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Building the Guild [Final]

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1Building the Guild [Final] Empty Building the Guild [Final] on 26/02/17, 11:57 pm


Job Name: Finishing Things Up
Job Rank: D
Job Location: The Jade Dragon Mountains
Job Rewards:50 XP, 3,000 Huang
Job Prerequisites: House cleaning
Job Overview: Now that you have taken care of the bandit leader finish things up by claiming the base as your own and begin setting up your base of operations and officially establish your organization.[/quote]

Ani had finally finished all the painful work, but now it was time for the work that she would get to enjoy doing leisurely in the massive amounts of time that she had to herself. Though she was still feeling the effects of the last time she had come to this giant stronghold in the mountains. She chuckled and moved her hand over to her left-eye where the eyepatch was. She ran her finger over the medical apparatus before letting out a soft sigh and taking a few steps forward as she examined what had now become her base of operations. She knew that soon enough the merchants caravan that was carrying all the supplies she had bought would be there soon enough. She made sure that she bought some stone and mortar to fix up the hole in the ceiling. She also had some supplies to furnish to base and its rooms. Though what Ani was most proud of was the fact that she had gotten supplies to turn the rundown open-air training facilities into an updated one with plenty of room and equipment to train beasts as well as a station to work on Ani's beastial and breeding studies. She was rather interested in what the base would look like once it was finished, and possibly what she was going to name the organization that she was founding. She had already ran a few ideas through her mind and already had a solid theme of what type of work the organization would do. Soon enough she could hear the sound of the caravan pulling up to the stronghold.

Over the next few weeks Ani went to work with the help of some of her comrades that she gained from helping out the merchants over the past few weeks. She figured that she would be able to use these connections with the merchants to help garner business for her organization. While Ani still had quite a bit of money from her dungeons she knew that she wouldn't be able to support an entire country all by herself. She figured that she could use her desire to help people and such as a way to make money. She decided that the guild would take jobs independently of country obligations and use the bounty hunter like work as a chance to build up a variety of funds to keep it running. Ani hummed softly as she knew that while this is how the organization would build up funds it would ultimately be used to follow Ani's orders as well as help her achieve her goals and fight for what Ani would fight for. Soon enough Ani had furnished the base, a command center, a training center, armory, and furnished rooms for all possible members whom would wish to stay there. Ani had even come up with a name for the organization, as she had decided that they would hunt down the enemies of their organization they would be the Hunter's Guild. She would be their leader, The Grand Mistress of The Hunt. She even planned to have something akin to a badge, or maybe a broach to signify that she was their leader. Though she wasn't quite sure about that part as of yet.

WC: 543/500


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