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Entertaining Party

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Niklaus Magios

Niklaus Magios
it's quiet uptown

Job Details:

Assignment Name: Entertaining Party
Assignment Rank: D-tier
Assignment Location:Balbadd
Assignment Rewards: 50 Xp/3,000
Profession Prerequisites: Welcoming Party
Assignment Overview: Upon tracking down and locating your relatives general location, you hear rumors about a agency for escorts. Adding to the objective of locating your relatives, ask around about the escorting agency. Asking around will lead you into your distant relatives, once they run across your path question them and return back to their home. Observe their home, and find out more about the profession of choice they have.

‘Patience is key’, and waiting to be unlock.

Niklaus thought to himself. Feeling the hours go by as he watched many go in and out the door. Many took notice of the young boy just watching, his eyes staying locked in the spot. It’s been a long day in Balbadd, and he grew tired with not being able to do anything entertaining. Should he go find a Inn to sleep in, and keep tabs on this place, or look into it more? Niklaus, was stomped. Rubbing his hair with both hands, and throwing himself backwards to rock out the chair, and stand up.

Picking up the chair, he’d return it to its proper place. Moving over to the guard watching over the door, and tapping his shoulder the young boy made eye gestures. Nothing too special. Doing his best to not speak, but give enough with just his glare allowing the guard to at least understand.

Child, speak what business you have. Or else get lost.

The voice was very intimidating. Making him shrug back a little bit, but he continued to put on his cheeky smile, and reach into his trench coat pocket. This making the guard tense noticing him reaching for something. “ Don’t try nothin’ ! ” As he reached for his own weapon, but before he could finish to point it toward him, Niklaus had put the picture of his two relatives in his face. Instantly the man sort of backed down, the tense presence he had before lighten. From just a image of them he had instantly knew of something, this now making Niklaus’s eyebrow rise.

Tell me. I need to find them.

You don’t need to find such… words that shouldn’t be heard for such young people. But you shouldn’t associate yourself with them.

I refer to ‘them’ as Uncle Leonello, and my blood related Aunty Cassandria. Now if you have knowledge of them, or where I could find them tell me. I don’t like wasting too much breathe on trivial matters.

Leo, and Andria, aren’t spoken of lightly. Rumors say they are amongst ‘Babylon’. No one knows what ‘Babylon’ is.. Maybe go inside and ask around, don’t tell them I allowed you to enter though. Kekekek, also a small pay for the information.

Your burning the night away. Take this, and I’ll consider myself on the way.

Niklaus, reached to his side once more. Pushing the gold coins passed his fingers into his palm to grab about 10 out, and hand it to the guard. Having the door swung open for him. He made his grand entrance into the bright lights, half dressed women, males dressed ‘differently’ something uncommon. Niklaus, had to find out more about this ‘Babylon’, and see if it’ll lead him to his relatives. What could this name be the meaning of? Did it have some sufficient to what they could be doing in Balbadd? Many questions, he could look around for. ‘ That guard didn’t exactly tell me where to look. Wasting time, best to find a Inn.  Niklaus thought. He is in a entertainment setting there should be  ‘ Inn’s ‘ around, making it all and worst time for him.

Walking through crowds, Niklaus found a few inn’s alongside the small strip. The closest one was on his right. Shrugging his shoulders, he dipped into the Inn called, and how he pronounced it in his head. ‘ From the back ‘. Such a odd name, but he hadn’t care. Coming to an end, and placing his shoulders up against the wood to look over at the bartender.

What brings you here. Care for a drink, a shot, maybe a cigar? We have all from all around the world.

I’m not here for your pitch. Need information. Hear of something called Babylon?

Niklaus, wasn’t exactly quiet when he said that. People around him turned in shock, or either got up, and walked off in another direction even through being drunk. The bartender, even looked at the hooded Niklaus, as he needed to keep some of himself covered. One eyebrow up, and a lean in closer to him.

Askin’ big questions, are we now? What does one need to know about Babylon? Do you even know what that is?

Looking for some people. Someone said to ask about the name.

You have come to the right place for the right price. So shall you offer up 20 coin? Maybe 30. Kekekeke

Niklaus reached into his pouch and grabbed out 40 coins. With an annoyed expression, he put down 10 coins as a start.

I’ll start with just 10, and you give me small bits until 25 coin. Nothing Less.

Where should I start. Babylon, is an agency… of exotic trades, ya feel me. Kekekeke. It’s members are sa..

Before he could finish his sentence. Two figures had found themselves behind Niklaus’s back. Just their presence made the bartender quite, and stunned.

Fair share of information you’ve gotten there, huh? Hahaha. Isn’t that right, Dria.

Definity, Leo. Come, Niklaus we’ve heard some of the conversation at the end. Follow behind your uncle now. As for you, don’t go around speaking of our business, or else you won’t have a establish.

Cassandria threaten and her voice was quite wicked. Leonello, placed his arm around Niklaus’s neck giving him a large hug, and pulling in tightly. The two was soon joined by, Cassandria. Leo, lead the way to a small house connected to two homes, which was outside the entertainment district, but also in it. Explaining how they made it there wouldn’t make sense for Niklaus, so he’d just keep a mental note. Now he was at their home, and looking around as they turned on lights to reveal a simple decor of an average home. Nothing out of place.

Finally ya’ll found me! I got here and have ran into dead end after dead end. Why is people so hesitated at the mention of your names?

Niklaus, How was the trip here? How’s your father, and siblings?

Why ask such trivial questions? My siblings, and me have been split up to go learn the world.

Oh dear. Finni, really did do what he said he would. I guess you’re looking for a purpose? Or something along those lines?

Honey, maybe he just wants to become a Gladiator?

Niklaus, looked at his uncle, and aunty. His eyebrow raised to jump on to questions. Potentially be able to gather more information about their type of work.

Being a Gladiator isn’t my goal. Maybe I’ll become one for the benefits and upholding the Magios’s name. However, I’m interested in hearing about your line of work… that Bartender said something about ‘Exotic’, I wanna know.

Both his Aunty Cassandra, and Uncle Leonello had gotten stunned by the young boy words. It seemed they may have to explain a little about the work they do, or find a lie to scatter across his plate. For now they had looked at one another, and then back at Niklaus trying to grasp what to explain to him.

‘Patience is key’, Niklaus. Give us a minute to gather ourselves to explain it.

Word Count: 1264/500

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