted the sweet moment with his loud call to attention.

The fanalis slowly rose his head from the leopard. He smiled faintly at the boy, though his eyes regarded him with a displeased look. Noticing the fashion which the red-haired man looked at him, he hurried to apologize. Sporting a sheepish smile, he explained, "Ah, well, you just nev'r answered my question an' stuff. And you seemed like in such a rush to, so I thought you'd regret dallyin' around an' stuff." The displeasure which Matthew felt for the boy dissipated to amusement. He snorted before offering a charming smile to ease the boy's nervousness.

"Then, I must thank you for your thoughtfulness. And to answer your question, yes, I am going somewhere."

The boy's eyes lit up at his answer. "Oh, really?" He clasped his hands together in excitement. "Won't you take me along? Pretty please?"

Sheleg nudged his hand, huffing impatiently. He glanced at the leopard for a moment before turning his attention back to the boy. "You don't even know where I'm going yet you wish to come anyway? How very foolish to jump so quickly into unknown waters," he reprimanded the boy with a lofty gaze.

The boy's face fell at Matthew's reply. He bit his lip and glanced away. "B-but, you're going," he pointed to the forest, "over there, right? I-" He lifted his face up and stared pleadingly at Matthew. "I swear I won't get in your way! In fact, I'll be useful!"

"Are you kidding me?" He turned his head away to fight the growing smile infesting his face. "Why would I bring along a child whose name I don't even know?" With a tight control upon his expression, he returned his gaze to the boy with a mocking smile and a challenging stare.

"I-it's Junrou!"

He paused and turned his head slightly. "Junrou? Go home. Surely you have things to do besides bother me." He moved past the boy with Sheleg trotting behind, pointedly ignoring the child's disappointed and dejected expression. Though perhaps heartbreaking in the eyes of onlookers, his empathetic lack twisted the sight of the saddened child to a display of a pitiful strength of mind. What a scornful sight in his eyes. It only furthered and supported his reasons to hardly take the child seriously when they do earnestly requested he bring them with him. He had no intentions of allowing a useless and fumbling young boy to accompany him into the forest. His awkward manner would surely only result in many animals fleeing at the sound of his loud footsteps thumping upon the ground in an obvious telltale manner.

He set a fast pace into the woods in search of a bear. He chose to move toward more flat and soft areas to muffle his footsteps. He also attempted to avoid any trees. The leaves beneath them crunched loudly - too loudly. It would surely alert a bear of his presence if it snapped in their vicinity. And there would go his desired stealth advantage.

It would not be long before he came across something. Namely a… white wolf? He frowned. How peculiar. Tis was not the season where wolves adorned their wintery white coat. He motioned to Sheleg to pause in his tracks. He slowly approached the strange wolf. He made a soft whining noise - that of another wolf alerting their presence.

40 magoi / 40 magoi
160 stamina / 160 stamina
000 words / 1500 words


Name: Sheleg
Tier: D-Tier
Type: Normal
Species: Panthera Uncia
Appearance: A large, black and white creature of the feline family. 60 centimeters up to his shoulders. Not including his tail, Sheleg is 115 centimeters in length. His tail makes up 100 centimeters itself.
Beast Traits:

Trait Name: Sharpened Claws
Trait Tier: D-Tier
Trait Requirement: Requires claws.
Trait Description: With sharp claws, Sheleg can rip apart his preys' hard skins.
Trait Effect: Allows beast to deal C-Tier damage instead of D-Tier.

Trait Name: Warm Fur
Trait Tier: D-Tier
Trait Requirement: Requires Panthera Uncia.
Trait Description: Panthera Uncias' natural habitats of the cold have, over many generations, fit them with winter-appropriate features such as dense, extra-thick fur.
Trait Effect: Dense fur negates up to C-Tier cold-related abilities.

Trait Name: Warm Breath
Trait Tier: D-Tier
Trait Requirement: Requires Panthera Uncia.
Trait Description: The warm fur of a Panthera Uncia is often is not always enough to warm a Panthera Uncia. Coming from a special line of Panthera Uncia who have developed the ability to warm their breath greatly, Sheleg has inherited these genes.
Trait Effect: The beast may register heat-based breath abilities.


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