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What is any roleplaying community without it's members? Without you, it is nothing. But does the site you're on deserve you? Does it treat you right? Do you want to honestly feel respected and appreciated, as part of a tightly-knit community that really wants to spend time with you and your characters?

Here at Bleach Story, we properly care for our members. You are all united as a single family and we like to keep a sense of peace and unity at our community. What is unique about us is that anyone may freely suggest anything - regardless of what it is, you will be heard. Everyone has the chance to be heard even if it isn't the biggest idea yet, because to us, everyone person is important regardless of who they are or what they say.

You'll never have to live by someone else's laws again. Come and become one of us. Write your own story -- and become a part of ours. We'll take care of you. You're special to us.

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"Come home..."

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