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Explorer II [Chain][Job][Solo]

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Job Details:

Job Name: Rescue The Dog!
Job Rank: D-Tier
Job Location: Imuchakk
Job Rewards: 50XP/3,000 Huang
Job Overview: The granddaughter said her dog had followed her to the pass and pleads with you to find Scruffy. She thinks he may have taken shelter in one of the many caves. Beware any other wildlife that may have taken refuge as well!

Enemy Name: Vicious Sno-phers (x2)
Rank: D-Tier
Needed damage to take down: D-Tier
Abilities: These snow-happy gophers move at 10m/s and deal D-tier damage.

Waking up the next mourning early to go get in an mourning exercise to get the blood flowing. Putting his pelt on and flufffy vest, today taking with him his Charkrams 'Crystal World', placing them on his belt. His parents still sleep and little active at this dawn of a mourning as some fisher men/women travelled with poles to go so a calm place to fish.  Stepping out the curtains to his home taking in a deep breathe, his charkrams jiggling at his waist holding the curtain right above his hand looking up into the sky his eyes glittering with the sun reflection hitting them. His skin feeling mourning chill air as he stepped into the soft white snow beneath himself 'Wonder if that girl has gotta better since being found ' thinking of the granddaughter as he never gotta their names even though he lived here his entire life. ' I might as well visit them today since I did indeed say I would come ' finishing his thought turning back into his home and going to the kitchen. He'd roam and look through his cabinets and pull out a large turkey leg, and placing it on the roaster starting up a small fire. Roasting the turkey leg spending the spell of it throughout the house, waiting 30-45 minutes to get a nice golden crisp to it. Putting out the fire and taking the time to eat the turkey leg, walking out the house and staring around the village and more people begun waking up and becoming lively, the turkey leg hitting the spot. Rubbing his belly and putting away the toaster and cleaning up after himself, he leave out his house saying bye to his parents.

Heading off in the direction of the elderly lady homes and her granddaughter, the snow churching beneath his feet loudly kind of annoying him. Coming up to the old lady home and knocking on the door, " Hey Elder, I'm here to check on your granddaughter, I just want to make sure she's fine " knocking on the wooden door moving the curtain aside. Foot steps could be heard coming to the door quickly like someone was panicking. " Umm Mister... In fine but could you help me! This is urgent please " she speaking really fast some of it not  registering to him. " My.. m-My dog is out there in those caves... snif... please mister uhh. What's your name? " her grandmother coming to the door behind the child to comfort her. " My name is Xandros, Elder, and it would be my pleasure to go find your dog. " smiling to reassure her. " thank you, Xandros, my name is Moana and my grandmother is Fio. My dog names is Scuffy, please find him. " she told him as Xandros just nodded and turned to head out the village. Stomping through the snow more easily this time through knowing the pervious location he had found Moana, at starting his search there for Scuffy.  Walking around the caves exmainging each one carefully looking into them. " Scuffy, Here boy.. -whistle- Hereeee Boyyy. Come on out Scuffy, Moana miss you" calling out the the dog. Traveling little bit further up the path than he had before, listening in as the tundra breeze went passed him violent in the mountain pass.

Barking could be heard in the distance behind a snowy cloud, and something else. Xandros, taking cation about further approach, drawing 'Crystal World' his chakarams from his waist band, getting closer to noise the blood of Scuffy on some noise showing off the crimson color of it and a lot more puddle of blood from what seemed to be two violent Sno-phers.  Xandros noticing this quickly tighten his grip and charged forward Slashing diagonally into the snow and the first Sno-Pher, going through its fur with a swift motion easily leaving a large gash as the other sho-pher Bursted into a sprint and swiped its class at the open side of Xandros and only left a small nick like scratched on him. . Scruffy barking now only a small portion of his right back leg cut up and bleeding, nothing to serious thouse. Turning to react to the scratch   Xandros swiped vertically and ending the Sno-Pher life before it could even jump back Blood scattering across the pure white snow, looking scarlet in color as Xandros went and picked up Scuffy without the dog fighting back knowing its possibly death if he did so. " Its gonna be fine, your going home " he speak to the dog returning to the village with him in his arms. Arriving serval hours later, knocking on Fio and Moana door, " I have scruffy and he slightly injure " speaking as the door sooned to open and Moana came weeping. " Thank you, Xandros in truly great full of your kind heart.. even though you look scary sometimes. " She say taking Scuffy from his arms looking at the wounds. " Thanks young Xandros, this family is very much thankful of you. " sailed Fio as Xandros replied " Aww... I love to bring Chaos but you guys just really nice and I thought I could help the village little by little Ya'Know" speaking as he turned to take his leave. " Xandros could you come by tomorrow, i need something of you but that's for another time. " Moana speaking as he saw him leave. Xandros throwing up a thumbs up as he'd yawn and wave at his mouth with his left hand and continued to his home.

Word Count:916/500
Stamina: 120/150
Abilities Used:
r=Abilities Used]
Slash I

Tier: D-Tier
Class: Warrior
Type: Offensive
Range: Short
Requirements/Drawbacks: Requires the usage of the Ring Blade.
Scaling: Damage
Sustain: 0
Cooldown: 1 post
Cost: 10 :: 0

    Xandros, wielding a ring blade would slash diagonally into his opponent dealing D-Tier Damage.


Explorer II [Chain][Job][Solo] FFpaX6R

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