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DragonBall Universe!

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1DragonBall Universe! Empty DragonBall Universe! on 08/06/18, 07:53 pm

Julius Plageuis

Julius Plageuis
DragonBall Universe! WMG7Ulm

Welcome to the world of DragonBall Universe!

Our story takes place thousands of years after the passing of the Z-fighters and their enemies. It takes place in a world very different from the one they knew! Many of the Earthlings are now able to manipulate their ki, the Saiyan race is divided in half, demon's walk the world of the living once more!

In this new age filled with new and amazing characters, what role will you take? Will you be the hero that protects his world? Or will you be the villain with a quest for galactic conquest?

As of now, Universe 7 faces imminent erasure! The Tournament of Power has begun and the struggle for survival is intense. Will the Universe' strongest be able to protect it? Will their stories continue to be told?
Come and find out!

Whatever role you chose, explore the freedom offered in our universe!

- We offer a relaxed and friendly roleplaying environment!
- Advance your character by increasing your power level, earning Zeni and having fun!
- The site's plot is driven by its members! Nothing is set in stone, the players will affect how the story ends,
- Active members can fill important roles such as Kami of Earth, King/Queen of Vegeta or even Guru of Namek!
- New Members can receive special rewards! Inquire here

The possibilities are endless, join us today!


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