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Death Isn't Permanent, Right? [ Solo ]

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When you are living - on your feet and healthy - and you're young, death seems so far away. Even when death surrounds you - suffocates you, it still somehow seems like death will never touch you. Like you are invincible. But of course... How silly. Invincibility? Who is invincible? Even the mighty can fall...

What a lonely way to die. Death by drowning. How unexpected. She would have much preferred dying in battle. Better yet, dying as an old queen having subjugated the earth to her rule. But perhaps it is for the better. After all, humans are such wearisome things. And as a god-

This nonsense again? God. Her? Of course not. She's just a mortal human.

Destined to die.

[ exit ]


Death Isn't Permanent, Right? [ Solo ] MHxU2kA

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