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Maria's Vault Rsz_sample_b5f55bc911ba7f0506099c97dcd0676b
Name: Maria Semiramis
Country Affiliation: Wanderer
Race: Magician
Tier: D-Tier [Novice]
Class: Magician [Strength]
Age + Birthdate: 20, 1st of June
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Bisexual
Maria can best be described as a kind and outgoing person. She has an optimistic outlook on life and is fairly kind and friendly towards most people she encounters. Her kindness however should not be mistakenly taken as a sign that Maria is mild-mannered, she is in fact quite outspoken, opinionated and often forgets her manners and proper conduct when it matters the most. She is inquisitive by nature and likes trying out new things. As such she usually approaches most things with a noticeable level of enthusiasm and excitement.

Within Maria's personality also hides some conflict within itself. Namely Maria's goals are informed by her emotions. Her ambitions are a direct product of her relationships with those close to her and her fondness for certain things or people directly influences her agenda. As such it is in her nature to also react intuitively and emotionally to the world around her, however that is something she generally tries to avoid. She understands that rational thought and well thought out plans and observation are better tools than blind intuition and rushing and as such she often actively and consciously suppresses her own impulses. As a result she is rather careful and particularly prone to analyzing situations in detail which while a useful skill can also cause her to overthink obvious or simple situations. That makes it so that the things Maria wants to achieve are defined by her emotions and subjective worldview, but the methods she uses to achieve those things are rational and objective in nature. It is also not impossible for her to fall back onto her more intuitive nature in the heat of battle when she cannot spare any time for complex thoughts.

When it comes to her interaction with others Maria is very open about her feelings. Even outside of social interactions, Maria finds lying to be unnecessary and distasteful and will very rarely if ever engage in it herself. This makes her somewhat blunt as she isn't as likely to sugar-coat things as the average person and she struggles with being overly formal when interacting with others. Maria is also fairly romantic. She firmly believes in the concept of true love and one of her hobbies is actually romantic novels and similar literature.

She wears her heart on her sleeve, whether she likes or dislikes someone it will be fairly obvious to them. She tends to harbor less extreme feelings towards those she thinks negatively of, on average at least, but of course there are always exceptions to the rule, those who mange to push her buttons just right. On the other hand she has very little restraint when it comes to her friends and those close to her. She is very affection towards them and can even be described as somewhat clingy. Though it can make her seem stubborn or even disrespectful of private space, it's just her way of showing affection towards those she cares about. Furthermore, people she deems to be her friends have her undying loyalty. Maria greatly values remaining true to her friends and it is almost unimaginable for her to let them down or abandon them.  

Though Maria's not fond of violence and especially not cruelty, that does not mean that she is a pacifist. She finds the act of battle itself to be rather fun and will gladly engage in it whether it's a friendly spar or a fight with an enemy combatant, but she will remain mindful of not going overboard when it comes to hurting the other person unnecessarily. However even beyond her fondness for battle Maria herself understands that her aversion to violence if a fleeing privilege. Namely Maria has a strong sense of duty and firmly believes in the concept of "necessary evil". So while she herself by nature alone would never indulge in bloodshed and brutality she does not absolutely refuse it and she understands that there may come a day where that will be the only option or perhaps even an obligation she has to carry out.

Maria is aware that she is still young and inexperienced. Though she is capable of being carefree and living in the moment, simply enjoying herself, she does also feel the need to search for a place to belong, a purpose in life, bonds to forge and a legacy to leave behind. So long one is willing to put up with her somewhat unusual personality, they can find a loyal ally and friend in her.

- The night sky: Viewing the night sky has a calming and relaxing effect on Maria.

- Reading: Books are Maria's primary method of passing time when she has nothing else to do.

- Sweets: Though she adamantly denies it, Maria is actually a sweet tooth. She is particularly fond of strawberry flavoured snacks.


- Arbitrary decisions: Important things being done arbitrarily and without rhyme or reason confuses and annoys Maria.

- Waiting: Being stuck somewhere because she has to wait for something is tedious for Maria and she considers it a waste of time.

- Being wasteful: Maria cannot tolerate goods going to waste for one reason or another.


- Magic: Being a Magician, Maria naturally desires to master the craft. She especially wishes to experiment with magic and delve deep into the realm of combination magic to create a myriad of new types and forms.

- Martial prowess: Maria very much dislikes the idea of "squishy wizards", beyond just keeping her body in shape she hopes to master some form of melee weapon for situations where magic cannot be relied upon and more physical combat is required. Her wish isn't just based around the usefulness of the skill, she genuinely regards the mastery of a weapon as a fine and proper art.

- Purpose: Finding a place to belong and a purpose in her life is Maria's long term goal. For her this mostly means travelling and exploring the world as well as experiencing as many things as possible before finding her calling and settling in.


- Enslavement: Though it is true for any form of imprisonment or the limiting of her freedom, Maria is especially afraid of the idea of becoming a slave. The very thought terrifies her, especially since she does not know how she'd deal with it if she ever found herself in that situation. This also means she exhibits symptoms of claustrophobia.

- Losing herself: A scenario where Maria loses her sense of self is also terrifying to her. Whether it happens because of amnesia or some other cause Maria feels uncomfortable even thinking about it. In her mind, if she stops being the person she knows herself to be then that is no different than death as Maria as she understands herself no longer exists.

- Being obsolete: Being unneeded, both by the world and by the people around her is another fear of Maria's. If she is deemed obsolete to the point that she cannot be of any use to anyone, not even herself to her means that she is a complete failure.

Face-Claim: Scathach from the Fate series.
Hair Color: Burgundy
Eye Color: Red
Height: 175 cm
Weight: 66 kg

Maria is a fairly tall and slender young woman. For someone who spends a lot of time outside her skin is surprisingly light. Her two most striking features would probably be her long dark burgundy coloured hair which reaches down all the way down her back, a characteristic she herself likes quite a bit, as well as her crimson eyes which while coming across as rather soft making it somewhat difficult for her to glare at someone. Though a little muscular Maria's limbs and body appear rather slender, in fact even thin clothes don't reveal her muscles, it's only when she gets completely naked that one notices that she has must have worked to get the body she currently has.

When it comes to clothing she prefers cloth, silk and linen, comfortable and soft. When it comes to combat and travelling gear she usually still goes goes for silk clothes that are almost skintight combined with a cloak and she wears individual pieces of armour or heavier and thicker clothes over that depending on what the situation requires. She generally prefers feminine and "girly" clothes.

Rukh Alignment: White
Special Features: A small dot shaped birthmark on her left thigh.
Maria was born into the Semiramis family, a well respected and rather old family of Magicians, claiming to go as far back as the founding of the Academy itself. Though Maria does hold the family name of Semiramis, the situation is slightly more complicated to explain. Namely Maria is the product of an affair her father had. His own marriage was an arranged one and he was hardly happy. Maria's biological mother was a lowly librarian.

From the get go the affair was covered up by the Semiramis family as to not damage the family name. The woman was made to stay silent with both hush-money as well as implied threats if she were to speak out. Maria's father was punished by having his status within the family deteriorate. Maria was to live with her biological mother, however only seven years later her mother fell sick and died shortly after. That would usually mean that Maria would end up on the street as an orphan, but as luck would have it her biological father decided to adopt her and as such she formally became a member of the Semiramis family.

Though the family was rich and fairly powerful that hardly meant that Maria's childhood was an easy one. Though her father and her half-brother were fairly fond of her, her new mother could not stand her. Naturally it came from Maria being the daughter of her husband's mistress. Though the woman's scorn could be understood if it were aimed at her husband, but she was excessively cruel to Maria as well. In the following years the everyday life at the Semiramis estate was anything but a peaceful family life. Arguments, screaming and abuse were common. What's more there was not only her mother to deal with. The elders of the family constantly pressured and chastised her father as well. Though her life was rather hellish when it came to the constant abuse she had to take, she did at the very least get a good formal education as well as training in magic. It just came with being a member of the family it seemed, whether hated or not. Her father and half-brother tried to make things as easy as possible for her but in some situations their hands were simply bound. Still Maria genuinely loved both of them, especially her brother as he was practically the only person who ever played with her.

Once Maria was 18 however it was fairly obvious to her what she was going to do. She was going to leave Magnostadt and travel the world. Though she wasn't all too fond of Magnostadt itself too much, she had grown rather attached to her father, brother and some of the family staff who treated her decently. So it was not like she was leaving happily, however she knew that her mother would not let up unless Maria was out of her sight and what's more if she was gone her father would have to face less opposition and conflict herself. Besides she could still keep in touch with them and visit them from time to time if not actually returning home permanently one day.

And so Maria set off and began her life as a wanderer.

Role-Play Sample:

"There ya go kiddo." the craftsman said as he handed Maria her staff. Before he even fully extended his arm, Maria had grasped it with both of her hands.

She was beaming with joy. She had commissioned a new staff from the man and had been waiting for days and it was finally here. Needless to say she was beaming with joy. Her eyes were fixated upon the simple wooden construction. It almost seemed like she was rudely ignoring the craftsman, but truth be told her expression told the old man more than a thousand words could. It was always nice to see your craft being appreciated. After what seemed like several minutes of pure silence with Maria examining her new staff she finally remembered her manners and spoke up. "T-Thank you." she said before tossing a small purse of coin into the man's hand. The craftsman nodded in response and smiled. "Stay safe" is all he managed to say before Maria ran off disappearing into the crowd of the busy market.

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