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Teaching the next generation

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1Teaching the next generation Empty Teaching the next generation on 28/11/17, 06:02 am

Silva Kaida

Silva Kaida
Job Name: Teach Me How to Fight
Job Rank: D
Job Location: Balbadd
Job Rewards: 50 XP | 3,000 Huang
Job Prerequisites: N/A
Job Overview: Some of the local kids have been severely picking on a boy. They are starting to get rough, and he's worried that he's going to get hurt. Seeing this, you decide to teach the child a few moves so that he can either A: defend himself, or B: get back at his bullies. What kind of values are you going to teach him? In gratitude, the boy pays you for your help.

Silva was Walking around Balbadd through the neighborhood areas of the port city. He had left his staff at the room he was staying in at a nearby hotel seeing that he didn't see any reason in carrying it around today. The old man was just wanting to have a peaceful day. He didn't have many of those since he was rather bathing in his targets blood or running bounty hunters. He had been practically chased to this country from bounty hunters. He was just glad he hadn't had a run in with the silver haired bounty hunter that was especially ruthless to criminals.

As he was walking down the street he heard some kids laughing and cheering while he hear another, more high pitch voice crying and calling for help. He fallows the sound turning around a corner to spot 3 large kids picking on a smaller boy. They were pretty rough with him, constantly shoving him while throwing in a few punches and kicks into the mix. The old man watches from a distance wondering if he should interrupt their little pound session or if he should just walk away. As he was about to walk the other way he decided that this would be a great chance to help mold the next generation.

He walks up to the group sending out his massive amount of bloodlust straight to the trio of bullies. The trio looks up at the old man grinning at them and turn tail running and screaming. The little boy looks up at the man and scrambles back until he hits the wall stuttering. Silva chuckles at the sight of the frightened thing. "Zehahaha. It is okay little one, I am not going to hurt you. Now why don't you tell Uncle Silvy why those boys are bullying you." he says softly and the boy starts describing what was going on. Those three had parents higher up in position then the little boy so they would come to the poorer part of the area and pick on kids their, him especially. He looks up at the old man smiling. "C..can you teach me how to defend myself from them?" He asks softly. Silva puts his hand on his head shaking his head. "No I wont teach you how to defend yourself. If you stand up to them they will just peep you to a pulp. What you need to do is kill them." He says a grin appearing on his face. The boys eyes widen, "K..kill them? Are you s..sure?" he asks and Silva nods grinning. He pulls out a small dagger perfect for a kid his size. "Now do you know where these bullies live?" the boy nods looking at the dagger, "Good. Now what you are going to do is sneak into their houses while they are sleeping. The windows are usually opened at night I noticed so getting in their room will be easy. Now what you will need to do is press the blade against their throats, not too much, and slide it across quickly. That will end your problem." He says leaving the kid alone. that following day the kid comes up to him grinning with blood visible on his clothes. Silva congrats the boy as he enters the life of a murderer and walks off taking his reward.

WC 584/500

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