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For The Cause...(IO/Training/Plot)

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Dante's cold breath slid slowly from his lungs, through his throat, before finally exiting his body, the day was rather warm as the clouds slowly swirled in the skies, all different shades of grey, Dante couldn't help but feel rain drops slowly drop against his cloths as he would retreat to a alley way to get away from the cold that was rain, in the alley way Dante would be a nice comfortable place as Dante looked out the sky was now covered in a thick mist, and so was the area around him, it was odd, Dante stepped from the alley way into the rain, now in the middle of a dead street looking northward he would see Balbadds capital building in the distance with it's beauty and awe causing Dante to stair longer.

Then a bolt of lightning would his around thirty meters from where Dante stood the lightning would blind him for a moment the rain would keep patting against every inch of Dante's body drenching his cloths in a thick like veil of water when really it was just his cloths absorbing the water, his sword help close to him he would scream "GOD DAMN NATURE!" Before opening his eyes to look ahead of him again.


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