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Job Details:

Job Name: Villager Rescue
Job Rank:D-Tier
Job Location:Imuchakk
Job Rewards:50XP/3,000 Huang
Job Overview: An elderly woman in the village has asked you to go out and find her granddaughter. She had been heading for the mountain pass when the avalanche came. Search the mountain pass for the lost Imuchakk!

Xandros waking up early in the morning. The cold weather feeling nice and warm on his skin as he'd get up from his bed. Going to greet his parents lucky enough to have both of them still, leaving his Crystal World's, inside his room for another time. He'd walked across the living room and enter the bathroom to brush his teeth and wash his face in some freshly cold water. His crimson eyes brimming with excitement and leaving a small gleam to them. Going back into his own room grabbing his cloth and tattered lower garments, feeling the warmt given off by the clothing heading outside his home.

Waving off to his mother and father, usually heading off the library to read up on the history of the country and the new leader. " Seems today Wilbur glarious, or doubtful. " speaking to himself as many others had conversations outside there homes, the snow drenching his sandles, but barely causing him any issues. The cold feeling just like a nice relaxer to the body as he marched toward the public library, this old lady panting and pacing around in front of her home. It looked like she has been worried for days on end, snow layer on top of her head dress and fell off slowly each time she turned, even though she didn't notice meaning something was greatly wrong. Rising his right eye brow to the little old women, Xandros step in front of her and simply spoke gentle to her.

" Y-Young Man.. Would you help this little old lady? please? -Weeping- No one is listening to my request... " Speaking toward Xandros as their eyes made contact. Snow crunching beneath his feet making a 'crrhp' noise when both his feet planted on the earth. " How may I help my fellow tribe women? My elder " speaking gently to her and keeping his manners in check. " My.. My granddaughter hasn't return after sometime in the mountain pass please go and look for her, Young man please! " grabbing his jacket and fur trimming pulling him in tightly as some snow hit his face. " My Elder, Your suprisingly strong hahah, and it will be my pleasure to find your granddaughter. " She letting her grip go as he sooned to bow and head off toward the front gates surrounding the tribes home. Crunching through the snow leaving behind large foot prints, his mid-drift shown as he continued traveling through it.

The sun high, and blocked by a light cloud. The cold breeze feeling really nice, extra snow pushing him back kind of as he'd have to clear out some on the path due to the avalanche in the pervious days. Thinking of why her granddaughter would be stupid enough to travel alone during bad weather out into the mountain pass of all things. Nearing the mountain pass, Xandros begun yelling at the top of his lungs his deep tone rumbling through the snowy field and path. " Ummm! I-Is their anyone out here alive! Your grandma sent me.. ugh that sounded bad. Hello, Granddaughter to Elderly lady are you here!? " speaking multiple times as he'd walked around the mountain pass now. Passing multiple caves that appeared after the avalanche noticing one covered in a thick pile of snow. " Help!!! Help me!! Anyone there " Xandros hearing the slight noise coming through a cave blocked off behind him and not the pile he had been looking at. Going over to the snow pile and burrow through a little of it, opening up a small pocket for air. " Are you alright? I'm here because your grandma told me to find you " he'd continue to burrow through the snow, it decreasing slowly right now.

"It all happened quickly and I come to found myself passed out in here. Granny warned me about the storm three nights ago.. and I been here every since. " Her voice raspy and a shaking noise could be heard, Xandros speaking. " 3 Whole days! My gosh, I'll have you outta here quickly " stepping up his digging and the snow begun to disappear faster and a possibly hole is able for her to climb out of is available. The girl pulled herself up with the assistance of Xandros, now standing besides him holding onto his body for warmth as she had frostbite along her body and chills running along his arms. Taking her up into his arms like a bride, Xandros made his way back to the Town quickly and easily making it back in under 2 hours. The grandma praising him while her Granddaughter went to sleep with warm cloths and a lot of covers on her body, Xandros speaking " Ill return once she better, just let me know if you need anything more, Elder-san " taking his leave to his home to sleep.

Word Count: 796/500


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