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Going against Fate

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1Going against Fate Empty Going against Fate on 28/01/17, 06:32 pm

Leila Rosenberg

Leila Rosenberg
It had been only a few hours since dawn had approached, and yet Leila had already been forced to realize the consequences of her recent actions. Certainly, she had succeeded in her quest, and the chicken bandits were slain, but at what price?

There she was, bedridden as her shoulder was wrapped in bandages, the salve that was covering the stab wound from her earlier scuffle stinging lightly. Was this the limit of her power? The girl couldn't help but feel depressed at the awareness of how close she had been to dying. If it wasn't for Trapper, then she would have been a corpse already, and it was a bitter feeling, to be feeling so powerless. A deep sigh escaped her lips as she pulled her body upright, a soft whine escaping her lips at the throbbing pain in her shoulder, getting stabbed sure hurt more than she imagined, and while she had suffered no internal damage, a blessing, all things considered, the fact her attempt to create a powerful symbiote had failed, was something that infuriated her.

Slowly pulling on her blouse and coat the girl turned toward her companion, the sight of little Trapper balancing his body carefully on the back of a nearby chair making her smile for a moment.

"Let's go out for a walk, shall we Trapper?"

The bird chirped softly in approval, flying over to her, but recalling that she was still struggling with her injury, the bird opted to instead perch itself on top of her head! It was just like this, that the young lady decided to go out on a walk.

It didn't take long for her to arrive at the marketplace, the streets filled with various merchant stands, but one in particular had drawn her interest, it was an elderly lady, seated behind a table that held a single mysterious crystal.

"Hmm, how curious..."

The elderly lady mumbled softly, causing Leila to blink in bewilderment as she stepped a bit closer to the table.

"You there missy, with the mismatched eyes... You seem quite interested in this crystal."

Leila simply nodded her head calmly in response, her fingertips brushing along the crystal and soon she picked it up, inquiring about the peculiar object.

"They call it by many names, but it's often known as the 'Fate' Crystal, a mysterious crystal that will only be able to be shattered by someone who is about to accomplish something very significant."

That sounded like a load of superstition for sure, but then again... She had heard weirder things before! It was only a moment later when she finally asked the elderly lady.

"How much does it cost?"

The old lady grinned at her, explaining with a smile.

"How about a trade? Let this old woman read your fortune, and I'll grant you the crystal in return."

Fortune telling? She didn't exactly believe in such things, but she didn't see any harm in it either...


Leila's vault

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Leila Rosenberg

Leila Rosenberg
"For the time being, just stand still while I read your future..."

The old lady closed her eyes, a hand raised onto the table as she was seemingly holding some sort of orb. It was only slightly, but she could have sworn there was a feeble glow coming from the object.

"I see a great conflict... You struggle to overcome the past, but are the consequences a price you are willing to pay?"

The elderly lady's words confused her, but it was what followed that surprised her.

"You should abandon your quest for revenge, my dear, it will consume you, and only lead to your death..."

Abandon her desire? Did the old lady even understand what she was saying? For a moment she felt her mind slipping back into the distant past. A little girl who was kicked out of her home by her parents. She was abandoned by her family, and soon the city banished her. Although she was heartbroken, she found a tiny beacon of hope in the form of the elderly couple that took her in, the merchant caravan that took care of her, and for the first time, she felt like she had a place to call home... a place that was brutally stolen from her by the slavers that raided them.

An upbringing among slaves awaited her, a painful and tragic past where she wished death had already taken her, but in the end, that desire for a quick end had been consumed by an unnatural hatred. She hated her own miserable existence and desired revenge against the people who wronged her.

"It's only natural you feel this way, not everyone is destined for happiness, that is just the way Fate works."

The elderly lady's words had seemingly provoked something in Leila, the thoughts of how she had struggled so much to overcome the trials and tribulations her master had prepared for her. Was she really that powerless? Was she too weak to be able to get her revenge? Was it fate, that she would have to just sit back and live her life with those regrets?


Screw being weak, Screw someone else deciding her destiny!

"Abandon my desire for revenge? After all, that happened? You don't know what you're asking of me! I will not rest, nor will I die until the day Magnostadt knows the same terror and powerlessness that I felt after they abandoned me!"

The eldery lady's eyes widened in surprise as she saw the Black Rukh gathering around the young aide, her eyes sharpened in a glare as she shouted in anger.


A little snap followed from the crystal in her hand, and slowly the duo saw the crystal darkening into an obsidian hue, before she finally shattered it, declaring in anger.

"I'll obtain the power to deny such a fate, and get my revenge!"


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Solomon's Proxy

Solomon's Proxy
Shard of Solomon redeemed-- please remove one from your vault.

A mysterious force of fate is now at work.

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