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Welcoming Party [Plot/Job]

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Niklaus Magios

Niklaus Magios
it's quiet uptown

Job Detail:
Job Name: Welcoming Party
Job Rank: D-Tier
Job Location: Balbadd
Job Rewards: 50 Xp/ 3,000 Huang
Job Overview: Upon arriving in Balbadd, you know what kind of thing that you would need to do first. You aim to find your distant relatives based on the latest information that you have about him, however, no more information to make the search easier. Look around the city and ask some people for information, they will lead you to one of the biggest entertainment district in Balbadd where only adult would be allowed to enter. Observe the place and find your distant relatives.

Balbadd, ain’t much of an exciting scenery in his eyes. The amber iris rolling to the back of his head, as water rushed against the sides of the ship that pushed and sailed through the frost water. Standing on starboard, the tirm of white fur whisking through the air in a ripple as they came closer to docking. The captain, shouting orders to his employees making them scurry across the wood beneath their feet, some even slipping. Their bodies hitting the wood sounded like pebbles against a door back in Reim. Unfazed at looking at them, slowly raising his head to meet the same level as the Captain, he calmly nodded, and reach for his hip.

Maverick, dangled at his hip. At first sight it looked like a piece of junk, but if you would examine the blonde hair boy more underneath his green trench coat, he hide away quivers. He held a slight face of annoyance since they hadn’t docked yet even though they were so close to shore, coming quite ready to get off and search. Closing one eye, and trying his best to keep the other open, sun held high and making it harder for him to noticed that Balbadd large open city had been booming. Men, women, and child hung about the docks, and it was a sight seeing in how many people actually crowded around the place.

Wood grinding against stone, and waves crashing against the wood. They had docked by a wooden port.  Compared to all the others it had looked quite shabby, and no one really seemed to come by it to check it out. A drive in his eyes, the young blonde child stepped off the ship putting his shoe down making contact on the wood; Such unstable wood it was at that. Flailing his arms around doing what one would call ‘stumbling’, but the dock was so unstable it was hard for him, or was it just because he wasn’t used to such unsturdy surfaces? “ Boi… Get to movin’, We got cargo to unload. “ A large shirtless man, with only trousers on. Over his shoulder was a large barrel with brand on the lid.

Niklaus, ambered eyes scanned over the man at first, the hulking exterior of the man had made him drop a sweat from his forehead. Nodding, and stumbling off to the docks with a more stable footing, and nothing too loosey goosey. Reaching deep into his trench coat pocket, pulling out a image of his two family members, he’d scanned the area around himself in search of familiar faces. He hadn’t known them on a personal level even to barely meeting them when he was much younger, because of his father strict guidance, but for him he started stepping in one direction after another beginning his search.

Coming along to a stall. First thing the merchant took noticed of was the boys side pouch. It hung beside maverick on his waist, Niklaus had halted before some apples inside a crate.

Merchant, do you have any noticeable information on these people, or at least seen them?

Huehuhe. Quite the pouch of coins you have on your side. Maybe if you had over some of those we can exchange information with coin, like this was a real purchase.

10 Coin.

35 Coin.

17 Coin. Nothing less or more.

Tsk.. 21 Coin. Take it over leave it.

Sure. I’ll give you half, and if the information isn’t enough. You won’t expect the rest.

Niklaus, said. The merchant, grabbed the image of his relatives from him, and rubbed and scratched his head. Standing behind the stall running his hand across the table top. Shortly after examining the image, the merchant nodded his head resting his hand on his chin.

Head to the entertainment district. Don’t ask me too much, don’t even mind paying me in full. Just know they're likely to be spotted over there… ha.

Grown uncomfortable. All that was left was to place the coins on the wood of the stall, then take back his picture. Using the information given to him, walked off from the stall. It wasn’t too bad to speak to someone, but it was worth it to gather a little bit of knowledge. Balbadd is big, and he can’t do much on his own, or even provide for himself without knowing more, and once he gets more hopefully he can grow. Niklaus, found that he needed to ask a couple of more people how to find the entertainment district as it wasn’t one of public’s eye doing so, made some people wonder why such a young boy was looking for it. None question.

Finding his way to the entrance of the entertainment district, he couldn’t simply enter. Niklaus, age prevented him from entering, but that didn’t stop him from setting up a site off in the corner. The entrance to the district was separated by a wall guard by a well armored, and hulking sized man. ‘ [color:db50=ff9900] Let them come, I’ll make them pay for food for not coming to get me from the docks. Hope this doesn’t take longer to spot them. ‘ He pressed in his thoughts. Pulling a chair from a porch nearby. Placing it in front of himself, then seating with his arms folded to allow himself to rest his head awaiting for his relatives. Many passed, many even came up to him, some seductive, some begging, or others just wondering why he watched so intensely. None received a answer, or even more then a look from his fiery eyes. It hadn’t been a full day, he has barely had time to settle. Barely mentioning he brought few items from home with him in a small bag with a drawstring, but he hadn’t needed to seeing in how he found where he needs to just be patient and wait. Patience is his key, and waiting is his lock. Niklaus awaiting and slowly turning that key in the lock until he spots the two in the picture.

Word Count: 1031/500

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