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Thugin Life [Solo]

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Job Details:
Job Name:Thugs In The Mine
Job Rank: C
Job Location: The Jade Dragon Mountain
Job Rewards: 100 XP/7,000 Huang
Job Overview: The mines where metal is retrieve for weapon production has been overrun by thugs. Go to the mining town, free the workers and kill all those that stand against Kou.

Enemy Info:

Enemy Name:Petty Thugs x5
Needed damage to take down:D
Abilities:Jab – Petty Thug thrusts their blade forward at 10 m/s to inflict D-tier damage.

Just another day for young Aseroth, weary of small out comes and simple things, new people have finally arrived he met the strangers of things such as Pirates and ex-slaves.  Feeling pretty  goggy after waking up, the sun shines brightly into his room, as one of the house maids came in and shined it bright upon Aseroth and brighten up the dark room. Cloths were scattered everywhere, as well as his equipment. She told the young master to get his stuff together, as she say the mess appear, smacking him in the head and walking out. Aseroth chuckling as he knew, he was in the wrong for not cleaning his room. Making a excuse to himself, Aseroth got up and rubbed his head feeling a sigh come out his mouth. Walking over to the bathroom to brush his teeth feeling obligated to get clean and go about his day, not really ready o start, but he knows he needs to make money. Leaving the bathroom, he came back into the messy room, going to each small pile of his clothing and folding them placing them in drawers, not willingly wanting to this. He doesn't want to bother the house maids with his own faults and dirty mess. 

Word Count: 207/1000


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Finishing the hassle of cleaning his room, his bed freshly made and shoes placed in the correct spot. Aseroth, finally switched from his pajamas to his regular outfit, and white captains jacket unbutton, showing off his torso with a little scars, some white suit pants and some comfortable shoes. Placing the cloths away, still in awe over the fact that he got hit by the house maid laughing about it as he remembered. Walking into the kitchen with the others of the house maids and butlers, hi-fiving each and everyone of them, and having some conversations along the stroll in the kitchen. He also saw the maid that smacked him, as he gave her an hug and simple kiss on the cheek, before grabbing his equipmemt and heading out his home. He took his 'Cold Coffin and Baël' with him, outside going through the alleyway heading towards the bar, usually Reggie's closed at this time, but Aseroth knows other ways to get inside and see his good old friend Reggie. 

" Hello Reggie, its been quite a while hasn't it? People seem to be flowing into the city from all places, I've met so many new people. " telling his friend about his current adventures and other things he done in the past few days. " Hmph, yeah people have been coming in and out the bar, some say there's some issues in the mining village that's supported by the city. Certainly they needs someone to go out their and help. Beside that, Aseroth you seem to be in high spirits today? Anything happen?" Question Reggie, while he also explained a potential problem. " Hmm, its just that I haven't really been doin my daily task around at home so i thought I would once I came back home " Aseroth rising an eyebrow hearing what Reggie said before asking him about his high spirits. " Reggie, what about people in a mining village? " he question him bringing forth the topic again. " Oh, I heard of thugs taking over the mining village and serveral guards aren't able to get in ", this making Aseroth want to travel there, a itching sensation over taking him as he felt the need to do so. " Aseroth, I can see the look in your eyes, you want to go there and liberate the people? " Aseroth just nodding his head to the question knowing that he gonna do what must be done. Paying Reggie a small amount of Huang for the information, waving him off as he shortly left out the back food since the bar was closed during the day. 


Taking a couple hours later, its around lunch time, as the sun still risen high into the sky, Aseroth white hair glowing from the brightness. He heading over to the to the front gate to travel away from the city to the mining villages. Being stopped by the guards whom seemed to being protecting the front gate, but not really doing much asked Aseroth to halt. " Were might you being going? " They questioned, with only a simple reply Aseroth gave them. " I'm heading off to the mining village, something that y'all couldn't protect as fellow guards. " He'd sounddd cocky and arrogant towards the two simple minded guards. Heading pass them as they felt that one hurt their pride, returning to their positions. 


Walking along the path the buzzing of wildlife in his ear, as the heat wave could be seen while walking, equipment at ready. Approaching the mining village noticing several blockages up and two men standing in the front of the village, possibly guards. Aseroth, averting from the main path going over into the bushes and woods sneaking close over to one of the man. Grabbing out from the bush, catching the one man off guard Aseroth had been given enough advantage over him to quickly snap his neck, leaving one left on the outside.  Whistling to attract the other one, he was more cautious than the other man, but this didn't bother Aseroth. The other man, had walked over as Aseroth planned, grabbing out a different spot than last time pulling him in to get his neck snapped quickly and effortlessly. ' Alright that's two, lets locate the rest ' thinking to himself, drawning his Baël, from its sheathe getting ready for action. 

Aseroth, headed for the mine shaft, his blade ready to slice down his enemies, as he approached, two men and one women attacked him. Jabbing At his lower stomach, and his head from two sides, Aseroth quickly reacted to his surrounds. Using Cold Coffin to guard the one of his right side, as he raised his Baël to guard his left side, while jumping up to advoid the impalement to his lower body. Kicking his right leg toward the on in front of himself knocking the petty thug, through the mine shaft doors. He'd push off his left foot charging forward right behind the first petty man, the doors coming off its heigns, noticing the group of people tied up on the inside, and some being forced to work further down deeper. The women and other man outside, came back to attempt and splash into Aseroth back, but his hearing hadn't failed him, as the boards crecked loudly as they came in. Ducking and guarding with his shield, he slash horizontally from behind it chopping the two in half leaving them to bleed out with large gaping gaps. The people getting frighten by this beast of a young man, Aseroth just proceed to cut them lose and release the workers, haven't cleared what seemed to be the remaining petty thugs. The one that got knocked through the shaft door had fled in fear of his life, Aseroth not concerning himself with him. 


Haven't cleared up the mining village, and helping them get settled back into their lives, the city sent guards to help better protect them. Aseroth had return home to retire to some sleep, as he layed in his bed thinking about troubled times. This getting heavy on his mind until he just passed out to fatigue. 

Word Count: 1,262/1000

Equipement Brought:
Name: Baël

Tier: D Tier

Type: Serrated Sword

Material: Steel

Appearance: Has a serrated blade which are typically less smooth and precise unlike cuts made with a smooth blade. The blade usually resembles that of the riggeareas of chainsaws, sawtooth, or dentated blades. Baël length is 20cm= 7 7/8 in, and weights 2.9kg= 6lb. Half the length being the large sawtooth like blade  connected to no hilt and just having a red spiked covered wooden grip.

Name: Cold Coffin
Tier: B
Type: Magic Weapon - Shield
Magic Type: Dry Ice (Heat + Ice)
Appearance: A 150 cm tall and 90 cm wide, kite shield made from what looks to be a skull encased in dry ice. Perhaps the skull is from an unfortunate dungeon challenger? The shield is 25 cm at its thickest making rather heavy and cumbersome without the use of above average strength. It has two straps and a grip for easier and more comfortable maneuverability.

  • Cold's Grip - When the user feeds magoi into the shield and blocks/touches a physical attack/object, the dry ice flash freezes 1 square meter of the physical attack/object. The flash freezing is only on the surface and doesn't deal damage, but the physical attack/object gets stuck to the shield and can't get free for 3 posts unless the shield itself or the ice is broken. Damage, if applicable, is still dealt to the shield when using this ability. 10 Magoi to activate | 5 Magoi to sustain.


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