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Building the guild job 3

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Job Name: House Cleaning
Job Rank: B
Job Location: The Jade Dragon Mountains
Job Rewards: 15,000 Huang, 200 XP
Job Prerequisites: Source checking
Job Overview: After learning where the cold claw headquarters is travel there and fight the gang's leader, and take back a sign of his defeat to the man who gave you the deal.


Building the guild job 3 CTt5URj

Enemy Name:Bianca - Cold Claw Warlord
Rank: B
Needed damage to take down: A
Description: A young looking girl, who stands at 150 meters tall wearing little clothing and armor, moves at normal human speeds but wields a magical sword that does B-tier damage.

  • Bandit Judgement - Bianca lifts her sword into the air before bringing it down and dealing A-tier damage to those it would hit.
  • Avalanche Bullets - Bianca points her sword at the enemy creating four shards of ice covered rock then firing them at the enemy to deal d-tier damage each for a total of B-tier damage if all shards hit.
  • Mountain's Teeth - Bianca stabs the ground before jumping five meters back. After she lands she flicks the sword and from around the stab mark creating a field of ice covered rock shards that do B-tier damage upon sprouting and then breaks.

Ani's last fight wasn't much of a hard one, but the axe attacks that she received had wounded all four of her limbs. She normally would have shrugged this off and went immediately onto her next fight. Though from what she heard this wouldn't be as simple as most of her missions. This person had a magical weapon, which meant that besides having to watch out for their special abilities. After all the Imuchakk had collected a few magic tools of her own, along with her magic spear.  So she wasn't going to just run in their while still injured and take this woman on. She at first thought that this was a bad idea, but eventually she had figured out from the bandits that she interrogated after visiting them one more time that their leader wasn't going to abandon the post no matter what would happen to them or even if she knew that Ani was coming there to fight her. This made her glad and even made her desire to match weapons with this leader would be interesting. She smiled and knew that they would be useful to Ani for the upcoming days that she would prepare to raid their base. She was right about this thought, and soon enough she was able to wring out that their leader was a woman and was rather vicious when it came down to fighting. She heard quite a bit of things from them, but most of the things sound like exaggeration. Regardless she took the info they gave her noting it all down incase anything in specific would be of use to her when she would challenge the warlord.

The next few days in order to prepare herself for the battle she was going to have to heal, and ensure that her physical prowess would be up to par for what she assumed would be a rather draining task that would most likely require all of hers and Hoyo's strength to take down. To begin off with treating herself she went to a nearby doctor's everyday and made sure to clean her bandages. Luckily the doctor was a magician who was able to help speed along her recovery as well as make sure that most of the damage she had received from the men would heal up well enough that it would not affect her personal and physical performance. This reassurance helped her out quite a bit, and kept coming to the doctor's place the next few days in order to keep up with the treatment. Along with the treatment Ani had set up some qualifications for herself. She made sure that each day she would go to the dojo where she had learned spear fighting and would go about her old training regime. She wanted to make sure she was at the top of her performance when she would go to fight the leader. This was all for her goal, and with how close things were coming the blood that boiled within the Imuchakk had her excited and raring to go against such an enemy such as the one that was presented against her.

Soon enough came the day for travel, and from what Ani had heard it would take at least an entire day to get to the stronghold by foot. Since it was a rather long journey by foot she was planning on using the better option, her beast Hoyo could easily carry her the entire way and get there faster than a horse or by foot. Her beast was incredibly fast and agile afterall. Soon after the night fell upon them Ani was ready to leave, the bloodthirsty Imuchakk was planning on getting there before the sun would even rise. She was ready to use anything at her disposal in order to take out the woman, their leader, Bianca. She had learned her name the day before when she interrogated the grunts one last time to ensure that they weren't hiding anything from her that would get her killed if she didn't pay well enough attention. Once all the final details were set she left her home escorting Hoyo outside of town with her spear attached firmly to her back. She mounted  Hoyo once they were outside of town and made sure she had everything before the beast ran forward carrying the two of them towards their destination. All while Ani began to run her plan through her head once again, she was going to make sure that this mission ended with the enemy being destroyed and Ani and Hoyo walking out with barely a scratch on them.

Like they had told Ani it was a rather long travel there, but Ani had the fortunate capability of having a beast that she could mount and ride long distances. The beast ran up the hills and trails till eventually they had made it over the long distances and came to the mountains were the stronghold was said to be hidden by a few of the other ridges on the mountain. She assumed that the merchant had lost control of such a strategically strong area because he neglected to set up a defense force, or even just didn't check in on the base that often so it lead to it becoming taken over quite easily by the bandits as they  had no form of opposition. Soon Ani and Hoyo saw the pathway that lead to the stronghold, it was obviously a bit run down, but under the proper care she could see the place being turned into a great set of headquarters for the guild that Ani was planning on setting forth from this all. She had Hoyo take the main path, but at the same time had him walk around the side as much as possible as not to alert the sole member whom was guarding the indoor of their base. Soon enough after sneaking around Ani found that on the top of the base was a hole in the stonework. It was rather big, and Ani rode Hoyo down into the hole. Upon their entrance they were greeted by the young girl holding the magic sword, their leader, Bianca.

Ani had barely any time to react before she saw Bianca moving towards her, Bianca without warning lifted her sword into the air intending to enact bandit judgement on the woman. Luckily as she was riding Hoyo she was able to get away from the attack just barely dodging it. She huffed and had Hoyo move back before jumping off of him pulling her spear off of her back.  She stared at the face of the leader, she was young but Ani had learned that no matter what ones age was that they could still be incredibly stronger than what they seem. They stood there staring at one another before soon enough Bianca was getting a bit tired of just sitting there and staring in her enemies eyes. Bianca lifted her sword up into the air smirking as her weapon began to glow it soon created avalanche bullets. Ani saw this as a challenge and ran towards the enemy with Hoyo just behind her. She saw the bullets get fired at her, Ani tried to dodge all four, but was hit with two of them. One hit her in the side while the other one hit her plain right in the eye. Ani winced and felt the pain, but prepared her own attack. Ani weaved around her enemy for what seemed like hours. In reality they bobbed and weaved one another for a few minutes. During this time Bianca slammed her sword into the ground to create mountain's teeth which stabbed into Ani's feet before dispersing.  Soon enough when Ani saw Hoyo was still running around she commanded him. She commanded him to go in for the shoulder check, which hit and made her gasp for a minute. Ani took this opportunity while she was gasping to jab her in the side with the spear. Ani then quickly commanded Hoyo to use his voltage smash. The combination of attacks caused severe bleeding before finally the electricity seized her heart.

Ani had successfully beat the leader, she saw outside seeing that the sun which had still been down when she had made it her had finally risen. She panted feeling her eye and feet bleeding along with the fact that she was also bleeding from the side. "I hope that I can get this fixed." She said chuckling softly as she pat her eye bleeding eye before wrapping some bandages around it. To finish off her task the Imuchakk who was overflowing with relief and ecstasy after that battle walked over to the corpse of the young bandit leader. She knew that this was just their Kou forces and she was sure that they would come after her one day, but for now she was just focused on strengthening her own forces. She took the bandits helmet and her sword before taking the trip back to town, showing her proof of clearing the bandits out before soon enough taking the deed for the stronghold for herself.

WC: 1,527
Stamina:  275/335
Items brought:

Building the guild job 3 75d39ecd00458b20c70943a83360d1da
Name: Hoyo
Tier: B-tier
Type: Normal
Appearance: Hoyo is 10 meters in size from head to toe. He is covered in white scales with blue tints on the edges of them. Hoyo has spikes on his back, and around the neck space right before his head that are blue tinted at the top. He has a fin like structure on the back of his tail that helps with swimming. His eyes are a bright red that glow in dark spaces, but only faintly. In-between the spikes on his back there is enough space that a person could sit on for riding purposes. His underbelly is a color mixture of brown, and gray.
Beast Traits:

Trait Name: Salve Saliva
Trait Tier: B
Trait Requirement: Lagiacrus
Trait Description: Lagiacrus' have bacteria in their saliva that when applied to wounds of all kinds speeds up the healing process
Trait Effect: Saliva can be used to heal wounds up to b-tier damage easily

Trait Name: Reptilian reflexes
Trait Tier: B
Trait Requirement: Lagiacrus
Trait Description: Despite the reptiles large size it has quick and powerful muscles which allow it to react quickly and move at faster speeds that one might expect
Trait Effect: Allows Hoyo to move and react the speed of a b-tier fanalis

Trait Name: Fulgrus crystals
Trait Tier: C
Trait Requirement: Lagiacrus
Trait Description: Throughout Hoyo's blood and tissue are tiny organic crystals which allow the beast to conduct and control electicity throughout his body. The spikes on his back are made purely of these crystals
Trait Effect: Allows Hoyo to control and manipulate lightning to enhance physical attacks or fire as a projectile.

Trait Name: Electroception
Trait Tier: C
Trait Requirement: Lagiacrus
Trait Description: Using a special part of his brain Hoyo is able to sense all living things from the natural electric current that exists inside of them
Trait Effect: Allows Hoyo to detect life

Building the guild job 3 Warrior_f_spear_spontoon_up_green
Name: Spear of Disaster
Tier: C
Type: Magic Weapon - Spear
Magic Type: Plague (Life + Water + Lightning)
Appearance: A 300 cm spear made of a green metal alloy of unknown origin. The serrated blade is 100 cm long, 25 cm wide, and roughly 2.5 cm thick. The shaft is 200 cm long and roughly 7 cm in diameter. The aesthetics of this spear seem to hold no obvious meaning.

  • Putrid Poke - Feeding magoi into the weapon causes a foul smelling green oder to rise from its tip. Upon stabbing a target a minor plague will be introduced to their body. After 1 post, the target will begin to vomit uncontrollably for a single post or until they have gone a full post without being stabbed. If food was eaten within 3 posts of being affected by this function, the restoration effects of that food are lost. 10 Magoi to activate | 5 Magoi to sustain.

Abilities used:

Voltage Smash
Tier: B-tier
Class: Tamer
Type: Offensive
Range: Close
Requirements/Drawbacks: Must be able to see or hear Ani, must be able to move his head around.
Scaling: Damage
Cool Down: 3
Cost: 30/15 to sustain

    Hoyo charges his head full of electricity before slamming it into a target  to deal b-tier damage to the target.

Shoulder Check
Tier: B-tier
Class: Tamer
Requirements/Drawbacks: Must be able to hear ani and be moving already, Keeps charging until he hits something
Scaling: Range
Sustain: 0
Cool Down: 3
Cost: 30/15 to sustain

    Hoyo charges into a target within fifteen meters to deal b-tier damage when he slams into them.


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