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Can you fight, kid? Job

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1Can you fight, kid? Job Empty Can you fight, kid? Job on 19/08/16, 04:49 am


Job Name: Teach Me How to Fight
Job Rank: D
Job Location: Balbadd
Job Rewards: 50 XP | 3,000 Huang
Job Prerequisites: N/A
Job Overview: Some of the local kids have been severely picking on a boy. They are starting to get rough, and he's worried that he's going to get hurt. Seeing this, you decide to teach the child a few moves so that he can either A: defend himself, or B: get back at his bullies. What kind of values are you going to teach him? In gratitude, the boy pays you for your help.

Another day, another job. As Zax would get up to do some work this fine day, he realized that he needed to do something outside of the docks this time - he was starting to smell like fish, and that smell wasn't the best at attracting people to, I don't know, talk to him - which was probably the thinghe wanted the most in the whole wide world, to be quite honest. Anyways, Zax would begin to make his way over to the board to see if there were any different jobs for him to do this time around. And little did Zax know, he actually did find a job or two that were unique.

Zax had decided to take a job from the school, after all, kids were sure to like him, right? Well, at least he hoped. As he walked to the school, he began to read the somewhat unsettling details. A boy was getting bullied so bad he needed to know how to fight? Poor kid. Zax couldn't help but feel some pity for the little guy. That being said, he thought that he would probably be able to help this kid fight. Zax wasn't exactly the best fighter, but he knew his ways around situations where he could otherwise fight up close, but choose a sneakier route instead. Maybe, just maybe if this all went well Zax would feel pretty good about his fighting abilities. That would actually be nice, to be honest.. he would need to fight for some of the abilities on the quest board anyways, right?

Zax finally met the kid, and upon some small talk like "what is your name" (spoiler: his name is Kyle) the kid seemed pretty urgent to get right into the lesson. So, Zax would grant this kid's wish and give him a lesson he would never forget.

"Now, Kyle, you're gonna wanna just give a flick of your wrist as you step back." He said, as he was giving the kid one of his throwing knives to practice with. Yeah, this was pretty typical of Zax to be quite honest. He usually has no idea when to not cross the line, not that he knows a line even exists.

The kid wasn't too bad at throwing knives - Zax's intention though was for the kid to just throw rocks or something though, but knives were nice due to the fact that they pierce into things, letting you know how you hit your target. The kid got a bullseye once, so Zax supposed it wasn't that bad.

Upon the end of the day, the kid would go up to Zax and ask "What happens if the bullies get close?". This was of course, a logical question, and Zax would answer it truthfully. "You muster up all the courage... in your legs, and run as fast as you can." he said, as he chuckled and walked off, going to be mailed the money pretty soon. As he walked off, Zax gave the boy some final words. "And don't play with knives too much, don't wanna get arrested now!"

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No stamina used Knives in question



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