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For Whom Is Predator, For Whom is Prey (Plot/Private)

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The light howl of the wind that blew against the canopy of the evergreen pine-like forestation that filled limited regions of the icy landmass. Much like always, Vodarara, a huntsman that preferred the embrace of the wilds found himself out alone with his animal companions in the wilds of Imuchakk, more often than the times he found himself in the hospitality of the Imuchakk, whom he had in one sense been embraced by as a member of their society.

A society of Fishers and Warriors, braving the eternal cold and embracing it as their own. The scattered clans were unified under one ruler over a decade ago at least from what he had gathered through the years he had spent with the community after his capture in their land. Though they were far more gluttonous, in comparison to the human hunter. It could be said to be understandable, the Imuchakk after all did not need the layer upon layer of hide to protect themselves from cold like Vodarara did to help him avoid the frost during the winter nights and windy days.

It had been a time since the hunter had encountered abnormal, no more towers had risen from the icy ground or emerged in the hidden caverns within the mountain regions. No scaled creatures of ancient nature had risen again with the wish to devour everything and anything, devouring the wilds as a whole.

From time to time, the huntsman became aware of a presence tracking him, traces left behind or little things that seemed off. However, such a creature never launched attack as one would imagine a predator following prey would eventually do.

The huntsman would spend his night within a snow hole dug deep into the snow that littered the ground, this would provide the huntsman and his animal companions shelter from the wind overnight allowing him to maintain his heat as best as possible during a cold encampment. Alarms would be set around the hunter, though animals were always somewhat aware it was better safe than sorry
...Night would set in…


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