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Profession Title: Priest of Heliohapt
Related Class: Magician
Profession Perks:

Influence - In Heliohapt, the pharaoh is believed to have received his mandate to rule from the heavens, and so, religion comprises a significant portion of the lives of his citizens. Directly below the pharaoh in the country's holy hierarchy are the priests, who have dedicated their lives to the divines, and practically wield the real power in all of Heliohapt - they maintain most affairs of military, trade, justice and faith fairly autonomously from the pharaoh. Because of this, they are respected and loved by the people of Heliohapt, and have a great amount of influence over them - given they are NPCs or willing PCs, and have Heliohaptian nationality.
Perk Levels:
D-Rank - At this level, the priest has not gather much reputation for himself as an individual. They are still seen as members of the clergy, and so, their presence inspires wordless respect and trust in anyone, who has been raised in Heliohapt. They can persuade others to give up their aggression or anxiety with the correct phrasing, though only if the emotion has not encompassed the individual.

C-Rank - At this level, the priest has gathered some reputation for himself, mainly amongst people they've helped or met before. Their presence is noticed by these people, and inspires genuine respect and deeper trust in the commoners. They can persuade others to give up their aggression or anxiety with the correct phrasing, such as to stop a fight or ease someone's pain of losing a relative. Their councel is taken seriously by those below their rank.

B-Rank - At this level, the priest is widely recognized by the citizens of Heliohapt, and thought as a godly, devoted man. Their presence inspires more formal language as a token of respect, and they are trusted with even the most personal and private matters. They can cause someone to give up their anger or grief, even if it is their driving emotion, or inspire faith in people by choosing their words right. Their councel is thought as very wise and is even sought after by people.

A-Rank - At this level, the priest has likely ascended to the ranks of high priestdom, and are held as important figures in Heliohaptian politics all across the country. Their presence demands silence and humility of all people present - people, who do not pay their respect, are thought of as rude by the commoners. They can pacify a large riot or induce religious euphoria in a large crowd by choosing the right words. Their councel is taken quite literally by commoners below their rank - it is thought, that the wisdom of a servant of the gods is sometimes beyond the understanding of the commoners.

Blessing - The priest is expected to be capable of performing miracles via their devotion to the gods and ancient ceremonies first recorded thousands of years ago. Many of these ceremonies are part of the day to day life of Heliohapt - daily prayers, naming rites, funeral rises - and carry no significant effect, even if the clergy insists so. However, some of the rituals practiced do seem to have substantial effects, claimed by the clergy to be interventions by the divines.

A level-headed approach does suggest the presence of rukh manipulation, that is caused by the collective belief in their gods by many commoners and magicians, concentrated through one of these ceremonies and subtly bending the direction of fate in a desired direction. The clergy maintains, that disbelief is indeed detrimental to these rites, as the gods "refuse to reward those weak in their faith" - a common accusation made after a ceremony produces no fruit.

These sacred ceremonies can be performed by a priest of appropriate rank, with their influence and reputation playing a large role in what kind of rituals can be performed and how likely they are successful. The more people present when the ceremony, which can take as long as a day, is being carried out, the better.
Perk Levels:
D-Rank -

C-Rank - The priest is capable of participating in ceremonies, that involve blessing the land with good weather and protection from natural disasters. They can ask for rains, causing crops to grow faster, and protect property from being damage by floods and drought.

B-Rank - The priest is capable of participating in ceremonies, that

A-Rank - The priest is capable of participating in ceremonies, that

- protection from termits
- protection from wild animals
- protection from flooding
- protection from droughts
- protection from storms
- protection from illness

Scholar - The priests of Heliohapt are the keepers of the country's knowledge, and maintain large archives and libraries in their temples. Each member of the clergy is expected, at the end of their education, to have memorized a large amount of information. They have a good grasp on world history, different religions and cultures as well as politics and geography - though priests often have a more profound understanding of their country. They learn theories of magic and medicine as a part of their training, and esoteric ceremonies of their own religion. The main perk of this is the priests' large pool of knowledge to draw from, which they can apply in a variety of situations.


Profession Title: Healer
Profession Perks:

  • Diagnostics
  • Treatment

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