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Gumatarei, Thugs, and Mining [Job]

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Thorsten Ove

Thorsten Ove

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Once again we’ve moved as a caravan from one place to another. Hakon had taken charged and ordered us to fill the carts. “ Pull with your back. Don’t rush things won’t take long. Moving from village to village shouldn’t be difficult, you Fu….Hunchbacks. “ catching his phrase with the sight of Thorsten approaching. Dressed and equipped. Ready to go off to do his own job for the time being. “ Thorsten! I have another file case. Some mining town in trouble. Go clear out, evacuate the townspeople. Don’t disappointment me you or it's your Arse~ a sharp snap on the last word with his hearty chuckle. Everyone one was busy so he didn’t bother to stop anyone else in the caravan for directions. Gumatarei chain’s dragged behind him picking up dust. Pulling up the chain to wrap around his waist. Reflecting sunlight off the tips of the anchors. Walking away from the caravan heading off on his own to complete the task he was given. Thorsten had to strengthen his resolve. Being anti-social to a degree wasn’t his plan; his plan was to at least meet people, but that didn’t really happen. A soft frown. Turning a corner he’d walk down the path head face to the ground it just dangling.

Thorsten confidence wasn’t showing. It was more of him mopping because of his lack of friends. Hakon, was like a father figure so it didn’t count. Emptiness he felt. This feeling causing more pain then a wound can. The pain had been there since he was little, but since he’s grown it has also. ‘ Time to test these anchors. Gumatarei hasn’t been broken yet unlike Iguat. Well let me forget about the weapons, and focus on the mission at hand. ‘ thinking to himself exiting the village the Caravan was in. A common path to follow sighs and all along it. Hakon didn’t give him any advice or a file this time. Must be something he could be hiding from him? Thorsten placed his chin between his index and thumb. Rubbing his soft skin. He’d begin to imagine what Hakon could be hiding. A image of a mocking bird came, then one of a rampant bager, then a drunken, Hakon just appeared in his mind scape. Laughing softly to himself with his hand covering his mouth. Just imaging that brighten up his mood slightly. Thorsten was easy to make happy, but it shielded his emotion for his family. He didn’t know his mother, and his father abandoned him while the rest exiled and shunned him. Again. He was alone and walking. He doesn't blame himself for anything except for not talking to others. Not doing something to change that, Thorsten always went his own way even with Hakon information about how to blend in. It wasn't too late to change that about himself, all of it depended on the outcome of his own recognizance.

The sun out shining. Its heat making Thorsten's lips chapped. Licking his lips to get them wet. Reaching around to his backside to grab a canister however it wasn't there. He doesn't normally carry the canister with him, so the shock on his face was uncommon. He was getting parched. Thorsten mouth dry, his tongue sticking to the top of his mouth. ‘ There should be a spring near by. Should I look for that spring? Eh…. Let me just find this mining town and beat everyone there. Ohhhh those bad guys may have a supply of water. ‘ clenching his fist coming to that conclusion. Reassured that he might be able to find one of there canister or whatever they hold water in, Thorsten would be satisfied. The path coming to its end. Insight beyond a couple of trees making the clearing was a desolate town. A couple of minutes passing by before he would reach its boundaries. Rattling from the chains of Gumatarei could be heard. It wasn’t like Thorsten was hiding them neither. ‘ A desolated town? What could happen ‘ he thought to himself. In those moments everything flipped and happened suddenly. “ Look here boys, we’ve gotten us a littler savior~ Lets Fuck’em up~ Pissy… Boy.. “ It seemed the guy was their leader. He had no kind of filter. Thorsten only kept his grip firm. “ Just let me free the people here, and I’ll spare you the embarrassment upon myself to fight y’all, ‘Pissy Boys’. “ Not letting the little comment slide. This seemed to anger the five men holding the town hostage. “ Two of you stop this snot nosed brat. Don’t take it easy on him. Their supposed leader barked out. Two of the men stepped forward one bulky, and the other skinny in physique. They held regular swords compared the anchors in Thorsten’s hands. “ Lookie here. Lookie Here A child! Slaughtering CHILDREN MY FAVORITE~ “ the bulky man seemed to have some weird fetish to hurt children. Jabbing his sword forward with the other man behind him following suit both attacked. Unraveling his chain quickly. Swinging it around one quick time. Thorsten stood still, his iris fading into a cold gaze. The blades stabbed through Thorsten’s clothing, but no blood drew.” No Blood? NOOOO BLOOD “ the man first questioned then screamed. The metal snapped against Thorsten’s whale like skin. Slaming his anchor into the men as one stood their whining crashing both of them into a nearby pile of timberwood.

Tugging to bring the chain back once more one anchor returned. Putting it back into the cycle of spinning them around making strong pull of wind around himself from the weight. “ I didn’t wanna fight, but now i’ll capture and take yall away. “ Thorsten said. Not really caring at this point. The three men hopped off a platform. Only those three left. Rusted blades they had. Thorsten cold and bored gazed had made them even angrier. “ Don’t you dare look down on us, you Pissy Boy Bastard! the word struck a cord inside Thorsten. He had tighten his grip around the chain. Air around him had picked up, and gotten violent. The men struggled, then begun to charge. Their voices not reaching Thorsten ears as they ran screaming. He swung both anchors around himself. Making a crescent motion with both of them going opposite of one another. Slanging the blunt side into all three of them heavily. His eyes holding anger in them. One word had pissed Thorsten off. “ Don’t call me a bastard! “ he huffed out. The men squished together were unconscious and left in a pool of blood and broken bones. Not dead. Glad to have not killed them is Thorsten who still lingered with anger. Going to free the captured citizens now. It didn’t take long for them to all be freed and to get a hit on the punks to placed them in restraints. “ Thank you, young child. “ a elderly lady said. Thorsten nodded, then left from the mining town to return to the caravan. As he passed through the main entrance, guards came in to collect the punks who took over the town. It ended pretty well. Thorsten clutched his fist feeling some anger towards the man who called him a bastard. The chain rattling behind him as his Anchors rested on his back.

Word Count: 1,000+/1,000


Gumatarei, Thugs, and Mining [Job] Bro2Vi0

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