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To Balbadd(Travel)

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Dante grinned as he boarded yet another ship, this time the ship was heading towards the city of trading, Balbadd a very demanding country as Dante boarded the ship his grin faded as the ship's crew seemed drunker than any pub around.Dante slowly paced to the underbelly of the ship with a sigh "Jeez guys it's not even five" Dante would say rubbing his head as he would find his room.Opening the door he found a single bed with about ten feet of room from the wall, there wasn't anything interesting on the ship as Dante took a seat on the bed he slowly began polishing his gauntlets "I'm gonna need to get something like a sword soon...I wont be able to use pure strength forever" Dante mutter darkly as he took his gauntlets off he would begin training again.

He would put his arms apart gripping the hard wood floor as his legs and stomach would lift Dante's body weight was now stable on the two hands as Dante would begin pushing his entire body weight up and down slowly feeling the strain on his upper body with a few deep breaths as he hearded shouting above "WE ARE LEAVING NOW!" he heard with a grin he began training hard 'Yeah...Balbadd the place where I feel something is waiting' Dante would think to himself as his biceps begin to strain "So then......This is how far my body can go..." Dante said coldly as he placed his feet back against the ground his arms bulging in size now as he began rubbing his shoulders "This is odd, normally my body can take more....Must be because of the air..." Dante said coldly as he heard the ship fighting over waves he didn't care much as the boat creaked unlike before when it would turn his stomach his body was now more in tuned to the sea as the ship smashed through multiple waves he began to hear screaming "LAND AHOY!" the man screamed as Dante would get above on to the deck as they docked Dante wouldn't wait for the ladder or plank instead hopping off onto the stone docks with a smile "Now it's time to see what's so good about this little city" Dante would say heading towards the city.

(WC 400/400 to Balbadd
+400 wc to Fanalis strength)


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