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Prologue and Canon Guide

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Long ago, in another universe, there existed a world known as Alma Torran. Created by the god known as Il Illah, the beings of Alma Torran lived bound by fate. There were many intelligent species and among them, human's were the weakest. Il Illah came to favor this weak tribe over time however and blessed them with the power to use magic. In an instant, the weakest became the strongest. After many years of oppressing the other species, a revolt from within the magician's ultimately led to a great change in the world. Led by King Solomon, the revolutionaries sealed Il Illah away in another dimension and imposed Solomon's Will upon the rukh.

The originally black rukh became white and it seemed like peace might reign. However this paradigm shift came at a price. All the magician's who were linked to Il Illah simultaneously became aware of the great flow of fate. Some of them rejected this fate and led yet another revolution in order to bring back Il Illah and destroy the fate Solomon created. Their ill intent and curses brought forth black rukh once more, only it bore the same twisted malice as they did. This group was known as Al Thamen.

A great war was fought, but ultimately Al Thamen was defeated. Alas, the devastation had left their planet barren and desolate. The many species were forced to live in underground cities until Solomon's dear friend Ugo found a way to forge a path to a new world. Using Ugo's magic, the people of Alma Torran were transported to another universe where the new world awaited them. All the different species were turned into humans with a few exceptions and over time, memories of Alma Torran faded from the people thanks to Solomon's Will.

The new world was not without is hardships, and sadly peace did not reign as hoped. Ugo sent Magi out into the world to pick kings to lead the people, but things took a turn for the worse when one of the Magi fell into depravity. There is no history recording what happened between the three Magi, however the truth of the result is that they all disappeared from the world and a new fourth magi took their place. A man calling himself "The Contractor" whom appeared to be ageless was the sole magi on the planet. However instead of doing his duty, he secluded himself and took on the role of an observer for several centuries.

Since the Magi plan failed, Ugo implemented a new magic on the world hoping that it would prevent the return of black rukh. For a time, the dead would rise again and not having to lose loved ones seemed to work. But the magic was not perfect and the number of times one could "rebirth" was a finite amount that lowered over time as the population count in the world rose. As people began to die once more, so too did they begin to resent their fates in which loved ones were taken from them.

In recent years it became clear to Ugo that this unnatural world of revivals was not the utopia he had wished it to become. As a result, he abandoned the rebirthing plan and has attempted a new idea to hopefully bring peace to the world. On the day that people stopped rebirthing, it appeared that stars fell from the sky in countless numbers. These streaks of light would come to be known as Shards of Solomon. Crystallized fate that could be used as the owner desired for a great many things.

What will your role be in fate? How will use the shards to change it? The very purpose of the shards seems to embody these questions. Will the world follow the flow towards the light of Fate? Or will it be consumed by black rukh and returned to Il Illah?

The Choice Is Yours!

Canon Guide

This guide is to help give you an idea of what aspects of canon have been carried over from the manga and what is original. The following characters, countries, and concepts have been adapted from Magi canon. Everything else is unique to the site:


  • King Solomon
  • Ugo
  • Il Illah


  • Reim
  • Kou
  • Balbadd
  • Magnostadt
  • Imuchakk
  • Heliohapt
  • Sasan
  • Artemyra
  • Kina
  • Parthevia
  • Northern Tenzan Plateau(The Great Plains)
  • The Dark Continent


  • Humans
  • Magicians
  • Imuchakk
  • Fanalis
  • Dungeon Beasts

World Laws

  • Magi are loved by the rukh and have practically limitless sources of magoi
  • Magoi is your life force and you will die if you run out completely

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