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Amaya Nishimuraya

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Amaya Nishimuraya 20170120220627
Name: Amaya Nishimuraya
Country Affiliation: Kou
Race: Human
Tier: D
Class: Assassin
Age + Birthdate: 24 years old, born August 5th
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Pansexual

  • Confident: Amaya embodies a near overwhelming amount of confidence in herself. She prefers not to boast, however, but let her confidence speak in the execution of her actions as she strives towards her goal.
  • Blunt, yet Silent: Unfortunately, Amaya is blunt nearly to the point of brutality. She makes her opinions known if she chooses, but otherwise simply refrains from speaking her piece.
  • Analytical: Amaya's upbringing has created a strong discipline for analysis in her psyche, pushing her to constantly think through and formulate methods with more efficient probabilities and higher chances of success. Awkwardly, she sometimes seeks to optimize things that should stay untouched.
  • Pragmatic: Pragmatism is most likely the second utmost of Amaya's ideals. Her pragmatism is not limitless, however, as it often comes into conflict with her primary ideal. Her pragmatism, however, has lead to her continued development and her decision to take up arms.
  • Just: Amaya's definition of justice can be skewed sometimes, but ultimately it comes down to using whatever means are most applicable to achieve the result that benefits the most people. This Kantian form of thought has often put her at odds with other individuals, but it creates an interesting dynamic with those who steer their justice towards a morality based definition.
  • Seemingly Apathetic: Amaya despises public displays of emotion, believing that they offer others the ability to seize control over her and attempt to manipulate her. Amaya forces herself to appear apathetic to most things, but must unload her own pent up emotions in private when need or convenience dictates.

Likes and Dislikes:

  • Sweets: Amaya has a hidden love of sweets, and although they are terrible for her, she cannot shake the obsession.
  • Poisons: Stemming from an interesting cross of her love of herbalism and martial arts, Amaya became interested not only in the positive effects of plant creations on the body, but also the negative ones. She finds the sheer variety of poisons to be rather interesting, and views this field as her area of academic passion.
  • Daggers: A healthy obsession is fine now and then, but Amaya's love for knives of any sort can be described as near unholy. Amaya spends a sizeable amount of her disposable money simply on useless knives, and on maintaining those that she has.


  • Heavy Weaponry: Unnatural, and all around cumbersome, heavy weapons disgust Amaya with their lack of movement practicality. However, she can appreciate their use in conjunction with a mount, or heavy armor.
  • Garish Displays of Entertainment: Her innate seriousness prevents her from enjoying rather garish displays of entertainment. She enjoys arts, and finer displays of craftsmanship, but things like obnoxious troubadours drive her insane.

Amaya simply strives to better herself constantly, believing that there is no such thing as perfection, but rather that the journey of continual self improvement is what matters. With her current assessment of her abilities and personality, she has come to believe that her inability to acknowledge and place an inherent value on the emotional state of other individuals needs development, As such, she is attempting to value the hearts of others in a way that she has previously never thought about them in.
Amaya's only true fear is being unable to find any benefit whatsoever to a pursuit she had chosen. Losses, withdrawals, and other forms of forfeit weigh very heavy on a woman who bases her self worth on continual performance at increasingly higher levels. She often isolates herself in the wake of issues like these, pouring over mental records and texts to analyze in excruciating detail every single thing she did wrong in a manic attempt to make sure it never happens again.
Face-Claim: Beruka/Belka - Fire Emblem: Fates
Hair Color: Teal, Originally brown
Eye Color: Grey
Height: 165 cm
Weight: 64.41 Kg
Amaya wears a constantly stern expression on her face, preferring not to display how she feels publicly. She holds her hair away from her forehead just slightly with her headband, and her neck is shrouded in a scarf. Normally she wears a cloak to cover the majority of her armor, as it's appearance isn't necessarily appropriate for any occasion. However, she lets her armor bear where appropriate, and doesn't try to disguise her love for the blade. Her face is bereft of makeup in nearly every scenario, believing the powders and concoctions both impractical and stifling.

Her body is short in comparison to most, but muscular enough to compete with those larger than herself. Her small frame has lead her to carry herself with an upright posture in almost every scenario, perhaps in an attempt to feign extra height, or perhaps in a simple attempt to communicate that she is indeed an equal.
Rukh Alignment: White
Special Features: She dyes her hair teal/blue regularly so that the color stands out. It is her own form of self expression and identity that she takes pride in, and also represents her separation from a past identity.
Amaya was born to a set of parents whose names are no longer relevant, and who have long since passed from her memory. Traveling home across the great planes, their caravan was ambushed, and while minimal casualties were sustained, Amaya found her parents among them. In a stroke of circumstance her uncle took her in as the remnants of the encounter were cleared. An honest man who worked hard for his earnings, Gamanori Nishimuraya instructed those who desired to enter the military in the basic arts of self defense. Her interest was piqued in the martial arts through the constant exposure her day to day life provided her, and she began studying in secret, poorly replicating the techniques she had seen her uncle's student's perform.

Amaya spent much of her initial time with her uncle cultivating a small garden that she used to help provide traditional herbal remedies to help students who unintentionally injured themselves. It was through this creation that she was introduced to neurotoxins, and discovered that in very very trace amounts that they could function as gentle anesthetics, pain killers, and various other practical functions. Amaya's life is slowly masked behind her newfound obsession until the grief she had been stowing away so delicately surfaces.

Motivated by an impossible, and unobtainable desire to save her parents, Amaya trains herself in secret nightly until she is found by her uncle, sobbing in front of a practice dummy. Months of poor technique and years of unreleased grief are slowly overcome, as Gamanori begins to school Amaya in the arts as a means of easing the reality of her parent's death. Martial Arts offered the girl an escape from the sadness, but it blossomed into an avenue of hope.

The caravan had taught her the harsh reality of the wake of the war, but perhaps there was a chance that peace could be made in the same way that her studies had allowed her to make peace with her own emotions. Amaya pushed her studies further, beginning to learn the basics of exotic weaponry with her uncle before fully devoting herself to the bladed scarf, a knife lined garment that could sit upon one's shoulders completely concealed. Amaya had become someone different than before, a much stronger individual who pushed of her own free will to become more than she had been the previous day. She began the slow process of bleaching the color from her hair, and dying it blue, a constant reminder of the freedom she felt with her newfound determination.

It is with this mindset that she currently sets out into the world, calm and collected, yet hopeful.
Role-Play Sample:
The street was awash with the fragrance of winter's chill, and the gentle waxing of the shroud of cold that hinted gently at spring's imminent approach. Of course, none of these things mattered to Amaya, or rather, none of them mattered at the moment. There were times and places for such feelings, but the period she dedicated to practice was not one of them. With a practiced motion her hand slipped into the ring ornamenting the end of her scarf, the soft clinking of the segmented metal core whispering past her ears as the weapon slowly spiraled from her neck, pulled taught between her hands and her shoulder blades as she sank gently into the stance.

The line of daggers that seemed to drip from her wingspan spun like silver feathers against the dull wood of the practice hall, the swirl of motion deftly catching the practice dummy by the neck as another twist of her body sent her inanimate partner plummeting to the ground. With a soft twitch on impact her scarf released it's grip, returning to rest against her back once more, wings at the ready.

Her hair had been dyed yesterday, and the promise to herself that she would one day be as free as the sky still rang in her ears. She would fly, and she would fly with the wings she had made for herself.

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  • Primary - Assassin
  • Secondary -
  • Tertiary -



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Pushed to other account

D-tier Abilities
Swallowtail Dance:

Tier: D-Tier
Class: Assassin
Type: Defensive
Range: Close Range (0-1m)
Requirements/Drawbacks: The opponent must make an attack with physical weapon from close-medium range. This ability will not parry intangible attacks.
Scaling: Investiture of more stamina can allow this technique to block an attack of a higher damage tier.
Sustain: This ability can be sustained to block an attack on subsequent turns
Cool Down: 1
Cost:  10 + 10(x), where X accounts for number of times scaled.
Amaya spans her scarf across her shoulders or back, rolling her body as needed to push the attacks from her person as best as possible. Amaya uses the fluid movements to slip behind her opponent if they are at short range or nearer.


Tier: D-Tier
Class: Assassin
Type: Offensive
Range: Medium
Requirements/Drawbacks: Scarf must be either wrapped around her neck, or in a defensive position (stretched in behind her shoulders) before initiating this skill.
Scaling: Amount
Sustain: This ability is not sustained.
Cool Down: 1
Cost: 10
Amaya hurls a hidden daggers at her opponent. These daggers increase in number as she scales.

A Touch Too Much:

Tier: D-Tier
Class: Assassin
Type: Supplementary / Offensive
Range: Short.
Requirements/Drawbacks: Amaya must swing the scarf into an offensive position (stretched in front of her chest) before initiating this skill.
Scaling:Damage dealt.
Sustain: This ability is not sustained.
Cool Down: 1
Cost: 10 + 10(x) where X is the scaling for damage.

  • This ability deals no damage unless scaled.
  • The poison lasts for one round

Amaya braces her scarf in an aggressive stance, spiraling the bladed weapon into her opponent and applying a neurotoxic poison that briefly slows their speed, making it more difficult to both hit, and dodge.

Mantis Dance:

Tier: D-Tier
Class: Assassin
Type: Supplementary / Offensive
Range: Close
Requirements/Drawbacks: Amaya must swing the scarf into a defensive position (stretched in behind her shoulders) before initiating this skill.
Scaling:Duration of effect.
Sustain: This ability is not sustained.
Cool Down: 1
Cost: 10 + 10(x) where X is the scaling for damage.

  • This ability deals no damage
  • The paralysis effect impairs movement.
  • Paralysis lasts for one post

Amaya targets her opponent's pressure points in their legs with the rings at the end of her scarf, causing her opponent suffer slight paralysis in their legs. Amaya also takes this opportunity to move behind her foe, if possible.

C-tier Abilities
The Bigger They Are...:

Tier: C-Tier
Class: Assassin
Type: Supplementary / Offensive
Range: Short.
Requirements/Drawbacks: Amaya must be either hidden from her opponent, or behind them to execute this move.
Scaling: Damage dealt.
Sustain: This ability is not sustained.
Cool Down: 2
Cost: 10 + 10(x) where X is the scaling for damage.
Description:Amaya spirals her scarf around her opponent's neck or torso, slicing into them and yanking them off balance. The resulting move grounds her opponent, forcing them to either fight prone or waste time getting up. Amaya also releases her scarf after her opponent begins falling, pulling it into either an offensive or defensive stance.
B-tier Abilities

A-tier Abilities

Omega-tier Abilities

Beast Abilities

Djinn Related Abilities

Social Abilities

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Pushed to other account

Amaya Nishimuraya Varisianscarves
Name: Nightingale
Tier: D
Type: Bladed Scarf
Material: This weapon is made of a loose fitting fabric meant to disguise the weapon that lies beneath. The weapon is cored beneath the fabric with a segmented steel rod, that is large enough to provide structure, yet still nimble enough to move with near fluidity (Each of these bars is small, roughly 5-6cm in length) The inside of the scarf is affixed with leather mounts sewn into the fabric that hold a plethora of small razor blades spanning the scarfs width. Uncommonly, Amaya has removed some of these razor blades and affixed knives, complimenting her dance-like style of fighting with the tiniest bit of added range.
Appearance: The scarf is nearly black in hue, appearing entirely mundane on the outside with two iron rings at each end to serve as ornamentation. The scarf is 15 cm wide and 136cm long, allowing it to conceal the razors effectively, and the knives as well is coiled properly. The total length of the scarf is extended by an additional 4cm for each iron ring, providing Amaya a handhold

Each razor on the lethal face is roughly 10cm in length, and 2cm in width, and their length runs the width of the scarf every 12cm and they are mounted in leather casings. they can be easily replaced if broken, and the leather is easy to mend.

Of the 11 places where razors would be affixed, places 2,6,and 10 have been substituted with 20cm knives that are 5cm thick at the base and taper like daggers. These hang freely, and perform slashing motions as she spins the scarf around.

The final (roughly) 8 cm of each end are left untouched, as to prevent any noise of the razors from colliding with potential armor.


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