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Name: MeiLi Zhaou
Country Affiliation: Kou
Race: Magician
Tier: D
Class: Magician
Age + Birthdate: 16 + April 4th
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Straight

Personality:MeiLi is a rather unique girl, being the daughter of a nobleman with close ties to the ruling family, MeiLi has been very sheltered for the majority of her life. She is socially awkward, naive but very sweet and kind. However, being born of such high social standing has given her a bit of superiority complex. While she never means to act superior, it just tends to happen without her being aware of it. MeiLi loves being praised and admired and is never really modest about it.

MeiLi is very prideful and confident in herself. There are not many instances where she experiences self-doubt. As for her pride, she would never do anything that would hurt it. Nor would she ever allow anyone else do anything damage it either.

MeiLi is a bit of an airhead and a dreamer. She loves reading and walking through the vast flower garden on her mansion's grounds. She's the type who always fantasizes about romance but is too shy to confess her feelings to someone for whom she's fallen for.

When it comes to the art of combat, MeiLi is a fearsome and honorable warrior who would gladly take up a sword in order to protect and serve her beloved Kou Empire. She loves the thrills and adrenaline that comes from fighting worthy opponents.

-Kou Empire
Being born a citizen of Kou and having lived there her whole life, MeiLi came to love her country as she watched it grow and change.
MeiLi has always fantasized about having someone Romance her and being in a loving relationship with a handsome man.

-Being dirty
MeiLi is a clean freak of sorts, she can’t stand being dirty in the slightest and refuses to do anything unless she is bathed and completely clean.
-People with no manners
Being raised a lady, she cannot stand those who lack manners and etiquette.

-To find out what she wants to do
MeiLi feels lost in life. She's never had anything she's really wanted to do that was of her own volition. She has only ever done things that her family expected of her and has only ever done things to meet the expectations of those around her. There are many things that she likes but has never spoken to her so deeply enough to move her into action to pursue as an aspiration. Therefore, MeiLi wishes to find that by traveling, experiencing new things and meeting new people to figure out what she wants to do with her life without being fueled by the wishes and expectations of others.


Face-Claim: Miyamoto Musashi - Fate/Grand Order
Hair Color: Platinum Pink
Eye Color: Blue
Height: 5'3"
Weight: 98 lbs
MeiLi is a young women, with a slender and womanly figure with a well endowed bust. Soft blue eyes,
platinum pink hair, fair skin, and dainty hands. As for her attire. MeiLi typically wears a variant of blue and dark purple short and comfortable kimonos that are easy to move around in for the purpose of always being prepared for a battle. The obi belts of her kimonos are always a shade of red. The majority of them are lined with red and or black lace. A few of her kimonos have long, off the shoulder sleeves while others are sleeveless with black, detached sleeves. Each obi belt is covered over with lightweight but durable armor that protects MeiLi from abdominal blows in battle such as sword strikes, punches and the like. Another function of her abdominal armor is the middle piece that's in the shape of a cherry blossom, its actually a place for hiding poison to lace her swords with. Around her neck is a black choker with strings connecting to the top of her kimono which essentially holds it together. Her platinum pink hair is almost always pulled back and held together in a ponytail by a very unique hair piece. She wears thick thigh highs under her tabi socks and leg armor.

Rukh Alignment: White
Special Features:
Being born the second youngest daughter to the head of the Zhaou clan. Her clan was one of the most promising magician clans in the country. MeiLi wanted nothing more than to make her parents proud and show her three elder brothers and elder sisters that she was just as strong and capable as them and that, just because they were years apart in age, did not mean, she couldn't get to their level of strength and intelligence.

However, due to this, she never had left the comfort of her family's estate and gained any of the life experience her elder siblings gained. Most of her days in her younger years was spent training and studying. Her father brought in countless scholars and warriors to educate and train her in the art of combat.

Over the years, MeiLi grew more intelligent and stronger. Her elder brothers all left home around the time MeiLi turned thirteen and when her "mother" gave birth to the very first younger sibling MeiLi had ever had. Her younger brother was named Haku and MeiLi couldn't be happier.

However, there was one thing, she still could not catch up to her older siblings in, and that was magic. When MeiLi was 15, she begged her father to pass along her family's magic. The Zhaou clan was known for their incredible control and manipulation of heat magic and MeiLi wanted to learn how to master it. So, for the next year. Her father taught her everything he knew about their family's magic.

They trained day in and day out. MeiLi learned the basics within 3 weeks. Then the low level spells that were known to used by her clan. Which only took her 2 weeks to master. After that, it was time to put her newly acquired knowledge to the test. Her eldest brother, Ryuji had come back home for a short visit and their father had him be her sparring partner since he was in fact their clan's strongest magician of the generation. Naturally, MeiLi couldn't even put a single scratch on Ryuji and got her ass handed to her.

Eventually, after sparring against him more than 10 times in the span of three months, she finally managed to get the upper hand through her memories of past matches with him. She still lost but even so, it felt amazing to be able to prove herself to him.

Role-Play Sample:
RP Sample:
Cassandra had returned to Balbadd after a long three year journey. Now sixteen, young Cassandra walked the bustling streets of his home country. In his time away, she had heard rumors that the nation had since become a democracy and seeing that to actually be true with his own eyes, was something Cassandra would have never imagined. It almost brought a tear to the teenagers eye.

He continued on his way down the street until reaching a local tavern. His bright red hair and lavender eyes standing out. As he walked inside, fat old guys would cat call at him. This slightly irritated the hot-headed teen. However, he bared through it until someone decided to inspect his behind, and by inspect, I mean feel him up. Next thing that happened was the old pervert who had coped a feel, was sent flying into a wall so fast, no on even saw him fly, just the landing.

After that was done, Cassandra wiped away the dust from his hands. Two big strong looking men decided to approach him with greedy grins on their faces. "Now, now little lady, you shouldn't be so rough with us men, we can't bring ourselves to harm a pretty thing like you." is what the one man said but his look of greed and malice said otherwise. "Oh?" Casandra said in a mocking tone, before casually smashing the bottom of his foot into the ground, cause a dent and the floor brick to crack. "First off, I'm not a 'lady', second, that old pervert stuck to the wall, coped a feel from my ass! and third, if you two don't wipe those stupid grins off your faces, then I'll do it for ya!" Cassandra was now beyond pissed. He wanted to smash those two muscle heads' faces in. "Now now, don't get your panties in a twist, we just wanna have you meet our boss, you see, he loves Fanalis like yourself." That's when it hit him, these two were the lackeys of a slave trader. Well, no way in hell was he going to let himself get caught and put into slavery.

Cassandra ran over to the other side of the tavern, then, almost instantly, jumped back to where he'd been standing originally and kicked both muscle heads in the face sending them both flying into the wall next to the pervert. "Next time you idiots try to catch someone to be a slave, don't underestimate your prey!" he said as he booked it out of there and ran to the docks


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  • Primary - Magician
  • Secondary - Locked
  • Tertiary - Locked


Trait Name:Enhanced Magoi
Trait Tier: D
Trait Requirement: -
Trait Description: Blessed by the rukh, the player has an unnaturally large pool of magoi to draw from.
Trait Effect: +20 Max Magoi




MeiLi Zhaou's Vault VrzhBv3

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