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The Sequence III [Plot/Job]

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Job Detail:

Three Night’s Later

“ Um, Mister the towns the other way. Where are you going? “ A small freckled face child said in a hushed tone. Walking through the night with Aseroth. Her presence wasn’t a nuisance nor was she bugging him entirely. “ You’ll see. “ He replied, placing his hand back to make her halt. Crouching behind shrubs, keeping his hand held back to make her stay, he whispered. “ Their reopening the mines. You care to explore why they have reopened them? Sounds interesting doesn’t it. “ Moving his hand back to his side, rustling it through the shrub he hid behind to further his view. The small freckled child came to his side to also look. “ Look, over there. Those are the empire forces. Supposed force they should out here protecting the towns that your from alongside villages. Not many guards are placed this far in the mountains unless they need resource, so that why these tunnels have been reopened for mining. “ Aseroth rambled to himself, the child pinched his elbow to make him stopped. She knew when he talked too much, and he knew when she talked too much. They a duo, and knew very little about one another. Removing his hand from the shrub, turning back grabbing the child. Picking her up quite easily, and placing her on his neck he walked off into the darkness. “ Where we going now? “ She asked. Aseroth, just shrugged making her grow in height. Purposely shrugging even though she mention the way back to the village was behind them. She chuckling away and being put so high in the air, finally being able to reach branches that was once out of her reach. This also put a smile on Aseroth’s face because his little brother use to be like this when he would play with him. It brought ease to his mind as he been out here for a while now. Even the snake hasn’t got his scent in a while now, maybe it has given up, but speaking too early would cause it to appear.

The distance from the mines to the town in which the child was from wasn’t far, so maybe he could find more information about why they have been reopen. To spread light on the freckled child, she was the innkeepers daughter, he and his wife are allowing Aseroth to stay their momentarily until he leaves off again. Their daughter had taken a liking to the white haired fanalis, and has followed him around since he appeared after ridding them of bandits. Bandits have surely taken advantage of how bad the economy has gotten in the many months leading into the civil war between ‘false and true’ emperors. Aseroth, wants to become a general, but then again how would that benefit him. Having a higher standing in the army? A group of troops? He doesn’t want all that, just the thrill of adventure. Continuing on to return to the inn, the little girl ran her hands through Aseroth’s hair, she seemed to find it fun to do. “ Mister, how do you keep your hair so white and clean even though you are traveling through these mountains? How. How. How? “ She repeated herself really expecting an answer. “ Oh. “ He, said. “ A little soap, water from the Shu-Fang River. Maybe something special I can’t tell you. A secert. “ He said chuckling, doing the zipping noise with his mouth while moving his hand to closing it in sync. “ Ah… dang! “ She said, folding her arms pouting, her bottom lip puffing up.

We were approaching her family inn. ‘ Oak Stool ‘ was the name of the inn, Aseroth found it quite strange for a name since they were in kou doing business, but he wasn’t going to speak on it. “ I’ve returned with this little straggler whom seemed to tag along at this late hour. Sorry for her accompanying me. “ Aseorth, bowed to the inn keeps. “ Oh no.. Oh no.. Mister Aseroth, rise your head. It’s our pleasure to have you watch over our daughter. You’ve done so much for us, what more could we do by giving you the free room for these couple of nights. “ The inn keep said, rubbing the back of his head. “ Awwh, that's so kind of you. I won’t be too much of a hassle, plus I’ve planned to accomplishment my goal here and leave soon. Tomorrow I’m going to search the old mines, and find out something then after that, I’ll take my leave. So Thank You. “ Aseroth, said. Taking the freckled child from his neck and bowing again out of respect, before leaving off to his room. Upon entering his room leaving the lights off, and gently closing the door behind himself. ‘ Tomorrow I’ll go present myself to the soldiers… or maybe just sneak pasted them and enter the old tunnels. Look around obtain some ore to later reforge my blades, maybe into a polearm that splits into swords. Sounds quite handy, maybe not. I need to rest and eat.. Wish I caught that turkey the other days back. ‘ Aseroth thought to himself removing pieces of his arm. Untying strings that connected plates to main chestpiece leaving for him to just toss it too the side. The fur around his collar, easily fell back along with the jacket platelets, Aseroth came over to his made bed to sit down. “ Ahh, such a peaceful night. Wish it was like this back in the city… Kou hasn’t have such a blissful times or not that I’ve known. Haha “ He’d chuckle to himself remembering a little bit of his childhood reaching for his back, and feeling a long scar that ended at his left shoulder. Laying his head to the pillow, Aseroth blinked twice and sighed to himself, but closed his eyes to drift off to sleep.

Word Count: 996/1,500





Shoulder leaned against the wood of the window pane. The birds chirping off in the distance allowed him to look endlessly off in the distance from the open window. “ This is the moment. Hahah “ He said. Reaching down to grab for  cup of tea. It was freshly brewed with a small mint leaf hovering above the water, Aseroth lightly blew the top of the cup before hovering his hand above. Taking light sips, he’d keep his eyes open as the light that came in through the window sort of blinded him. “ Such delightful weather, maybe these past six days weren’t that bad. Such a nice family here, I’ll need to repay them once I’ve returned to Kou and attempted to take charge. “ Placing the almost empty cup back on the ledge of the window. Heading over to the pile of his armor, Aseroth crouched down getting his belongings together. Tying the plates together along his arms, and pressing his chest plate on and tying that up as well. “ Seems like I’m ready to finish this today. “ Placing ‘Daiguren’ on his waistband and stepping out the door leaving the room. The inn wasn’t lively as most part of this small village, but he didn’t mind. He was getting ready to depart so he waved to the freckled little girl and her parents. “ I’ll be back here later, please be safe. “ Wasn’t really trying to nicely say it. Aseroth was sort of not trying to come back here to to have to fight people, bandits, merc’s, or anything else harming this village for the time being. Leaving out the front door, Aseroth saw himself off towards the mining tunnels. Returning to the scrubs in which he hid from the Kouian soldiers. “ Hey! “ He said, coming out from behind the scrubs.

“ State your business here! “ One guard holding a spear said, rotating it in his head readying it. “ Calm down friend, I’m also a fellow soldier. Currently out here doing work from town to town doing guard post, but right now I’m taking vacation to strengthen myself. “ Explaining a little of what he’s doing in the Jade Dragon Mountains. “ Tell us your last name, and we’ll be the judge of it. “ Such a rude manner of speaking, but Aseroth wasn’t offended. “ The name Aseroth De Lucas II
He said, moving the spear away from his face. “ Hmph… Isn’t that the old traumatized retired noble soldiers last name. “ With a simple nod from Aseroth, they stood at attention. “ My apologies. What brings you here? Sir! “ Such a firm way of saying sir. Aseroth almost chuckled before speaking. “ I came to investigate why the mines are be reopened. Can you explain? “ He asked. “ Sure. We’ve used up are ore and minerals supplies fighting against Gao’s force, now we are desperately trying to gather as much as we can. But as of lately, some mysterious monsters have appeared causing trouble. Our miners are growing afraid to enter the tunnels and continue. “ Putting his hand up, Aseroth closed his eyes and simply nodding. Turning to go enter the tunnel, with the two guardsmen looking at him worried. “ What are you doing? You don’t know what you’re facing! “ THey both yelled. “ It’ll be fine, I’ll be back in a moment. “ Aseroth said, rotated his shoulders making sure they were good this time around. He had properly gotten his once bitten shoulder bandaged up.

A couple of tunnels deep

Aseroth found himself in a tight spot. Three boulders rolled in front of him, they seemed to be alive. Leaving him no choice, but to Kick one of the boulders out the way. The other two getting enraged at having one of their own easily kicked off and defeated. Slamming their arms at Aseroth’s sides crashing their rocky exterior of hands into his arms. Putting his hands out however to catch the force of the blow in them. Squeezing down to crush the hands leaving sticky rubble on the ground, Aseroth rotated to kick them away to shatter against the mine wall. “ Uhh, where the fuck did these things come from. These mountains are strange. “ Aseroth said to himself, going further into the mysterious tunneled he turn down. All this unmined ore here, and such weird creatures guarding it, but it seemed something hopped out the cut, a hulking piece of rock moving towards him slowly. “ Please be the last one… please… “ Aseroth said, drawing his sword. The creature wasn’t just hulking in build, but in strength as well hurling a large rock towards Aseroth, making him jump forward. Punching his way through the large rock, falling directly towards the creature, Aseroth bringing his sword down slicing through the beast rocky exterior and interior leaving it to fall upon itself. “ ….What is this stuff…. My blade! FUCKKKK THIS PLACE!! “ He shouted, now just carrying ‘daiguren’ since he can’t clean her blade. And yes, Aseroth blade is a her. He walked back the way he came in.

“ How was the tunnels? “ the guards on the outside asked. “ You might wanna go clean up some pebbles. Besides that y’all should be fine to continue working. I’ll take my leave, send this report in for me. “ Aseroth said, disappearing back to the Inn quickly. “ Uh… Sure, Sir Lucas! “ said the soldier watching as he disappeared quickly.

Word Count: 1,500+/1,5000
Stamina: 350/380
Ability Used:

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