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Merchant's Strife I [ Job | Mordecaiah / Ariel ]

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Setekh Fahim

Setekh Fahim

Job Details:
Job Name: Merchant’s Strife I
Job Rank: D
Job Location: The Plains
Job Rewards: 50 XP/3,000 Huang
Job Prerequisites: N/A
Job Overview: The roads along the Plains is often plagued by bandits, hoping to interrupt traders with their wares. Escort a caravan of merchants between two tribes to keep them safe.

Enemy Name: Bandit x5
Rank: D
Needed damage to take down: D
Description: Bandits sprint at 9m/s and wield a short sword that deals D-tier damage.
Jab – Bandit jabs his sword at 10m/s to inflict D-tier damage.

xxxxxxA gust of wind graced over his cheeks. The chill penetrating his skin and into his bones. He shuddered at the feeling. After looking around at his surroundings he wasn't quite sure where he was. A single thought in his mind was one that wondered where he was. The magician gazed over to the distant city of Magnostadt. He had ended up at least an hour outside of the city and seemed to have been traveling on the roads. This happened to him often. A sudden black out during the day and he would end up in odd places. Setekh felt tired and disoriented after them so the feeling was nothing new. He sighed, turning his body around to walk back to the city. A sudden sound of hoofs trotting on the rocky path and the clanking of wagons grew gradually louder. This made him freeze and move to the side for it to pass. A caravan had been making it's way up the hill. The people aboard seemed to be worse for wear and quite fearful at the sight of him. Setekh just waved with a weak smile before he began to walk again. But before they could begin to pass the magician, they began to stall quite abruptly.  "Excuse me!" shouted one of the drivers. Setekh turned his head, "Hm?" He wondered what they needed. Directions? Assistance? The magician couldn't be bothered with such menial tasks.

xxxxxx"Are you a great magician from the city?" Setekh nodded in response, "I wouldn't say I'm great but... yeah," he said reluctantly. The driver seemed delighted to hear that and a sigh of relief came out his mouth. "Please! We have been robbed once already and could barely fight off the bandits. Please, sir! Just travel with us to our tribe. We'll reward you and bring you back to the city afterwards as thanks," the man pleaded desperately. Setekh took a deep breath and shrugged. He had nothing better to do today and this wouldn't be too much work. The bandits out here were usually just outcasts looking to make a quick coin. All he would have to do is scare them with his magic and they'd go on their way. It was a long way to their tribe if he could remember the map of the plains correctly. The memory was still fuzzy but he sat himself on the back of one of the carts and held onto the side. "Alright, let's go then," he said, leaning onto the side. As the caravan began moving he began to have a bad feeling in his stomach. Throughout his life he had been ambushed way too many times than he could count. As time went on, the feeling got worse.

xxxxxxA war cry was heard suddenly as five men ran up the hill at the caravan. The merchants shouted in fear and ran out of their carts, hiding behind them. Setekh sighed and hopped from the back of the cart. Out of all the people he stuck out the most. Standing fearless against the bandits, he removed the staff off of his back and swung it around. "You really want to try stealing?" he asked with a dull tone. The magician didn't feel like exerting himself. The bandits laughed at him. "What are you gunna do? Shoot a dinky magic ball at us?" taunted one of the men. Setekh wasn't having his attitude today. He rolled his eyes and closed his eyes, tapping his staff onto the ground. "Bufu," he commanded. Bits of white rukh fluttered around his staff as a spike of ice rose from the ground, knocking one of the men up into the air which effectively knocked him out cold. "You want to try that again?" one of the men threatened. The magician wasn't phased and waited for them to make their move.

Word Count ( 500+ / 500 )
Magoi ( 150 / 160 )
OOC ( One enemy out of five down. )


Merchant's Strife I [ Job | Mordecaiah / Ariel ] MX6zHDk
Name: Old Ornate Twinblade
Tier: D Tier
Material: Magnesium (Overall) | Silver (Plating) | Dyed Cloth (Handle)
Appearance: The twinblade is roughly 183 cm long overall with extremely dull blades extending out of either end that make up 61 cm each. Blue cloth is tightly wrapped around the grip and appeared quite worn from use. The blades appear to have numerous scuffs implying it's age.
Abilities Used:

Ice Magic: Bufu
Tier: D
Class: Magician
Type: Offensive
Range: Medium ( 10m )
Requirements/Drawbacks: The user must chant the name of the spell and tap their staff onto the ground. It takes roughly half a second to raise from the ground.
Scaling: Damage
Sustain: 0
Cool Down: 1
Cost: 10 magoi | 5 magoi
Description: The caster raises a 1.5m tall ice spike from a targeted location 10m from the user dealing D Tier damage.


Merchant's Strife I [ Job | Mordecaiah / Ariel ] NMF1dpb

Neph Acxa

Neph Acxa

Merchant's Strife I [ Job | Mordecaiah / Ariel ] 9bU7kn0
Name: Ebenezer
Tier: D-Tier
Material: Wood, Silver, Gold.
Appearance: A long staff that doubles as a cane/walking stick. It also has a large knuckle guard which reaches down the bottom of the handle. Inside the larger area where the white and gray meet, there are small gold-colored gears. Handle is 10 In ( 25.4 cm ) ending at the wood. The wood is 70 cm long totaling the whole staff to be 95.4 cm.

Chewing gently on the edge of his pillow, Mordecaiah was interrupted from is dream. A chuckling whited haired man was sitting in the door frame, with his same white mug of coffee. The chuckling was the problem in which interrupted the gracious beauty sleep the young boy was having. His eyebrow arching with the laughing. Montague held his cane between is arm and side, while the fit perfectly in between his fingers. Sluggishly reaching for something to throw at his adoptive father, Mordecaiah had reached to far and fell from his bed. Crashing against the wooden floor board making one loud noise, but that was later pushed out by Monty's laughing hysterically at the poor boy. Standing up, in his plain white tank up, and stripped cow boxers Mordecaiah, went and shoved Monty out the room. Irritated enough that his sleep was ended, but the laughing and wasn't helping. Releasing a deep sighing from is mouth.

Holding his head down walking over to his closet grabbing his bandages scarf. Going around his neck with it, than grabbing is clean long V-neck top, and spenders. Placing on his olive pants, and inserting his colored rag into is left pocket, next thing was his gloves which were by is night table. Moving across the room, the floors beneath him were cracking and creaking loudly making his mood worst. Obtaining is gloves and tighting them on his hands, he'd strap on his boots quickly and head down to grab a jar of milk. There was one jar left, and Mordecaiah had gotten it. Uncorking the cork from the bottle, he'd position it against his lips. Removing his lips from the jar, he'd head for the front door. His Staff Ebenezer, almost replica to Monty's staff. Placing his left hand on the door knob and turning it to open the door heading out to the stables, and fenced field for the buffalo's.

Feeling the breeze of outside was the only thing kind of calming him currently. It was sort of the afternoon at the time, and it was his plan to sleep in. He's usually a early bird, but today was his off day which was interrupted by laughter. Upon entering the stalls the horses all jumped and neighed. Mordecaiah just kept his same pace heading to the fields to tend to the buffalo's, doing a little lean to the right and back to the left. Humming away at his own pace. One of the buffalo's close to the gate was snorting and seemed on edge. Running over to the animal, placing is hands against its large bushy main of hair to calm him down Mordecaiah, saw the blue birds from his daydreams. It wasn't two far from the farm, and he thought Montague wouldn't mind him checking out. Leading the buffalo that seemed to be on edge over to the gate by the reigns. Opening and closing the gate behind himself, he'd immediately hopped on the back and charged over to the spotting of the blue birds.

Arriving behind the people of merchants, a double lance dude, and 4 swords holding people. One looked soaked almost like he had been drenched in water, but glancing over the people again the lance man seemed to be protecting the merchants. Haven't arrived behind the group of sword wielding men, Mordecaiah tapped his cane against the ground "Vandens Kolonėlė" he spoke. Blue birds gathered around him just like in his daydreams, and formed into spiraling water. The sword wielding men could hear the rushing water as they turned, but it was too late. Crashing a whirlpool wave of water against two men within range of Mordecaiah, crushing them underneath the pressure drowning them inside the water to render them unconscious.
" Hello. Your too close to my family farm, and your distributing the animals. I'm going to need y'all to leave and if you insist to stay around, I don't know. I feel a mist will appear soon? "
He'd say questionably to the bandits, while trying to get a threat across to them as well.

word count: 500+/500
Magoi: 150/160
three of five taken down
Ability Used:

Vandens Kolonėlė{Water Column}
Tier: D-Tier
Class: Magician
Type: Offensive
Range: Medium
Requirements/Drawbacks: Requires the user to tap his staff against the ground.
Scaling: Damage
Sustain: 0
Cool Down: 1 Post
Cost: 10 Magoi ; 5 Sustain

    Using water magic, the user generated a column of spinning water . The water spirals around the caster like a whirlpool crashing toward the opponent from 5 meters away to deal D-Tier damage.


He weaved through the numerous men and women. The uncomfortable, prickly feeling of people swirling around him caused Ariel to clench his muscles and squeeze himself to make him more compact and small. It did nothing to ease his discomfort. It made it worse. Crowds were never Ariel's thing. He hated them. He couldn't stand people. He did not trust them. He wiped his bangs out of his face. Pointless; he performed the action only out of habit. His bangs fell back to their original place, just as he always attempted to step out of his limits unsuccessfully. How depressing, he realized. Such a recognition did not bode well for his determinations. He aspired to overcome his weakness - his body. Yet, he did not expect himself to achieve his goals. His history of retreating back to his comfort zone did not exactly support him.

"Almost there, Ari. Ugh, I can't wait to shake off these stupid crowds. Tch. Someone remind me why the hell I live in a city anyway?" he grumbled, his brow forcefully colliding with his eyelashes. With the entrance of Magnostadt's walls just in sight, his scowl twitched up slightly and his furrowed brows relaxed, though just barely. He let out a sigh he had not known he had been holding. His previously tense body unfolded and the Planetary Aligner shifted slightly, after having been held tightly in place. Overall, his intense attitude eased at the sight of the gate. Just beyond it, an endless scope of sky awaited him. A sense of bouncing on clouds vibrated through his bones when he wandered in the plains. The exhilarating sensation drew him to the Plains whenever the stress as a student in the Academy overwhelmed him. Or in general, the stress in life pushed him too far.

He had been away from the plains too long. The wispy breaths of gentle, cooling air raced past him, ruffling strands of hair. The scent of grass brought memories of his early childhood, the peaceful days when nothing worried him and everything fascinated him. As he left the city behind him, the chattering of people drained. The sound of people washed away. He surrounded himself in the refreshing, white song of the plains. The colors of Magnostadt were methodically clean and unnaturally dusty. The colors of the plains were vibrant, refreshing, and gentle. His eyes wore as he constantly gazed at Magnostadt - and any city for that matter. The Plains allowed him to rest his eyes and renew them. If he could and if he didn't have a higher purpose in mind, Ariel would have liked to live in the plains always.

Huh? A farm... and a caravan? He noticed bandits rushing towards the caravan. Ariel sighed in annoyance. Could they be any less careless? Tch. And here he was, thinking he'd be relaxing. Jeez, why him? Why did he always have to stumble across troublesome situations? The caravan must have hired someone to protect them from bandits, for a man about his age quickly tackled one bandit. Another magician - who Ariel deduced lived on the farm - sent whirling water at the bandits, effectively knocking out two other bandits. By this point, being only a few meters away, picked up their words. Or at least, he heard the farm boy ask and threaten the bandits. Eh, he might as well offer his unnecessary aid.

"Orbit," he murmured. Around him, the ground swirled and distorted towards four sources around him. He pointed his wand at the remaining bandits in a succession. Two orbs flew from around him, forcefully rammed into both bandits, and knocked them down. Barely heading the five, unconscious bandits around him, he, out of his fondness for children, smiled at Mordecaiah before continuing on his way. He wondered if he'd ever encounter the kid again. Very likely, considering his fondness of the plains.

Weapons Brought:
Planetary Aligner:

Merchant's Strife I [ Job | Mordecaiah / Ariel ] AIHLLVxg
Name: Planetary Aligner
Tier: A
Type: Advanced Wand
Magic Type: Strength
Appearance: A 50 cm long, 15 cm wide wand. The design is that of a solitary, blue orb that looks like it's distorting gravitational waves in the shape of a spiral.

  • Planet Juggling -The user feeds magoi into the wand and says "orbit". The ground around the user then starts shifting and warping, eventually shaping into 4 spheres that vary in size between .5 meters and 1 meter. The spheres then orbit around the user at a leisurely pace. If the user decisively points the wand at a target, one or more of the spheres will fling itself towards that target up to 20 meters away. The number of spheres flung depends on the user's will. Each sphere is capable of dealing C-tier damage upon impact, even when orbiting the user. 10 magoi to activate | 5 Magoi to sustain.

word count: 644/500

Magoi: 225/240
Stamina: 110/110


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