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Country Guide Novel {Aseroth's Vault}

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Old Sheet:

Country Guide Novel {Aseroth's Vault} 8x4Ao1E
Name: Aseroth De Lucas II
Country Affiliation: Kou Empire
Race: Fanalis • Dominant / Human • Recessive
Tier: D • Novice
Class: Warrior
Age + Birthdate:18 • January 8th
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Hetrosexual

Aseroth, hasn’t forgotten the people who has looked down on him. Whether they saw him as a bastard, or a ruthless brute on the battlefield. He had no worries about them. His ‘pride’ was too great for anyone to knock him down. Aseroth, mother had always told him to never let anyone bring him down, and to always prove those who sought to try down. Her words was his backbone to rising up to the occasions and never faltering to anything. It was her death that made him cold however. Through his sour life, she was his light and when she died only a chilling storm took over his inner rage.

Being lost has change quite couple things for Aseroth. He may be a fanalis, but he isn’t dumb. Haven’t grown indecisive, Aseorth finds himself having multiple second thoughts when trying to make a decision. Once he does however, he see through with it being his main attributes, and never having regrets. Aseroth, tone has severely changed though like he was laidback and happy to go along with anything, but now he’s normally serious, and observant. Speaking on matters as he sees fit, and questioning with two questions.

Battle;Thirst: His raw thirst for battle, is the reason why he enlisted in the rather than be forced into the Kou Empire Army.

Family/Friends: Aseroth enjoys spending quality time with his friends, and family. When he’s not working, he usually out or home.

Training: Having a thirst for battle, he spends his time honing his ability. Aseroth, is always up for learning something new, or genuine time sparring close friends.

Snakes: Spending two months in the Jade Dragon Mountains. Aseroth grew to dislike 'giant snakes', not all snakes since he had to run from one for so long.

Abusive People: He can't stand someone who abuses someone else. Aseroth, would completely lose his composure and try to stop a abusive person.

Aseroth, goal in life has slightly changed. He doesn’t see himself holding his dynasty name any longer, and plans to leave it all to his younger brother. Scratching out the name ‘De Lucas’ seeing in how it’s not very kou’ian, he believes he should set himself free and leave Kou. Aseroth, does however want to explore a dungeon still and experiences the vast lands it holds not concerned about the dungeons power. Whether he can achieve this goal or not, being able to see more then Kou would satisfy him.

Aseroth, doesn’t enjoy having the heartache that comes along with love. He has a phobia that if someone loves him, or if he loves someone dearly. It would show a weakness for him, or crush the other person. Seeing in how many don’t care about his bastard background, Aseroth still harbors that emotional scar of not being able to seek a relationship. He can’t seem to find a way to shake this so whenever he’s confronted in a situation such as feelings… he goes mute or rather zoned out.

Face-Claim: Tobirama Senju | Naruto
Hair Color: White
Eye Color: Crimson
Height: 198.12 cm
Weight: 65.31 kg

Aseroth, has marked his face with three red marking from blood of his enemy, one under each of his eyes and on his chin. His new casual outfit is a blue kimono, with armour underneath. A white haori over the blue kimono, with a large straw hat that rice farmers usually wore. His usually facial appearance is cold, and his eyes are sharp. Aseroth, standing straight up and not all loosy-goosy anymore. His composure has straightened, out and he’s gotten more lean with a cut figure to him.

In combat situation however, or when he goes to do a job. Aseroth attire is completely different except for color scheme. He wears a basic blue armour, with a fur collar over a one piece black suit. He wears a metal forehead protector, with brown sandals. Usually the color scheme is hard to see when he’s wearing it because, Aseroth rampages or slaughters through his opponents. During a mindless rampage in a ‘fanalis rage’, Aseroth eyes tend to be like that of a animal and glowing red.

Rukh Alignment: White
Special Features:
History: --

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• Classes •

  • Primary -  Warrior [C-Tier]
  • Secondary -
  • Tertiary -

• Traits •


Fanalis Physiology:

• Professions •[/list]

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Warrior [9/25]
• D-tier Abilities •

• C-tier Abilities •
• B-tier Abilities •
• A-tier Abilities •

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• Weapons •
Pineapple Mango:

Blueberry Orchid:

Daiguren Yukine:

• Items •

{Shard Of Solomon}:

• Beasts •

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