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Country Guide V.1 [ Training ]

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Rolling Eyes Aseroth leaving out the front door to the De Lucas Household, his father and many treated well House maids and servants there in his stead. The morning sun rising streets barely booming this early morning. Running his fingers through his hair the platinum/turquoise locks hitting his shoulders falling to the rest on the middle of his back. Walking down the street heading to the gate leading into the Jade Dragon Mountains, keeping his serrated blade on his back sheathe, rolling his right arm circling back and forth as he'd continue walking. Reaching to his belt pulling up a small gourd moving it upward to his mouth uncorked taking a quick swig, getting some goose bumps from the cold refreshing water.

Knowing he going to be out in the Mountains for serval weeks, Aseroth prepare a small knit bag of a single pillow and some berries. Passing the entrance check point waving to some of the other guards as he left into the mountains walking the path taking him deep into the mountains. Gripping the handles on his small knit bag, crouching in his spot before breaking the ground beginning his training right away by entering into a jog of 7 m/s jogging the path leaving small by large foot prints of his shoes, not knowing his strength. Jogging for what seemed to be 3 hours nothing to much to begin with as his breathe was quite steady as he came to an stop. Nearing a river bank Aseroth, quickly set up his small camp, going to the river bank getting some water first with his bare hands than his gourd from before refilling it. Listening around himself taking in the nature around himself hearing some stray wolfs, a bear, some cubs possibly near by wondering which one would be beneficial to his training.

" I wonder what Aquila, doing right now... hmmm " thinking to himself, eatting some berries near the river bank. Looking into the water staring at his reflection thinking again. " Alright Weight training and basic " thinking of a small amount of  size exercise for his training. Going into the forest to return serveral minutes later with two large boulders near half the size of a full grown tree, going to his small camp gathering some robe. Putting the robe down and unrolling it out getting a decent length for two pieces of robe tieing them around the large boulders. Dusting his hands off than proceeding to lift one of the two boulders, beginning to stepping inside the river bank sinking about 3 meters into the water coming up to his groin. Walking up the bank of the river with the boulder on his back to increase his endurance and physical strength alone for a continuous weeks, adding another boulder every three days learning to balance them on top of each other in the progress.

Serveral weeks passing of this boulder and current training, Aseroth body covered in bruises as his cloths were tattered and soaked from walking into the bank fully clothed. His muscle definiton showing improvement as he took off the tattered clothing. " I've been out here for a while now, I hear some people pass by earlier and it seems Kou is okay " thinking to himself, walking into the river to clean himself. Black smuge would smear across the surface of the water and some blood from his bruises could be seen mixed in it.  
As he bathe in the river bank, an large unforeseen or even heard bear came up to the extact spot Aseroth stood fully unclothed and bathing. Upon opening their eyes, the Bear looked into Aseroth reddish eyes and snarled growing anger, the opposite happened for Aseroth though, sweat running from his forehead dropping into the river as he cracked a chuckling grin and angered the bear more by saying "I been bearing out these, ya'know?? Ha... haha... " just eagerly pissing him/her off. The bear quickly  reeling back his arms claws erected and sharp to the point Slashing at Aseroth multiple times tearing at his flesh roaring loudly. Being use to the current Aseroth, Flexed and tighten his muscles and crossed his arms to block the bear within his prep taking the attack from the bear reciving few scratches to his durable skin almost like he shrugged it off. The bear relentless with the pressured attack ferocity continuing its assault, Aseroth getting pushed back as his skin begun to scum to the assult his fleshing starting to grow in damage. Thinking quickly to himself, he'd   Jump toward the bear ramming his head into the gut immobilizing him slightly taking this time to get in a apporate stance still nude as a now developed gash on his left forearm from defending rendering the arm useless leaving the right arm avalible. The bear would get on all four and rush towars Aderoth ramming into him getting knocked back into the truck of an tree Aseroth felt the pain shoot up his spine as he'd slid down the bark to the ground, getting back to his feet feeling sluggish and his momentum shot as the blood oozed out more quickly. ' I need to the treat these wounds.. and immobilize this bear ' thinking to himself entering a dash of 10 m/s heading at the bear. Standing up again, slashing vertically at Aseroth aiming to cut him down as he dashed at him   , quickly jumping to the left and skidding on his bare feet, Aseroth, Reeled back his right arm and took a hard jab at the side of the bear and continued with a diagonal kick toward the face as it was  shaken a large snapping noise with a sting gust of air bounced off the bear body as both hits connected. " This is a great shame... ughhh.. Rest in piece bear, wished it could have been different " speaking over the body of the bear as the head layer rotate around from the kick.

Going back to his camp Aseroth collected some guard warps and treated his wounds wrapping them nicely and tightly. Going back over to the ground where his blood payed and the bear body, he picked it up over his right shoulder, carrying his knit bag with his leg shoulder and begun to return home after training in the mountains. Taking him almost the entire day to get outta of the deep mountains and too the check point gate. Aseroth greeted the guard standing by the gate and showed them the large bear he accidentally killed but is now going to serve as food for his family. Traveling the streets getting to his house easily from the gate after some long weeks of building up some basic workouts his strength showed it results against the bear today, going to wash up again once inside his house leaving the bear to the kitchen chief, saying 'Every Eats' to him.  

Word Count: 1,160/500
Stamina: 169/170
{Warrior D-Tier -> C-Tier }

Basic Guard

Tier: D Tier
Class: Warrior
Type: Defense
Range: Close
Requirements/Drawbacks:  Taking a denfensive stance, standing still in one stop preparing to take an attack.
Scaling: None
Sustain: 0
Cool Down: 1
Cost: 10 Stamina
Description: Crossing his arms together at the center of his chest, tighting his muscles to not receive deep wounds/cuts from the attack/assault/combo up to a C-Tier Amount of Damage.


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