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Koko (Resubmitting)

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Want a drink?:
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Pop Star Koko:
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Vulnerable Koko:
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Adult Koko:
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   Name: Koko
   Country Affiliation: Imuchakk VIllage
   Race: Imuchakk
   Tier: D-Tier
   Class: Warrior
   Age + Birthdate: 18, May 21
   Gender: Female
   Sexuality: Heterosexual
   Personality: Koko is impulsive, meaning she often acts before thinking. This tends to get her into a lot of trouble as it starts alot of fights, causes internal strife, and strenious (but sometimes hilarious) misunderstandings. Although she may come off as a hot blooded troublemaker (which she kinda is), she is actually quite nice when you get to know her. She honors her friends and repays the debts she owes by any means necessary. She'll go as far to pay off a friends debt. To her, friends are like family, since her's is gone.

Koko used to regret her birth deformity. She was born small and never grew to the height of the normal Immuchakk. She stayed the size of a human, although she was a pure bred. With time though she learned to accept it as a part of her, and a way to fit in with the humans a lot better. Koko's life wasn't terrible but she didn't have the best life. She was branded a freak of nature and exiled from her village due to her size. During this time, the driving force in her life, was her father. Together they found a new home for themselves within the tundra of Immuchakk. During this time Koko was taught by her father that love is a very volatile emotion and that it can cloud judgement. He however only asked for her to at least try and keep her emotions in check as a female. She was also taught the basics of survival. She'd taken up hobbies and learned talents from the ever rare traveler they acquired. She fell in love with Singing and for the first time in a long time she was feeling... truly happy.

When Koko's father died, it took a hard hit on her. She didn't cry at all, she was just... mortified. She was learned in Totomamoru that crying was a weakness and weakness could be extorted. So instead of shedding tears, she simply trained in her home for years at a time with her fathers spear. Her Father, was the only person she had left in the world and she lost him. She feels pain whenever she hears about a dungeon. However afraid she is though, Koko would never back down from a challenge. What was worse, was that they never found his body...only his weapon and his ripped black shirt which Koko fashioned into a jacket that she wears all the time. There was never any solace. She however decided to give up hope after a month of nothing showing up. She didn't want to give up but it would hurt a lot less if she did. In the end her father's body was never found and she moved on with life, pushing through the pain like always. but this time... alone. When things got rough she could no longer rely on her father, she needed to learn it all her own. This memory was like a fresh begining. It was her first step into adulthood. A step she was forced to take. She has a bad habit of bottling up her probles. She'd rather shoulder the entire burden and make it sound as if everything is fine when really it's not. She's secretly breaking inside. Eventually there will become a point where she'll explode.
  Honor: She always keeps her word.
  Challenges: If it's a fight she thinks she can win, she'll never back down, other wise she'll listen to what her gut tells her. So far she's never backed down from a challenge.

  Families: They're always heartwarming to see. Seeing as how she no longer has a family, she looks upon and over these famalies because they remind her of the family she once had when it was just her and her father.

  Camping: She's very good at surviving in the wild. She's done it the majority of her life. It reminds koko of her dad.

  Singing: She learned this from a traveler that stayed with them for a bit. Eventually as the years passed and her singing practice proved fruitful. She was graced with a beautiful voice that could lull babies to sleep, change someones day from terrible to great, and even calm the angry. (power of music is no joke)

  Her Father: This man was the most influential person in her life. He couldn't teach her about everything, so she wasn't a girly girl but she knew how to handle her basic needs and the needs of others. He went into the Plague Dungeon and eye witness accounts say that his group was ambushed and left for dead.

  Training: She has to find some way to relieve stress. It also helped her get over her fathers death.

     Cheating: Cheating is a very dishonerable thing to do. You not only disrespect the sport for the rules and regulations set in place for a reason but you also disrespect your oppenent and yourself.

    Being talked down to: Koko see's everyone as equal, and will only talk down to you as a joke or to rile you up.

  Dungeons: Her father went missing (or was most likely killed) in one of these. She would of course have her reservations about going into one of these. However she isn't afraid to go in and show her enemies who's boss.

  Disrespect to/by a parent to/from a child: Respect is a 2 way street and she doesn't stand for abuse. She believes in the wholesome family love. She believes that life's too short to live hating each other.

    Aspirations: "The one thing I Aspire to have the most is a family I guess. Currently I'm sort of lacking in that department and i'd like to know how it feels to be surrounded by family... sorry... it's just... bad memories. My mom passed away during child birth and left me with my dad. Sadly my father died after going to traverse the dungeon in Immuchakk. I miss him dearly and he was all I had left... I really just yearn for that family setting right now. I want to be surrounded by friends and family because friends are family."

  Phobias/fears: "Well to be honest I'm known for my fearlessness because there is no challenge that I can't face... at least... that's what i'd have said before if my father was still alive. To be honest my fear is actually a quite recent creation. I'm afraid of Dungeons, after all one of those... those... THINGS! took away the only family I had left in this world. No matter how afraid I am I'll step up to the challenge if the need arises, unless i'm forced to. after all I have nothing to lose."

   Face-Claim: F! Ciel - Elsword
   Hair Color: Blue
   Eye Color: Brown
   Height:162.56 Cm
   Weight:75.29 kg
   Appearance:Koko is a very special Immuchakk she stands at 162.56 cm. She is actually extremely short for the race as an immuchakk however it is a birth defect. She however is very fit despite her size. She is mostly muscle still and can do everything a normal Immuchakk can do. She has very long blue hair that she ties up in a ponytail. Around her shoulders she wears her fathers leather skin shirt. Yes her father was 3x larger than she was, maybe more, but in the end she fasioned it into a nice jacket. She used some material to wrap her hair in a ponytail. She was also able to make black boots out of them as well. Strapped on her back is her father's old spear. Wulfric.  It was his hunting spear. He had memories with it and kept in very good condition. Now Wulfric was in Koko's hands.
   Rukh Alignment: White
   Special Traits: N/A
   History: Koko's mother died giving birth, however she ended up becoming the splitting image ofthe woman. As a baby, Koko was abnormally small especially for immuchakk children. This wasn't seen as a problem though in the village of Totomamoru. After all as a baby it was too early to tell if she'd gain a sudden growth spurt. After all she was only but a child. However the notion of growth was thrown out the window as she got older. The Elders of Totomamoru only accepted pure bred Immuchakks and exiled any others that had any differences within their bloodline.

The older the girl got, the more apparent her problem became. As the girl aged, her peers had begun to tower over her while she stayed the size of a regular human female. It was hard to deal with the disapproval of her elders. She could do everything that her peers did if not better. However they would never approve of the child being around the others. Eventually they began ostracizing Koko, and when she finally became of age and stopped growing, her size stayed that of the average adult Female. At this point the Elders had waited long enough and exiled the girl from Totomamoru. Contact with her was to be ceased immediately. The elders said "We can no longer tolerate this ...blemish... this... FREAK OF NATURE within our borders. Either she is to leave or be killed." In the End Koko had decided to leave and never come back. Her father came with her, because, he couldn't leave his baby girl all alone.

They made their home in the tundra surviving for the longest time. While there, Koko was lonely but she had her father there and that was all that mattered. A dungeon would soon spawn in immuchakk and technically as a member of the village of Totomamoru the village elders chose Koko's father to go  with a chosen band of warriors to conquer it. Sadly they failed and Koko's dad was never seen again. What happened to him was a mystery but all that was left behind was his Spear and his torn shirt. These were delivered to Koko, who shed no tears. She simply look horrified and hid herself away from soceity for years at a time. During that time she turned her fathers coat into a jacket for herself seeing as how it was more than twice her size. With her final thoughts and memories she Left her Small Tundra home and left her past behind, her father's spear in hand.
    Role-Play Sample:
  "Come on, step it up!" She said resting her arms upon the spear that rested upon her shoulders. Koko's opponent. Was face first in the snow covered mud with a murderous scowl on his visage. He was bleeding from several spots that infused with the snow and mud below. Her eyes carefully kept watch over their target. Scanning for any fight left in the immuchakk behemoth. The brute growled and grabbed his club and flailed it about wildly. Koko simply used her spear to vault in the air and jab the point into the Immuchakks head. The roar emanated through the area, echoing off the sea of white snow and nearby caves. The Brute grabbed at it's head trying to get Koko and the spear out.

Koko hopped off the spear and up into the air. "I think you need to take a Nap!" She said coming down. She landed on the behemoth's head fist first. A loud crack sounded out loud. as a smile cracked upon Koko's face. The Immuchakk fell to his knees and then back face first into the muddy snow. "Serves you right for attacking me out of the blue." She said turning away from the large Immuchakk. as she began to walk into the sheets of white she grumbled under her breath.

"Stupid, Immuchakk! I apologized for stepping on his territory. I mean I was all for leaving, he didn't have to attack me." Koko said as she traversed through the sea of white flakes.

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[b]Eye Color:[/b]
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Diana Corvus

Diana Corvus
Approved! :) Make sure to update your vault, abilities, beasts, etc.

[spoiler="Other Pictures"]
[spoiler="Want a drink?"][img(425px,525px)][/img][/spoiler]

[spoiler="Pop Star Koko"][img(225px,325px)][/img][/spoiler]

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  [b]Name:[/b] Koko
  [b]Country Affiliation:[/b] Imuchakk VIllage
  [b]Race:[/b] Imuchakk
  [b]Tier:[/b] D-Tier
  [b]Class:[/b] Warrior
  [b]Age + Birthdate:[/b] 18, May 21
  [b]Gender:[/b] Female
  [b]Sexuality:[/b] Heterosexual
  [b]Personality:[/b] Koko tends to be not get along well with others at first. She doesn't like to play jokes. She tends to be quite protective. Koko fights for her friends and will do anything in her power to protect who she considers a friend. Koko values her friendships more than anything. She tends to fall in love easily, a little too easily. Though she knows the difference between Infatuation and Love. She tends to realize her infatuation a bit early. Koko likes to flirt a lot. Get up close inside of your personal space, maybe a kiss on a cheek every once in a while. She belives there is no one out in the world who can make her feel special, and that it is all just infatuation. Believe it or not she is extremely fateful. She doesn't cheat and does not tolerate cheating.

  When she fights she likes using her feet. Kicks are her specialty seeing as how flexible she is. She is a persistant person, who won't give up on a chase. Whether it be in love or in a fight. She always catches her prey. She tends to have a short temper, a simple annoyance is enough to set her off.
  Boys: She likes getting stuff from them, and likes dating them.

  Cooking: She's one helluva good cook. She did have to cook for her dad before he died.

  Singing: She always sang while doing household chores and her voice was always beautiful.

  Fighting: She likes to instigate fights, plain and simple.

  Training: She has to find some way to relieve stress.

  Cheating: Cheaters, whether in relationships or in fighting are something, Koko cannot accept.

  Dirt: Like any girly girl, she hates getting dirty.

  Bugs: Like any girly girl, she finds bugs icky and gross.

  Pranks: She HATES pranks that are pulled on her. If you care to prank her she will chase you down with the utmost passion and will not stop until she catches and punishes you.

  [b]Aspirations:[/b] "I want to go into a dungeon. I've always dreamt of going into the dungeons ever since I was a young girl. They all seemed so, luxurious. When one popped up I've trained my hardest, but I've never been able to scrounge up enough money to enter one. I've been too poor to pay for anything. I've always had boys pay for everything. Sometimes I wish I had enough money to go in a dungeon and create a new country where Poverty is a thing of the past."
  [b]Phobias/fears:[/b] "The one thing I'm afraid of most are Bee's. They are so evil. They float around with those flying stigers of death placed on their butts. Whoever thought of creating such a creature deserves to rot in hell. Maybe the fear stemmed from her fear of needles. I have no idea why I'm so deathly afraid of needles but I just am. I also tend to be afraid of thunder and lightining, it's something I've developed when I was a young child.
  [b]Face-Claim:[/b] Saki Tsuzura- Arcana Heart 3 LOVE MAX!!!
  [b]Hair Color:[/b] Blue
  [b]Eye Color:[/b] Brown
  [b]Height:[/b]162.56 Cm
  [b]Weight:[/b]75.29 kg
  [b]Appearance:[/b]Koko really likes wearing black because it compliments her skin tone, brown eyes, and Blue hair color. You will rarely see her wearing anything that is not pink, white,or blue. She is 162.56 Cm and her posture is that of a board. She slouches some times only when her dad isn't looking but since he is really strict she could barely even walk out side without her posture correct. Her hair is her statement, she likes it out long . Her skin is Peach but it lights up red when she's embarresed, angry, or Shy. Koko's stockings are insulated, made to keep out the cold and keep her warm. The girl's hair is abnormally long which is why she uses her hair band to keep it tied up.
  [b]Rukh Alignment:[/b] White
  [b]Special Traits:[/b] N/A
  [b]History:[/b] Koko was born in the Immuchakk village. When she was able to speak and walk, Koko was instructed in the art of hunting and fighting. She always had abnormally strong feet even as a little girl. She really hated being the center of attention but her feet  put her right there as one of the most promising children. Although she said she hated the attention there was some place deep down inside of Koko that absolutely adored the attention she had been recieving from everyone else. Eventually she became lazy and everyone's focus moved to someone else. She was now a nobody, left behind and forgotten. This angered, her deep down, although she never showed it. She went through her entire life without letting anyone know how she felt.

  At one point she met a couple boys who had begun to hit on her. They did anything she asked and would buy her anything she wanted. She liked the power and loved the attention. She adored it. As she got older she learned how to play the game and play it well. She had more dates than your run of the mill prostitute even though she wasn't. None of her dates she felt were worthy and she never let any get past first base. As the years passed and she grew older and trained her legs by applying weights to them with the help of her father. Later that year her mother died of an unknown illness, despite the sullen state of Koko's heart she continued to train with her father in order to become a strong Imuchakk.

  When things seemed rough, Koko trained until she couldn't move any longer. The time she spent with her dad was priceless to her. One day however on her 16th birthday, her father was selected to go into a Dungeon. Him and his good friend. Koko was excited for her father and helped him pack. She was so sure he would bring the Imuchakk a household vessel. A a year and 6 months passed before Koko got word of her father's exploits. He died sometime around the end of the dungeon. The boss monster was too much for him to handle. At that point in her life Koko had broken. She had lost her mother at a young age and her father who she adored so much, she was an orphan now. Years would pass and she was still not yet over her fathers death but she tried to fill the hole in her heart that her parents left behind when they died with material objects boys bought for her. All she wanted was to bring her parents back. Now as a 19 year old Imuchakk woman, Koko is quite confident in her abilities to fight for her chieftan.
  [b]Role-Play Sample:[/b]
  "NO I DON'T WANT TO KISS YOU!" Koko screamed at the top of her lungs. She folded her arms and pouted. "I'm not some harlot that you could bang and exchange for another in a random day of the week.

  'Come on baby. Just one Ki-' Koko cut him off with a swift kick to the nuts. She held back so it shouldn't have hurt as much as it should have. Koko simply walked away mumbling under her breath. "What's up I always get the wierd ones. All boys want is my body nothing else." Koko flipped her hair and looked at the ring the boy bought her. They're refundable presents are quite nice however!" She said with a devious smile.


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