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Teaching a boy how to defend himself [Job/Solo]

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Noir Ecryola

Noir Ecryola

Job Name: Teach Me How to Fight
Job Rank: D
Job Location: Balbadd
Job Rewards: 50 XP | 3,000 Huang
Job Prerequisites: N/A
Job Overview: Some of the local kids have been severely picking on a boy. They are starting to get rough, and he's worried that he's going to get hurt. Seeing this, you decide to teach the child a few moves so that he can either A: defend himself, or B: get back at his bullies. What kind of values are you going to teach him? In gratitude, the boy pays you for your help.

It was another fine day in Balbadd as Noir walked around the street with her liger, looking around to find some interesting place to visit especially a bookstore if there was any. So far their day had been interesting, they got to have lunch in this nice restaurant that sold Balbadd’s delicacy, they also got to see a local circus performing some acrobatic shows and other unique shows like a knife thrower and flame eater. It was a little bit nostalgic for the black haired girl because she used to be a dancer in a circus until the owner decided to sell her again to another place, however, it was a fun one because she got to dance to her heart’s content. The upbeat instrument from the show almost made her move her body to dance and it was definitely fun when one of the circus dancers invited her to dance along with them. How long has it been since she last danced? Oh, it was not that long maybe, she danced a little bit in the Pirate Queen’s ship around a year ago when they were going to this mysterious island.

The cloud floated slowly up there in the sky just like a fluffy cotton candy which was being blown by the lazy wind, it was indeed a very peaceful day. However, Haku’s growl made Noir stopped her step and she looked at her liger, asking what was wrong. Then she knew where her beast was looking at, a bunch of kids were picking up on a helpless boy at the alley. It was sad seeing no one tried to help the poor kid but maybe it was because they want the kid to fight back, yet the kid had no idea how to fight back. Haku growled again and made Noir nodded at her liger, knowing that the black stripped beast wanted to stop the bullying. All the bullies was surprised to see Haku growled at them and quickly ran away to save their life, scared to be eaten. Then the boy who was being picked up on looked too scared to even move, so Noir approached the boy before telling Haku to sit down.

“Good little Haku. And you, are you alright?” She didn’t give her hand to her boy, she knew it won’t be a nice thing to do to a little kid who was trying to be strong, at least that was what she saw from those little eyes. He slowly stood up and nodded at the black haired girl before looking down and looked ready to cry. She sighed and then kneeled down before opening her arms, “Don’t hold it, real men are allowed to cry. But I can help you to cover it and keep it as a secret.” The moment Noir said it, the boy ran towards her and hugged her tightly before crying. It didn’t take a long time before the boy stopped crying and then looked at Haku, admiring the beast. “I… I want to be as strong as you!” That made Noir chuckled, the boy made her remembered about Philippe, a small boy who lived at the Plains. “Haku is very strong, indeed. He is my defender.” The boy’s eyes sparkled and he began to ask a lot of things and the black haired girl kindly questioned it one by one, “He is able to shot fireball, but his strong point is his defending skill. Perhaps you can try to defend yourself despite of getting back at those kids?”

“H-how did you know?! But… I need to fight them back if I want them to stop picking up on me.” The boy said while he hugged Haku, but Noir quickly replied, “I think you are a lot stronger if you are able to defend yourself instead of getting back at your bullies? Doesn’t that make you the same as them? By knowing how to defend yourself, I believe you will be able to defend anyone else too.” The little boy looked down for a few second, seemed to be thinking of something but then he agreed to learn how to defend himself and asking Haku to teach him some moves. However, it was Noir who ended up teaching the boy some defensive move like how she was taught when she was a slave, it was only a simple and weak blocking move but it supposed to be enough for the boy to defend himself for now.

The next day passed by quickly and the boy that she met yesterday suddenly ran towards her and hugged her, thanking her for her help before putting a small coin pouch on her hand and ran away quickly before Noir was able to say anything else. However, she would accept it and kept the reward to buy Haku his favorite food because he was able to be a kid’s inspiration.

WC : 817/500


Teaching a boy how to defend himself [Job/Solo] GONhvwv

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