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A Lion's Misgivings

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The boat had come from Balbaad. It was not a large ship but it was quite able to carry passengers contently. It was certaintly a far better ride than his last trip to Heliohapt. Considering he had been fairly young at that time, only about 6 years old, the memory was a bit hazy and hard to recall. However, he did remember that for the majority of the time, he was crying. Ariel wanted to laugh at the irony of it. Times had certaintly changed. He was no longer anybody's slave. The last time he had been here, in Heliohapt, he had been dragged. This time, he came willingly.

Ariel glanced around curiously. Life seemed to be bursting everywhere he looked. It was a familiar landscape to Ariel. He had lived in busy cities for the majority of his life. Even though he did not like them due to the noise, Ariel still lived in them. It wasn't like he was going to grow crops out in the plains or something. Cities might be noisy but they were also often bursting with resources. That was the only reason he usually stuck around. Currently his home was in Magnostadt because he desired to attend their academy. But he was not in Magnostadt learning. He was in Heliohapt, thinking.

Ariel had a simple task in mind and that was to inspect all the happenings which were occurring in Heliohapt. But more importantly, he was here in Heliohapt to inspect their current situation concerning slaves. It was true he did not have official business poking his head in Heliohapt's slavery trading, but it wasn't like there were any restrictions not allowing him to do so! It would be fine if he looked around a little, right? Well it wouldn't have mattered if it was legal or not. For the sake of ending slavery, Ariel was prepared to do anything he could, whether the law allowed it or not! In his opinion, it was the law's fault for allowing slavery to get so out of hand!

As he wandered around Heliohapt, he found himself in the market. He watched as shady trading went on in the shadows. That was a good sign for Ariel that criminal rates were high. He stopped abruptly as a slave trader and a group of slaves went by him. Ariel curled up his hands and uttered a soft growl, too quiet to be heard by any other ear other than his own. So distracted he was glaring at the slave trader that he did not notice the figure creeping behind him. Ariel's eyes widened as he felt a slight tug on his staff. He whipped around and tightened his grip on his staff. However, he was too late. The thief had managed to get a very good grasp on it and easily pried the staff away from Ariel. Understandably, Ariel was angry. Very angry.

"Get back here, ya' thief! That's mine!" Ariel shouted.

As a general rule, an angry Ariel was not a good Ariel. That was sort of true for pretty much everybody, actually. However, Ariel wasn't just angry: he was enraged. The inexperienced magician immediately started chasing after the fleeing thief. He caused a quite a big ruckus, actually. He continued to dish out very creative insults at the thief. As Ariel turned a corner into an alley, he immediately stopped himself from going any further. Looking around, Ariel could not see the thief. He realized the brat had climbed the wall. And that basically meant Ariel had lost him. Or it should have. Apparently Ariel had absolutely no sense of self preservation and was soon nimbly climbing up the wall and jumping down it from the other side.

Immediately Ariel was hit with the stench of something foul. This area seemed much darker and gloomy. He could hear shouts but none of them sounded particularity happy. Ariel decided he had landed in the shady side of Heliohapt. Great. Just great. And without his staff too! Wonderful! Life was really looking up to him right now! Oh yeah, he had no idea where that brat had went. Great. Could he expect himself to find some random (and shady) stranger with his staff later on? Probably. This world tended to be a lot smaller than it appeared to be.

"Ugh, what am I going to do now?" he mumbled irritably.

He glanced cautiously around his surroundings. Ariel furrowed his brow, trying to decide which path he should take. He closed his eyes momentarily, trying to think where the thief might have gone. Curiously, Ariel looked under his feet. He noticed that the ground was of sand. His eyes widened and he was soon running again, following after the footprints in the sand. He found himself loosing the tracks multiple times but he always found them again. His journey led him further into the desolate and despairing air where he could hear wailing and shouts. But for the sake of his staff, Ariel ignored them.

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Val Achilles

Val Achilles
The streets were busy, especially on a Monday. There were tons of people either trading, talking, or doing crimes. It was a normal day on helio after all. At least for Val of course.

The young man was walking down the street, reading his book. This book was about Helio and their traditions. They are a very interesting country indeed, with all their rituals and beliefs. Val did not realize that as he was reading his book, he entered a very dark and gloomy place.

Many people have heard of Val Achilles before because of his heroic actions. They call him the "Stretched Reim". This is because Val is acting like an officer everywhere he goes trying to protect his innocent. However, Val has gone bored of all these heroic actions. He thought he would take a break so he brought a book with him. Problem is that he left his equipment at his shelter, leaving him with nothing to use.

As he walked along, he thinks he hears series a footsteps running around here. Val can also hear the gasping of a male and a female. There was also very hateful words sprouting out of the woman's mouth. As Val turned to see the situation, he immediately realized what was happening. It was a thief, young thief stealing a staff from the young magician. The young hero forgot all his equipment but he had one surprise attack that could work.

He walked toward the scene to see the young brat running toward Val on his right side. As Val is reading his book, he puts a small cloth as a bookmark and places the book back on his small bag. He walks to the opposite direction of the thief. As the thief runs towards Val, the hero puts his leg out in order to trip the foe.

The human grabs the staff and puts the theif's hands behind his body in order to lock him.

"Never come here again, or you will be sorry." So Val let the brat go. Val hates unjustice, but this place was different. Kids were trained to steal and kill here.

The hero looked around, trying to find the owner. He spots a young man, angry at the thief. Val was a little weirded out of what the man was wearing. Why slave clothes? Was he originally a slave?

The hero came forward to the male. He made a salute. “My name is Val Achilles, part of the Unity Corp of Reim. Pleased to meet you.” He gives his hand to shake. “Here is your staff back.”


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Ariel tore around the corner until the thief was in sight. As he was around a 10 meter distance, he spotted another man onto the right. However, it seemed as if the thief was too intent on fleeing from the raging magician to notice the other. As he sped down slightly, Ariel realized how young the thief was. Just by judging by the thief's height, he assumed that he/she was younger than Ariel. Still, stealing was a bad and dangerous habit. It was definitely not something to be doing constantly. Sure he use to steal from his former masters, but hey, that was his pay for working for them! Those bastards always forgot to pay him so he had to collect his wages himself. Where as this child... He did not deserve anything he stole because he had not worked for it. While Ariel understood the desperation, it would be far better to work for something than to steal something. Honesty was the best policy, after all.

He tched when he saw the thief run off but didn't bother with him anymore. Ariel was only caring about his staff right now. He fixed his hazel eyes on the one who had interceded. He was sure it was a man he had seen before. More than once, actually. Oh, who was that man? As the other approached Ariel, it immediately clicked in his mind. He couldn't pinpoint a name but he remembered seeing in mainly in the time Ariel spent in the Reim Empire. And when the man greeted Ariel, he confirmed it for him. But now that led onto another train of thoughts. What in the world was a man from the Unity Corps doing in Heliohapt? Although, then again, Ariel had a limited knowledge concerning the Unity Corps. But from what he could understand, they were basically part of the military of Reim. So as long as they didn't do offensive attacks, Ariel was fine with them. He very much liked the Reim Empire. Not only did it not really seek to conquer other countries, their king had abolished slavery. Now if only all the other countries would follow in suit...

Ariel focused back on the present and away from his thoughts. He snatched his staff back from the other. His grasp was light as he tried to control his breathing in a more stable and slow pattern. His sprinting had exhausted the magician. After resting for a moment, Ariel mumbled a 'thank you' to the man who had gotten his staff back. He paused slightly before introducing himself.

"Ariel Harel," he said.

Very reluctantly, Ariel shook the other's hand.


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