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To a new horizon [Travel to Balbadd/Solo]

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Lance Knighthunter

Lance Knighthunter
Lance had just finished packing all of his things and was heading out the door of his church with a grin on his face. He was soon followed by two girls, a child and a woman. The child wore a tired yet annoyed look on her face and the woman wore a gentle smile. The girls were followed by a giant fox, Pestis.

It was a bright day outside although the day had just started. It was early morning and the child, Amber was not happy that she was woken up so early so she could pack in order to go on a trip she wasn't told about. "Why the hell did you wake me up so early, you didn't even tell me where we are going anyway." she said with a bit of annoyance in her voice. Lance laughed a little at her and nodded "My bad dear, We are heading to Balbadd, My home town." he said as he looked straight ahead. The woman who previously wore a smile on her face, Rose, now had a grimace on her face "I thought you said with were going to Heliohapt... Are you sure your fine with going to Balbadd due to your past?" she was concerned about Lance but she was met with a nod and a warm smile "Yes. My father is dead Rose... There is no need to worry about him anymore." he told her with a calming pat on the back.

Even though they had set out so early in the morning, Amber put up a fuss about leaving so they were already late. Lance hurried them along the street as he neared the port "Come on, Drake is waiting for us on the boat already." Drake was a teenager from his church in Heliohapt. He ran the church and looked after the kids over there while Lance was in Reim. Drake, Amber, and Rose made up the current disciples of Lanceism, Lance's most trusted people. They reached the port and they saw Drake waving to them from up on the ship. "Hey guys!" he yelled as Amber blushed a bit. Lance nodded to Drake as he paid some jewels in order for the three people and Pestis to board.

Once on board the ship they all circled together and took a seat in one of the cabins. The Cabin was filled with crates with goods and food in them. Drake and Amber sat on some crates while Lance and Rose sat on the bed. Pestis slept in a small corner of the cabin. It was silent and awkward for a while before Lance laughed loudly "Come on guys, cheer up, have some fun!" he said cheerfully. Something snapped in Roses mind at what he said "How do you know your father is really dead?!" she said as she took a deep breath "Last time you saw him you were a slave." Lance looked at her with a warm smile "Because, I killed him with my own hands." he said with no feeling of guilt whatsoever.

The group talked for a little bit longer before they heard a small bark coming from one of the boxes. Amber looked at the box curiously before shrugging it off. A few minuets passed and another bark. Lance held up his hand and walked over to the noisy box with a serious look on his face. He gently set the box on its side before kneeling down and opening it slowly. As soon as he made a small crack on the lid it burst open and he was tackled a small animal. It ran around him cheerfully. Lance sighed and stood up "Its just a beast..." he muttered as he sat back on the bed. The small wolf/Rabbit hybrid sat at his feet calmly. It was obvious it was not going to leave his side. "You guys best get comfortable.... we have a long journey ahead of us..." Lance muttered as he looked out the window at Heliohapt getting farther away.

Everything was calm for now...


To a new horizon [Travel to Balbadd/Solo] Lance%20Sigs_zpsnurfpyvo

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