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Name: Micah
Affiliation: Heliohapt
Race: Magician
Tier: Novice [D-Tier]
Class: Magician [Light]
Age: Eighteen
Birdthdate: Unknown
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Homosexual
Rukh Alignment: White


A quiet, gentle soul with nothing to give to the world but his compassion and empathy, Micah was raised in a temple of the deified sun in Heliohapt. He's unwavering in his faith and determination to offer his help to anyone, who needs it, even if it means endangering his own life. This is not because he's particularly heroic or brave, but because of he feels morally obligated to protect his values.

Talking only when talked to or when required by a directive, Micah is modest of his accomplishments and lives a very simple life. He's honest, but feels uncomfortable delivering bad news or voicing his opinion, when it's not absolute agreement. Micah is calm, to the point of passivity, when it comes to conflicts. Turning down a request is hard for him, and he usually ends up agreeing to things he doesn't want to do out of sense of loyalty or inferiority to the person.

He is, as a testament of his young age, naively optimismic, when it comes to other people and their motivations. Micah gives his trust too easily, and forgives people quickly, even after grave betrayals, without actually considering whenever they deserve his forgiveness or not. He's inquisitive and eager to learn new things, further proving his youthfulness.

Likes: The desert and it's barren beauty. The noon, when the sun reaches it's apex in the skies above. The temple with all of it's hidden pathways. The great library, where he spent most of his time studying as an acolyte, learning from dusty, old tomes. The smiles of gratitude from people. The sound of silence, that signals not impending danger, but peace.

Dislikes: The cold of night and all of it's beasts. The pointless slaughter, that never seems to stop. The jackals, who feast on the flesh of the weak and the unarmed. The cries of help, that go unheard, or are ignored. The abuse of authority and power one is entrusted with. The crowded and whispering streets of the city, that make him feel suffocated and besieged.

Aspirations: The servitude to the gods, and by extension, to the pharaoh. Humble and unambitious, Micah would not grasp for something he is not given - but it would be a lie to say he doesn't long for acknowledgement. Magnostadt tempts him as means to an end, for being a great magician in Heliohapt translates to having a high position in the clergy. To help as many people as he can is his ultimate goal, however, and he is content with doing so as a priest of Ra.

Fears: The fear of alienation from his countrymen has been there ever since he was a young boy - and in his mind, it's based on a semi-solid ground. Micah is not from Heliohapt, even if he doesn't remember a different life, and his fair skin and blonde hair are a testament to this. Despite being treated as any other Heliohaptian and even respected as a priest by the commoners, he's afraid of not fitting in.

Height: 175 cm (5'9")
Weight: 59 kg (130 lbs)
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Dark Red

His is the figure of a frail, delicate angel, that radiates innocence and compassion. His skin is painted with the colors of pale light, except when his cheeks shine with a fierce red after the slightest of compliments. His face is soft, youthful and effeminate, and his hair is a wild mess of blonde, that he can't seem to tame. His appearance screams foreign origins in the deserts of Heliohapt.

An evergreen impression of restful calmness decorates his features, not wavering even in the greatest of turmoils. While one would think he's skilled at hiding his emotions, Micah finds it hard to wear his heart on his sleeve and express himself physically. His smiles are usually faint, his tears silent and brief, and anger completely alien to his dark red eyes.

Special Traits:
His pale skin among the typically dark Heliohaptians suggests an unnatural resistance to the radiation of sunlight - which some argue must be due to his affiliation with the clergy of Ra, or his studies as an orange magician, while in fact it is entirely a genetic perk. He can still get sunburns, though the odds are he won't, if he's out in the sun without protecting his skin for too long. It's hardly beneficial, as it makes him stand out in a crowd and people may treat him as a foreigner.

Hirunaka no Ryuusei, Daiki Mamura


Micah doesn't remember a life before Heliohapt. He had been young, a child only five years old, and his parents were merchants travelling with a caravan from Parthevia, when they ran into trouble with slavers in the desert. The child was torn from his mother's arms, who died trying to hold onto him. His father would rather hold onto his own life, and fled without looking back. He remembers crying for days, locked in a dark and wet cell, waiting to be sold off.

If it wasn't for a one good samaritan, Micah's fate could have turned to be the tragic life of a slave. A priest, who had seen him chained and awaiting his turn in an auction, took pity on him and demanded to purchase him. The slavers could do little to refuse him, a holy man of the gods they too worshipped. "Khaldun," he introduced himself, before he broke his shackles with a gentle touch onto them.

The priest took Micah under his protection and tutelage. He raised him like his own son, and Khaldun became to him a father his own could have never been. As a child, he came to know every corner of the labyrith, that was the Southern Temple of Ra, it's hideaways and hidden pathways. He was an avid learner, and after being taught how to read, delved deep into the old tomes of esoteric mysteries. Of course, he was hardly old enough to understand any of it at the time.

As time went by, Khaldun would teach him about the god of the sun they prayed to, and the god of death they respected. The priest told the young Micah how the first pharaoh found Heliohapt and united all people with the blessings of these gods. He told him how their mission was to help and inspire faith in people in their time of need, how the clergy held together the unity of people of Heliohapt.

It was then, when the boy set his sights on becoming one himself. He was ordained as an acolyte by his mentor, and continued to study and memorize old religious texts, the history and the ancient culture of Heliohapt. Micah learned how to mend the wounds of warriors and ease the ailments of ill by means of medicine, how to ensure a good harvest and keep away the creatures of the night, the enemies of Ra, with the correct blessings. He prayed day and night, and at times, showed more devotion to their gods than his master did.

Khaldun was pleased. He revealed the secrets of rukh to the acolyte, how all magic springed from Ra and Anubis, and began to train him as a magician. Even if not being born one, Micah displayed a considerable skill with magic for his level and soon ascended to the ranks of proper priesthood. He remained strong in his faith, and became a recognized member of the clergy, with whispers of a foreign priest with a pale skin travelling through Heliohapt's deserts.

RP Sample:
The noon had the hall lit in sunlight, that touched the walls of the temple and turned them into gold. Micah was frustrated, and he knew Khaldun could sense it. He had always been more perceptive to his emotions than others were - even with his face betraying none of his feelings, the older priest could read him like an open book. "Again," he ordered. The acolyte held his staff tighter, closed his eyes and concentrated. He felt the rukh flowing into it's tip at his command, spiralling around until it formed a miniature storm of energy. "Flash," He whispered and opened his eyes. All there was left was a faint orange flicker of dispersing rukh.

This was his fifth failure. Khaldun sighed. "The rukh doesn't listens to commands, not requests." The old priest told him. "You need to be decisive, certain in your intention. The rukh senses your doubt, and it will not bend itself to your will, unless you remove it from the equation." Micah knew this already. He was too tense, too focused on the fact this was the first time he was working with the spell. He had worked with easier techniques, ones that required a subtle hand rather than the use of brute magical force. This wasn't a simple trick with refraction of light. His faith in his own capability had been wavering, because of the amount of magoi he had to invest.

Micah took a deep breath, and staring at the tip of his staff, pointed towards the imaginary target he was supposed to hit. He commanded the rukh to gather, turn into light and spiral around the tip to gather both heat and momentum from the accelerating movement. "Flash!" He shouted, and commanded the rukh to become a beam of light. The staff kicked, when an orange blast of energy erupted from it and bursted into the wall in front of him, before the beam faded into nothing. Micah turned his head back to Khaldun.

He could tell from his smile, that his teacher was pleased.

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