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Dragonball Summit

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"I agreed with my mother that I should travel back in time, but I had my own reasons for wanting to go. I had hoped that in the past, with Goku's help, I would find the androids had some weakness. That way I could go back to the future. And even though I still wouldn't be able to bring back all those already gone, I might be able to save the people who are left."

With Future Trunks' warning fresh in their minds, the Z Warriors trained their bodies and their minds to new levels as they prepare for the inevitable Android threat. It is now three years since Future Trunks' warning and the Z Warriors are on guard for any and all threats that may emerge. Will the androids come after all? Or will Trunks' warning alter more than we originally thought?

Join this fast growing site and help shape the Alternate Universe of Dragon Ball Summit as it takes place right at the beginning of the Android/Cell saga. This is an Alternate Universe for DBZ where you can be any character from the series! (DB, DBZ, GT and even DBS), or create your own custom character! So what are you waiting for? The universe needs you!

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