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Bleach: Lost Souls [lb]

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Bleach: Lost Souls [lb] 30bo4ed

Everybody knows what happens when people die, or so they think. The body's laid to rest, prayers are murmured, tears are shed. And those we left behind move on. For some, that's painful. For others... well, maybe one door closed when we died, but a whole new one opened in its place. The year is 1531. In 1326, I died. The Egyptians had it right, as it turns out - there's another life on the other side, one that's supposed to be better. When they send you off, them accursed Shinigami, they call themselves, they say it won't be so painful any more, that on the other side you never feel hunger, it's safe and warm and inviting over here.

Well, maybe for most people that's right. The truth is, for most, the Shinigami lied. They just tell you that so you won't struggle. The Sengoku Jidai's got a firm grip on Japan, pitting disciple against master, son against father, friends against friends. Every day, the Goteijusantai sends dozens of officers to the living world, trying frantically to keep up with the mass numbers of people that are dying in this idiotic battle for supremacy. In a mirror of a sort, the other side's in the midst of a raging war for power over Rukongai, to either make living here better or worse. I was the first to say enough. They call me Gin now; silver. It's a play on the fact if I get after you, the last thing you see is a glint of silver off my blade.

I started a bloody war. And to think, all I wanted was a good cup of tea.

an alternate universe, pre-canon bleach rpg, with a focus on plot and storyline instead of fighting and power levels. no word count, easy app, friendly and easygoing staff team, member-driven site plots, ability to do your own plots to the side, divisions run 100% by captain and lieutenant team, full and true collaboration on ic missions between divisions, ability to play rogue characters, offering shinigami, quincy, spiritually aware humans, and diablo (combination of arrancar and vizard). We also have dragons and demons, but they are not app-able. even if you've never seen or read bleach before, you're welcome with us - you don't have to know much about it to play here! check us out today!

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