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Osiris [Job]

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Job Details:

Job Name: Environmental Studies
Job Rank: D
Job Location: Heliohapt
Job Rewards: 50 XP, 3,000 Huang, Belief Token
Job Overview: The local university is doing an environmental survey in the area and would like you to go out and gather notes on the wildlife and plant life. Take the provided journal and take notes for the university about what you find outside of the city. If you do a good job, you will be rewarded!

”Items Brought”:

Osiris [Job] Rapier
Name: En Garde
Tier: D
Material: Steel
Appearance: The wand is made to look and feel like a rapier. Well crafted for quick and easy spell casting, it suits its purpose. It also allows for surprising motives as most would think it’s user would be a warrior. Even if it is a sword, it’s still as fragile as a wand. The blade is a meter and a half or so long and around 3 centimeters wide. The hilt and handle of the blade is about a quarter the length of the blade. The grip is the same width as the blade and the hand-guard stretches around 7 centimeters or so out, creating a half-sphere over the grip.

Although the university had no direct correlation with the lower class people, it was known to give helpful scholarships to those who needed them most. Education was key to success and it was why Vivian had always read a book a day. A university could show anyone the ropes and the populace never gave it a second glance, and neither would Vivian. The college also managed to fund the Heliohaptian library, in which Vivian was thankful for.

As Vivian had worked in the library, the university would sometimes ask her favors such as book shipments and such, nothing as serious as what they had put up today. They wished her to travel into the desert for a little while to study some things first hand. Although Vivian disliked the fact she had to leave Heliohaptian capital in order to leave the city, she didn’t mind it as much considering it was a good cause to help a good-hearted university. However, she also requested a single professor to come along with her.

Vivian hated the feeling of the scolding hot rays of heat that the sun bore down upon the earth. So more often than not, she would prefer to leave her library during nightfall and not getting wilted by the daylight.The university had not specified which time they prefered the redheaded mage to go out into the desert, so there was no true harm done. Even so, it didn’t seem to truly affect the outcome of the job, so there was no problem in doing so.

The professor Vivian had requested to accompany her was ordered to meet her in the marketplace at around dawn. The redhead was known to be early at meetings, but it seemed the professor liked to be earlier. He goes by the name of Osiris, professor Osiris. A rather excitable man, he wore the common Heliohaptian garb. His head was bare and he was darker than most of the Heliohaptian nature. He was flipping a coin, leaning against a wall, as Vivian would approach him.

Osiris [Job] _dutch

“Professor Osiris?” Vivian would ask plainly, tilting her head with a smile.

“Vivian Claudette?” Osiris would respond in the same monotone. It would seem the both of them took their jobs seriously rather than goof off, and therefore Vivian would like him because of that. The redhead didn’t really tolerate ignorance.

“Shall we?” the earth mage questioned.

“We shall,” responded the professor. With a quick movement, the man caught his coin in a fist before dropping it back into his coin pouch. Vivian saw the coin as it fell, it was dented to the shape of his clenched fingers. The man was strong…

Vivian had slept during the day today in preparation for being awake overnight. A four hour nap always helped restless nights and ease the burden of exhaustion. The professor seemed to have the same idea. Most of the night was caked in utter silence besides the subtle statements that were swapped. Osiris was a respectable man and minded his manners upon their journey.

After they were finished, they would shake one another’s hands and walk different ways. A small trust was built between the two. Vivian, the next day was paid well and was given thanks by the university, along with her pay.

WC: 500+/500

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