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Improved Swordplay

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Aayla's breathing was heavy as she made her trek up the mountain. She had managed to salvage some rope she had found from a broken down caravan near the slavers base she and Jericho had raided. She had fastened it around a rather large boulder that she had found in the river itself and had taken to dragging that boulder around regularly to improve on her strength.

That was what she had been doing over the last week that Jericho and Aayla had spent camping out in the forest. She would walk up and down the river one day and the next she was trekking her way up the mountainside. She only ever took it off whenever she would return to camp.

It was safe to say that Aayla was sufficiently tired doing this every single day for the past week... however she was determined to keep pushing herself to her very limits. She needed to be stronger, she needed to be faster, she needed to be better! She wanted to do what she could for the slaves within the Kou Empire, and to abolish it completely, she had to break a few heads without being caught. Not only did she need to be strong for herself, she needed it for all of them.

Today was Aayla's 8th day of training with that boulder, and it had become far too easy for the Fanalis girl to drag around at that point. If she started dragging anything bigger she would make herself far too obvious to any passing travelers, and the last thing she needed was to draw attention to herself.

She decided that instead of strength training, it would instead he time to train herself more with her sword. She had really only used it that one time they infiltrated the slavers camp and didn't know how to use it very well... so she might as well learn how to use it instead of keeping it as a heavy decoration for her back!

She finally drew the large claymore from it's strapping and stared at the large blade for a long moment as she held it in front of her. She would take a deep breath before she would practice some more basic swings. Up and down, left and right until she found the right motions that felt right to her. Once she had that, she would practice those motions again and again, then build up to her actually being able to move around while slashing this way and that!

It took hours for her to simply understand the basics of her sword play, and hours more into the night for her to be able to wield the sword at a full run! That wasn't even to say she could use it efficiently at all yet! She was still discovering it as much as she was discovering herself, and that was possibly why she felt so attacked to it... They were both new to the world, and would both learn together.

She practiced well into the night, only returning to camp hours before daybreak where she would get in some much needed sleep. All that only to return to her training the next day, and the few that followed it. With each passing day she would grow more and more comfortable with the blade, soon discovering it's magical properties and furthering her training still to be able to use them.

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